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REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ the Triple Door (Seattle, WA – 11/17/12)

21st Nov 12 (Wed) 1 comment


How many times can you see a band and finally get tired of them?  I honestly can’t answer that question. After 50+ times seeing Over the Rhine over more than a decade, in various venues and cities and states, I’ll still drive 10 hours over a 30 hour period to go see them because they’re not playing anywhere closer.

I had seen Jeffrey Foucault in September at the Triple Door in downtown Seattle.  At that time, I had never been there, and after seeing the set-up, tasting the menu, and witnessing their light-show, I viewed their calendar and noted that they had the sole Over the Rhine show in the PacNW this fall.  I bought my OTR tickets via my iPhone during the Jeffrey Foucault intermission.

This show was billed as “An Acoustic Evening with Over the Rhine,” and it featured the husband-wife duo of Linford Detweiler (piano, guitars, vocals) and Karin Bergquist (vocals, guitars) with drums/percussive support from Nick Radina.

The set was heavily from The Long Surrender (the album from late 2010/early 2011, depending on how you got it).  That record is a gem; so I didn’t mind its heavy presence on Saturday.  They also threw in some new songs that should make their way onto their upcoming album, The Farm (GO HERE for more on how to support that 2013 album)…

Setlist: ~1 hr 45 mins

  • Born
  • All My Favorite People
  • The Laugh Of Recognition
  • Undamned
  • Sacred Ground [new song]
  • Earthbound Love Song (aka Johnny & June)
  • Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body [new song]
  • The King Knows How
  • Suitcase
  • Blue Jean Sky [new song]
  • Favorite Time of Light
  • Let It Fall [new song]
  • Little Did I Know
  • Trouble
  • All I Need Is Everything
  • Encore: Rave On
  • Watching the Wheels [John Lennon]
  • Drunkard’s Prayer
  • Latter Days

As far as the new songs, “Sacred Ground” seems like a classic favorite already.  They debuted it last fall, and I loved it immediately.  The chorus doesn’t seem like a “tradition OTR song,” but it really works well with both Karin & Linford singing.  “Blue Jean Sky” had some nice imagery, as well as a repeated line of “kick ass beauty.”  The main set and encore cappers from Good Dog Bad Dog made me happy as well… all in all, another gorgeous evening by two of my favorite musical friends.

more photos below
they’re a bit grainy when
you blow them up (sorry…
we were mid-crowd)

The Appropriate Linkage:

Next show for me… Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band at the Rose Garden (Portland 11/28).

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all pictures (cc) 2012 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

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Help Over the Rhine make a record… or two!

13th Nov 12 (Tue) 1 comment

In late 2010, Over the Rhine asked their fans to help them pre-fund a record.  It wasn’t through Kickstarter or PledgeMusic, but it worked very similarly.  Different levels, different perks.  They got enough funds together and made The Long Surrender, an amazing record produced by Grammy-winning Joe Henry.  That record was one of my favorite albums of 2011.

Over the Rhine’s Linford Detweiler & Karin Bergquist

Well, they’re doing it again, and this time it’s not just for an upcoming album, it’s for TWO upcoming albums…

The Farm

Advance copy a month ahead of release, extra digital demos each month, a 180-gram double-gatefold vinyl, a signed poster, a special concert at their farm in the Cincinnati area in May 2013 (Memorial Day weekend), executive producer credits, plating a tree on their farm with your name on it, passes to all their shows (except for Cayamo or the train tours) through 2014, and a private concert.

Blood Oranges in the Snow

Their third holiday / Christmas album, Blood Oranges in the Snow, has options such as additional digital bonus tracks, a boxset with their previous stellar Christmas albums (Darkest Night of the Year & Snow Angels), a gift-giving set of extra copies, planting a tree on their farm with your name on it, and a private Christmas concert.  The expected release is holiday season 2013 (Nov/Dec?).  I hate Christmas music, but OTR’s Darkest Night of the Year is one of my favorite albums, period. So, they convert a bah-humbug like me into a lover of this season’s music.

