About the Author

I’m a fan of music.  I can’t even limit it to one style, nor do I try to rule out anything.  I don’t hold myself out to be a “journalist.”  I’m just a fan of music who goes to tons of shows and likes to document it here.

I live in lovely Eugene, Oregon; so most of my live musical adventures are here (but sometimes in Portland, Seattle, or anywhere). I moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio; so many of my earlier reviews are around SW Ohio.

Most of what I write here will be music-related… whether it be concert reviews, album reviews, favorite new musical finds, or year-end recaps. Some of what I write may be about movies, television, books, art, science, skepticism, politics, philosophy, food, or other topics that interest me. But it’ll mostly be about eclectic music

With that being said… If you want to be automatically notified of updates to this blog, you need subscribe via an RSS Reader. There are many out there. MS Outlook 2007 (and higher) has a built in RSS reader. The Google has a web-interface RSS Reader that I use personally. The web address for this blog’s RSS feed is:

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