To find out more about BOTH albums, go to

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Over the Rhine on The Portland Sessions

5th Jan 12 (Thu) 1 comment

Last November, Cincinnati-based folk-Americana band Over the Rhine stopped by Portland, Oregon.  Their show at the Aladdin Theater on 11/17 is recounted at my post HERE.

From the stage, singer Karin Bergquist mentioned that they had stopped by and recorded in-studio with The Portland SessionsTPS wasn’t up and running yet, but it is now posted… enjoy all 26 minutes!

They play “The King Knows How” (dedicated to Elvis), “Oh Yeah by the Way,” the new song that I’m unofficially calling “On The Sacred Ground,” the Good Dog Bad Dog classic “Latter Days,” and end it with a Q&A.

Follow Over the Rhine: WEB / FB / Tw
Follow The Portland Sessions: WEB / FB / Tw

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REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Aladdin Theater (Portland, OR – 11/17/11)

20th Nov 11 (Sun) 4 comments


Prior to the show, we fought against the horrid Portland traffic, dodged rain and ducked into a fine meal at Portobello Trattoria, a creative vegetarian establishment that is fast becoming my new favorite SE Portland dinner spot.  Their cocktail list is impressive (apple-infused vodka ginger hot toddy), their bottle list is impressive (Russian River… yum), and their menu is the kind that is frustrating due to having too many things you want and one that a meat-eater wouldn’t even notice or care.  Check it out sometime.

After dinner, we got to the venue a little bit before the opener… we had a little bit of time to catch up with Kentucky-based friend / Over the Rhine photographer Bill Ivester.  He’s helping them out on this tour with merch and social media, and photography.  After briefly catching up, we found some seats for the opener…

The Milk Carton Kids were a fantastic guitar duo.  Based on their name, I was going in hoping it wasn’t going to be a repeat of “The Children’s Hour” opener for Over the Rhine a score ago.  Well, I was greatly pleased.  They played about a half hour set of mellower folk songs.  Fitting for fans of Paul Simon.  Excellent guitar chops and quite humorous between songs, as well.  They also have all of their recorded music available for free mp3 download (go here for free music).

Over the Rhine hit the stage at 9pm.  Karin & Linford had Nick Radina with them again on drums/percussion/cuatro, as well as a slide guitar player Jason Goforth.

The set seemed somewhat similar to last year’s tour, a lot of The Long Surrender tunes.  But this time, the album was officially out.  It was nice to hear those tunes more in a live setting.  I get thrown off that it’s technically a 2011 release, I think I’ve had it too long.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful record, and it’ll wind up somewhere at the top of the pile for 2011, for sure.

Setlist: 1 hour 45 mins

  • The Laugh Of Recognition
  • Rave On
  • Undamned
  • The King Knows How
  • Suitcase
  • I’m on a Roll
  • Infamous Love Song
  • Only God Can Save Us Now
  • Latter Days
  • “On The Sacred Ground” (new song, currently untitled)
  • Jesus in New Orleans
  • Trouble (with drum solo)
  • All My Favorite People
  • Encore: Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen]
  • Born
  • Drunkard’s Prayer

My favorite tunes of the night were “Trouble” and “Latter Days,” and the lead-in of “Laugh…” through “Undamned” is a great start to the show as well.  The new currently untitled song is great… it seemed quite poetic and moving.  Karin was about to give out a tentative title, then stopped.  I’ll go with “On the Sacred Ground” for now, but I doubt that’s it.  I wish I had more listens to digest it.

They’re wrapping up a few more dates this year, culminating in the annual Taft Theatre show in Cincinnati.  Catch ’em if you can!  Oh, Karin also mentioned that they recorded a Portland Session when they were here.  Keep an eye out on the Portland Session Vimeo & Facebook pages for that to be posted in the future (HERE NOW).

many more photos below

The Appropriate Linkage:

Check out more tour dates below.

Next show for me… Dan Deacon at the Branx in Portland on 12/3.

~Dan – np: Sigur RósInní (live)

all pictures (cc) 2011 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

(click for larger)

Fall 2011 Tour Dates

  • Fri, 2011-11-18 Seattle, WA The Triple Door
  • Sat, 2011-11-19 Seattle, WA The Triple Door
  • Sun, 2011-11-20 Seattle, WA The Triple Door
  • Fri, 2011-12-02 Boston, MA Berklee Performance Center
  • Sat, 2011-12-03 New York, NY (le) poisson rouge
  • Sun, 2011-12-04 Alexandria, VA The Birchmere
  • Mon, 2011-12-05 Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live!
  • Wed, 2011-12-07 Columbus, OH The Lincoln Theatre
  • Thu, 2011-12-08 Kent, OH The Kent Stage
  • Fri, 2011-12-09 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College
  • Sat, 2011-12-10 Chicago, IL Old Town School Of Folk Music (7:00 PM)
  • Sat, 2011-12-10 Chicago, IL Old Town School Of Folk Music (10:00 PM)
  • Sat, 2011-12-17 Cincinnati, OH The Taft Theatre
  • Sun, 2011-12-18 Norwood, OH Sunday Soiree @ St. Elizabeth’s

Over the Rhine – The Laugh of Recognition

1st Dec 10 (Wed) Leave a comment

Great new musicFOG video of Over the Rhine performing “The Laugh of Recognition” from their forthcoming album, The Long Surrender:

TLS comes out February 8, 2011.

pre-order on vinyl

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More OTR Eugene photos are now up

18th Nov 10 (Thu) Leave a comment

Margarita of emobie photography takes better photos than I… some of her Over the Rhine and Lucy Wainwright Roche photos from Monday’s show at WOW Hall (11/15) are now posted on that review page:

Portland show at Aladdin (11/17) to be posted later today…


Over the Rhine on Good Day LA (KTTV) on 11/11

12th Nov 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

So, within one week, I’ll get to see Over the Rhine two times… it’s been since Sept 2007 since I’ve gotten a chance to see them.  Yesterday, they stopped by Los Angeles’ KTTV (a Fox affiliate), chatted and sang “The King Knows How” on Good Day LA.  Photos posted to Facebook by a fellow Orchard Apple/friend, Bill Ivester.  Video link after some of Bill’s shots…

VIDEO (opens in new window)

Three days until their Eugene show… woot! Oh, and for pre-orderers, the download links for The Long Surrender should be in your inbox from the band with the super secret URL and password.  If you miss it, the album will be out on 1/11/11.

~Dan – np: SynapseRaw

Over the Rhine – The Long Surrender (virtual listening party)

7th Oct 10 (Thu) Leave a comment

So, Cincinnati folk-duo Over the Rhine has a new album coming out… it’s called The Long Surrender, and it comes out 1/11/11.  If you helped out with the pre-order campaign (mentioned back here and here), they are having a very special internet streaming listening party from Friday, October 8th at 6pm (PST) through Sunday, October 10th at 6pm (PST).

I’d post the link to the streaming-goodness… but I don’t want to get fired as a fan… again.

Look for a mini-review from me sometime next week.

~Dan – np: The Weepies Be My Thrill

Over the Rhine’s The Long Surrender (due 1/11/11)

12th Jul 10 (Mon) 1 comment

As posted on


Our immense thanks to all of you who helped make the new Over the Rhine record a reality. It’s been christened THE LONG SURRENDER and is currently being mastered.
Tentative release date: 1.11.11.

All those who contributed will receive THE LONG SURRENDER well before the official release date, with extras. Look for a complete (long, rambling) update letter next week with much more, but suffice it to say, for now, our experience with producer Joe Henry and his cast of conjurers was nothing short of incredible.

Can’t wait for you to take the ride/hear for yourself.

Perfect release date, if you ask me!

~Dan – np: Susan EnanPlainsong

Over the Rhine – Let’s Make a Record

23rd Apr 10 (Fri) 1 comment


Let’s Make a Record!

Thanks for your interest in helping us fund the next Over the Rhine record! We begin recording on Monday, May 17, 2010, in South Pasadena with producer Joe Henry and an amazing group of musicians. We can’t thank you enough for your help.

Please select whatever donation level is a good fit for you.
All donations however small or large are greatly appreciated.
We can’t do it without you.


Linford and Karin

$15 donation

– beautifully packaged CD with artwork, photos, notes, credits, thank you’s etc, shipped to you 30 days in advance of official release date + a personal “thank you” on the band’s website (updated weekly) + 3 digital bonus tracks + small surprise when CD ships

$50 donation

– all the above + a personal “thank you” included in the album’s artwork + immediate (RIGHT NOW) digital download of nine of the forthcoming album’s unadorned, bare bones demos recorded at Nowhere Farm

$100 donation

– all the above + special “super deluxe” box set version of the album, complete with 180 gram vinyl, CD version described above etc + expanded booklet with additional photos, journal entries, notes etc. (LIMITED EDITION)

Over the Rhine are one of my favorite artists… it’s been a while since their last one (2007’s Trumpet Child).  I dig this new trend in special goodies.  Anyway, if you know of Over the Rhine already, you know you want the Embrace It version. :)  If you don’t know them yet, listen to them at your favorite e-tailer (I’d recommend Films for Radio and Good Dog Bad Dog or Ohio as starting points – all different but gorgeous albums).  You can also listen on MySpace…

For more info on the new record and a few special reunion shows, go to (I wish I still lived in Cincinnati sometimes).

~Dan – np: Derek WebbStockholm Syndrome


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No, not a news post, just a post dedicated to one song.

After Johnny Cash‘s stunningly moving cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” it seems as if it’s being taken over by the scene.  Here’s a video of Over the Rhine (Karin Bergquist on vocals) with Kim Taylor singing background vocals:

[source: Bill Ivester, 3rd & Lindsley/Nashville, TN on 7/20/09]

I wonder if Trent even does this song anymore?  Seems like a rare occasion where a cover song trumps the original, and I think the Cash version will actually live on longer.

Here’s Johnny’s video of “Hurt”:

And, if you’re not tired of the song, here’s Georgia metal band Sevendust doing the Cash version:

And, if you need some “heavy” to wash out the country…

Here’s the Dillinger Escape Plan performing “Wish” with Trent/NIN down in Australia:

~Dan – np: Dr. DreThe Chronic

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Over the Rhine – Taft Theater Friday the 19th

19th Dec 08 (Fri) 2 comments

Over the Rhine – 1st Decade
Friday the 19th of December 2008
Taft Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio

Does anyone have a good recording of this reunion show with Ric Hordinski and Brian Kelley?

If so, please email me. :)  I wasn’t able to attend, but I would love to hear it…


Photo by euro60

Setlist posted by rotary11

Eyes Wide Open
How Does It Feel?
How Does It Feel? (Reprise) <– this was silly and awesome
Within Without (with Kim Taylor)
Like a Radio
Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander
June (with Kim Taylor, Jake, Kenny Hutson, and Julie Lee)
Circle of Quiet (with Kim and Julie)
Daddy Untwisted (with Kim and Julie)

Paul and Virginia (L&K with Jake, Kenny, Mickey, Kim, and Julie)
Poughkeepsie (same minus Mickey) <– this was different than before, so much FULLER
Mary’s Waltz (L, K, Paul Patterson)
Silent Night (Duet) (L, K, Paul, Julie)
Faithfully Dangerous (with Jake)
A Gospel Number (with Jake, Kim, Julie, and some awesome “cool” glasses and berets)
All I Need Is Everything (with Jake, Kim, and Paul)
If I’m Drowning <– old-school one-by-one departure. My best moment of the night

My Love Is a Fever
I Painted My Name (with Kim and Julie) <– my second favorite of the night. What a beautiful song, I’ve always loved it

Happy With Myself? (except I don’t think they played it?)
Latter Days (L & K)
What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding? (with Jake)

mini-REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR – – 9/15/07)

16th Sep 07 (Sun) 2 comments

Great show last night (my 50th). Set not-unlike Seattle. “And Can it Ever Be” was great (don’t know how I missed that when glancing at the Seattle setlist). “Don’t Wait for Tom” also excellent (my fav of the night). “Ohio” was actually quite a good version, and I don’t really prefer that song… so something was up. Linford’s very walking/bouncy bass on “Orphan Girl” was cool… and he seemed to be having fun playing while standing up. smile.gif The venue (Doug Fir) is also neato. I was bummed because I missed The Album Leaf & Under Byen there in July, but it’s nice to know a great venue like that is only 1.5 to 2 hours away.



10th Nov 03 (Mon) Leave a comment

(originally posted to the old Over the Rhine Actwin list)

It relates to the Over the Rhine song “B.P.D.” on the 2-CD Ohio.


Kim Cart wrote:
>Hoping this isn’t a repeat topic, but it just hit
>me. BPD — Borderline Personality Disorder. Has
>anyone else made this connection? Am I the only
>person in the world who hasn’t?

actually, Karin has gone into great lengths about
it. it truly means Border’s Panini Dijon. It was
a limited time release at their cafe, and apparently
she really loved the yummy sandwiches. when they
discontinued them, things got a little “heated” (to
say the least) between the band and several of the
cafe staff. Karin even asked for the recipe, but
Border’s non-compete clause with their employees
wouldn’t allow them to release the recipe… hence
this line:

I’d make it alright
But I wouldn’t get it right
I’m leavin’ it alone

the *real* kicker was how they were driving her to
a slow suicide “just one bite at a time.” she’s over
it now… that’s why the band keeps pimping “filet
mignon” in all of their interviews this album. if
things hadn’t gone south with Border’s, OtR would
have been pimping the BPD Meal Deal during all of
their interviews.

if you don’t believe me, well, there are still marks
on the walls by the espresso machine at the Tri-County

no, the real answer to your questions are: yes and yes.

Dan – np: bob johnsonmusings

TRIPLE-REVIEW: Tori Amos, Radiohead, Over the Rhine (3 cities in Ohio – – Aug 2003)

23rd Aug 03 (Sat) Leave a comment

(originally posted to the old Over the Rhine Actwin list)


Ohio is great for concerts… triple show review (8/24/2003)

Not every week do you get to see 3 of your Top 5 Artists.  This was one of those weeks for me…
Tori Amos, Radiohead, and Over the Rhine.

Here’s a triple review of OHIO shows this past week…

I. Tori Amos
II. Radiohead
III. Over the Rhine (bookstore show)

I. TORI AMOS & Marc Broussard
PromoWest Pavilion, Columbus, OH (just barely outside of downtown)
Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

HIGHLIGHTS: The opener was good.  Strong voice.  Tori was great… there were some technical problems partway through the set, but she handled it well.  Her dress ripped, too… the resulting song that came out of that one was great. :)  Song highlights were: Sweet Dreams (a Winter b-side), Mr Zebra, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Mary (another b-side), I Can’t See New York, Hey Jupiter, Bliss, A Sorta Fairytale, China, Liquid Diamonds, Girl, Precious Things, Space Dog, and Cornflake Girl… a lot of great tunes.  Plus a birthday number was fun, too… apparently this was her last show before turning 40.  She seems to be cool with that. :)  Hanging out in Columbus’ Short North was great the next day, too.  Magnolia Thunderpussy (awesome music selection), Monkeys Retreat (cool Simpsons collector stuff), and coffee for me; jewelry and art shops for Margarita… lots of glass in the Cow Town.  Seemed like the shops fancied it.  We some some excellent Chihuly pieces… my credit card wouldn’t handle purchasing them ($32k to start).  Oh, maybe next time.

BUMMER: Ben Folds not being there was the biggest bummer.  This was one of the two shows that he wasn’t going to co-headline.  I didn’t find that out until *after* I bought my tickets and booked the hotel.  Another bummer… she seemed to play too much from To Venus and Back (4-5 songs, ugh).  Oh well, she played enough other material to make up for it… :)

OVERALL: Great show… my 8th time seeing Tori, and the setlist was been vastly different every time.  That’s what I love about her touring… from day-to-day, it’s a different show.

II. RADIOHEAD & Steve Malkmus and the Jicks
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH (just outside of Akron)
Thursday, August 21st, 2003

HIGHLIGHTS: There There (with Ed on mini-drums and Jonny on mini-drums, keys, and guitar), Paranoid Android, Exit Music (For a Film), Lucky, Idioteque, Morning Bell, 2+2=5, Punchup at a Wedding, Wolf at the Door.  They seemed to stick with the newer stuff, which is fine.  But it seemed when they played any older stuff (Paranoid or Exit Music), that they were phenomenally tighter, and/or those songs lent themselves better to the live show.  The Kid A stuff didn’t seem to lend itself as well (it did last time – 2 years ago).  My favorite played was probably Paranoid Android.  We moved up to the right side of the lawn, away from the crowd, after about 5 songs.  We could see and hear (and breathe) way better.  A nice breeze cooling us off, comfy grass to sit on, a beauty on my arm, and a great band flaoting through the air… ’twas a good time.  Oh, and finally finding the only Indian restaurant in the Akron/Cuyahoga phone book was a blessing.
Different korma than our usual haunts (yummy as hell), and Strawberry Lassi (yum).

BUMMER: No My Iron Lung, Fake Plastic Trees, or Street Spirit (unless they had a 2nd encore that we missed)… also, the song “Kid A” was icky in the live performance (with a side of ICK sauce).  Steve Malkmus & the Jicks were quite boring and lame.  There were 2 or 3 Jicks’ songs near the middle-end that were *decent*.  That’s about it.  Oh, another bummer… Blossom’s parking is, like, miles and miles and miles from the venue.  A 30 minute walk post-show is a drain.   Oh, plus when we tried to check-in to our B&B at 3pm *no one* was there.  We walked in, and *no one*.  We eventually found a room with an A/C and napped until 5:30 until the proprietor finally showed up.  It was surreal, at best.  Quite disorganized B&B, but a KILLER house (O’Neill House in Akron) and a killer breakfast… yum.

OVERALL: Great lights, Thom’s a spaz, Jonny hates his guitar, Radiohead put on a great show again.

III. OVER THE RHINE and tons of books
Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH (just outside of Kentucky)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2003

HIGHLIGHTS: Hometown (Norwood) Boy, Suitcase, Anything At All, Show Me, Fever, Ohio, trivia break (Drew Vogel, aka D.V., won a framed poster), The Seahorse, and Summertime.  They also had What I’ll Remember Most, Changes Come, and Bothered on the setlist, but didn’t play them.  Suitcase was great.
Show Me was better than what I’d heard prior, and Fever was stunningly sexy (as usual).

BUMMER: I didn’t have my OHIO CDs from Paste yet.  I didn’t even have them by the time I got home late Saturday night.   I had K&L sign my Paste Order Confirmation email instead.  I crack myself up sometimes.

OVERALL: Great set, sound was a bit off, but it was a really fun time.  Song highlights were… all of ’em.  It was good to see them in a nice intimate bookstore venue.

My wife (Margarita) somehow puts up with all of the driving to concerts… yay, I picked a winner!  :)

Ohio traveller,

written in parts throughout the day, so…
pp: bela fleck & the flecktones – ten from little
pp: living sacrifice – reborn
pp: madonna – ray of light
pp: the magnolia soundtrack
np: sarah masen – carry us through

REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Southgate House (Newport, KY – – 8/26/01)

27th Aug 01 (Mon) Leave a comment

(originally posted to the old Actwin list)
BERL wrote:
> The show last night at Southgate was really
> fun, great sound.

yes, indeedy, petey. it sounded better up top, much
to the opposite recommendation from some folks here
(ahem… ahem)…

> Kim Taylor opened… she did great. Much looking
> forward to her CD.

eh… she was ok. better than girheuB ikkiN, nice
voice… and she didn’t smoke and scratch her head
incessantly. :P

j/k, she was pretty good. does she have a CD coming
out? i was out running my camera back to my car
during her last song.

> Bothered
> Lucy

i liked what karin did vocally at the end of these
songs… nice stuff…

> Miles

nice rendition. have they done that lately? i don’t
think so. that might have been my fav song of the

> I Radio Heaven to her naked pot-farming
> TV buddy. It was a groovy version, just two
> acoustic guitars, kinda strumming along. It was
> one of the few songs of the night that wasn’t
> shifted downtempo of it’s original version.

jack was also playing lap steel along with this.
and unless you were at a different show than i…
this was not nearly the same as the album version.

dude, it was a freakin’ DIRGE. slow and moving and
droning. i liked it a lot, but i just had to really
disagree with you, though.

DIRGE was what it was. a freakin’ DIRGE.

you could see them all moping while playing it… ;)

> “Orphan Girl” is that same Gillian Welch song
> they’ve been playing for years. (Yawn) Pretty
> and all, but (yawn).

mmm… better than some other songs. i kinda liked

> this all leads to “Hello Ohio”. It pretty
> much was a song about the things she just
> talked about…

she gave away half the lyrics in her talking.
where’s the surprise? i hate it when performers
do that.

overall a good show… i was sleepy after a long
weekend, but it was enjoyable.

i ate the crumbs- spilled the wine,

np: king’s x – KX4

The dirge comments prompted a discussion of Poughkeepsie, which prompted a post from a bandmember (Karin Bergquist)… It prompted this on the splashpage:


REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH – – 3/21/01)

22nd Mar 01 (Thu) 2 comments

(originally posted to the old Actwin list)


rev: OtR – bogarts.
thurs, march 22rd/th/nd.

fabulous set. mostest funnest for a while.
loved it. totally. echo megan & bink’s revs.

set. order not particular.

the world can wait.

if nothing else.

fairpoint diary.
no toy. no piano.

i radioheadven.

holy crap. loved it.

don’t be bothered. don’t be, i said.
well done. differentish.

something that (apparently) (isn’t) goodbye.
but i’m not so sure. or am i?

sleep baby jane.
it wasn’t my idea. it was karin’s first.

my love is a fever.
by firelight… hush.

all i need is e.
“crank the ‘e’ and let’s begin.”
(name that tune?) .5000 dollars if right.

faithfully dangerous.

give me strength. wild banshee mix.
aka album version. not acoustic.

moth. jesus was surprised.

when i go.

anywhere but down. name might be wrong.

the body is an escalator of skin.
escalator temporarily stairs.

little blue river/4 score & 7 yrs.

latter days.

like i said. awesome show. best in yrs.
they changed their setlist. they had fun.
standy bogart’s or not. it rocked.

did they do whatever you say? bruce? they didn’t do whatever i say, did they do whatever you say?

i still miss terri. brokenheart.
moth and e, mainly.
( :::|::|::: ) might fix it. temporarily.

jakc rocks. jack does too.
linford sticks up for him.
karin is beaut. always.
chris and dale, cool mofreekas.


someone snerdley,

np: wonderful thoughts

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REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH – – 6/23/00)

24th Jun 00 (Sat) 4 comments

(originally posted to the old Actwin list)


They played a lot of new stuff and/or older stuff that they haven’t pulled out too often… the first set was shock full of the newer stuff, and the second stuff had some of the OtR staples…

It was a really good show overall… and it’d been since December since I’d seen OtR. Good stuff. Oh yeah, it was a three-piece (K&L and Jack). Nikki Buehrig opened.

Karin’s new hair-style…she needed to be wearing a big script “L” on her shirt. :) Sorry, but that’s just the first thing that came to my mind when they came on stage…

They played a tune that Bruce said that Jan’s been requesting forever (see setlist below), but they’ve never played it for her… so maybe their next Chicago show, you’ll luck out Jan…


SET 1-
When I Go (K&L)
I Let It Go
Show Me
Green Clouded-Tail Butterfly
If Nothing Else
It’s Never Quite What It Seems
Cast Me Away
Little Blue River
Who Will Guard the Door (K&L)
Suitcase (K&L)
Fairpoint Diary (K&L)

SET 2-
And Can It Be
All I Need is Everything
I Will Remember
Now I Know (Cowboy Junkie’s tune)
Circle of Quiet
Latter Days

Faithfully Dangerous
Go Down Easy

Somewhere in SET 2, Jack and Linford did a little jam session… I forget in between which songs. It was fun. As for SET 1, I don’t remember hearing “Cast Me Away;” so maybe they didn’t play it, or maybe I fell asleep…

The three new ones in a row Show/Green/Nothing were cool. Jack’s guitar tone on several of them were what Bruce referred to as “porno guitar.” Twas humourous. They were good songs anyway. The first two new songs at the beginning of the SET 1 were good, too… but kinda mellow. They were nice, though.

Ah… I think this show made up my mind that I’m gonna try to make it to the Sunday show in Columbus…

Have fun everybody at the Kent gig!!!

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