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ha’fway 2009

4th Jul 09 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

Happy 233rd birthday, United States!


(Sub)consciously prompted by these music blogs, here are my favs of the first half of 2009… it’s all bound to switch around by year’s end:

Artist Album (label)

  1. Dredg – The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion (Ohlone)
  2. Masada Quintet + Joe Lovano Masada Book Two: Book of Angels, Vol. 12 ~ Stolas (Tzadik)
  3. OSI Blood (Inside Out Records)
  4. Wussy Wussy (Shake It Records)
  5. Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy Spirit Moves (Green Leaf Music)
  6. Wynton Marsalis He and She (EMI / Blue Note)
  7. John Zorn Alhambra: Love Songs (Tzadik)
  8. Regina Spektor Far (Sire / Warner)
  9. Isis Wavering Radiant (Ipecac)
  10. Zu Carboniferous (Ipecac)
  11. Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings, really only the instrumental disc (Roadrunner)
  12. Jamie Saft Black Shabbis (Tzadik)
  13. Madeleine Peyroux Bare Bones (Rounder)
  14. Secret Chiefs 3 Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini (Web of Mimicry)
  15. Ember Swift Lentic :: 子玉 (Few’ll Ignite Sound)

I didn’t get a few that already came out this year… the new Green Day, U2, Placebo, Eminem, Dave Matthews Band, Fever Ray, Crank 2 soundtrack (by Mike Patton).  I’m waiting for them to be cheaper used, but they may make it to the list at the end of the year.

The 2nd half of 2009 promises to bring some potential great ones, too… John Zorn’s O’o, Medeski Martin & Wood Radiolarians 3, Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane (possibly by November), Secret Chiefs 3 Book of Souls (maybe), a new Sufjan Stevens (just speculating, since it’s been a while), Ani DiFranco always has something coming out, Jon Madof’s CircuitBreaker debut (maybe) & another Rashanim, The Tango Saloon’s Transylvania (stateside release?), new Tristeza, Over the Rhine Live from Nowhere IV, George Hrab ‘s 6th album Trebuchet, Derek Webb‘s Stockholm Syndrome, SFJazz 2009 with Dave Douglas & Joe Lovano and others, A Perfect Circle internet only single releases (as mentioned back here), and a new Tool record (they’ve worked on it some, but I doubt it’ll hit until 2010)… and I’m sure another dozen or more that I’ll dig from Tzadik.

~Dan  – np: Cut ChemistThe Audience’s Listening

again… Happy 233rd birthday, United States!

This July 4th, celebrate Sarah Palin resigning as Alaskan governor!

  1. Nathan
    8th Jul 09 (Wed) at 10:41 am

    Poor Sarah Palin. See what happens when women get involved in politics?

    • 8th Jul 09 (Wed) at 6:31 pm

      Gender has nothing to do with her being unfit to lead.

  2. Nathan
    10th Jul 09 (Fri) at 10:50 am

    John Knox wrote a book called The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women. It was all about the evils of women in politics.

    I’ve never read the book, but I love the title. I think it’s a bit sad that because of political correctness manliness is now evil…unless you’re a woman, then manliness is where it’s at.

    Liberal women are the manliest of all. Have you ever seen pictures of Helen Clark of New Zealand? Very manly lady, she is. Ugly as a dog, too.

    • 10th Jul 09 (Fri) at 11:48 am

      Gender (nor appearance of manliness or womanliness) has nothing to do with anyone being fit or unfit to lead.

  3. Nathan
    11th Jul 09 (Sat) at 8:17 am

    I reject your unfounded faith-based assertion!

    • 11th Jul 09 (Sat) at 9:05 am

      You’re really stretching there, buddy.

      Believing that men and women are equal members of society is somehow not fact, but faith-based? I hate to say this, and I don’t say this about many of your other beliefs that I don’t agree with… but you’re an idiot when it comes to equality of men & women.

  4. Nathan
    14th Jul 09 (Tue) at 12:09 pm

    I admit I was trying to get under your skin.

    My position on men and women does not deal with equality. There is no question that men and women are equal. They are different, though. I hope that’s obvious physically. Since there are physical differences, it stands to reason that there are differences in the roles men and women play in society as well. Politics is a role women should not play (I would argue, anyway). We can debate why that is, but it does not have to do with a woman being inferior to a man. I think I hold a minority position with politics, even in my circles.

    As a Christian, that diversity and unity together in the genders is striking. It reminds me that all of reality is reflective of the Trinity.

    I don’t expect you to understand my position, or even to be sympathetic toward it.

    I want to get at your assertions, though. In your comment above you use two words that are synonymous: “faith” and “belief”. You use them as though they are two different ideas.

    “Believing that men and women are equal members of society is somehow not fact, but faith-based?”

    You aknowledge that you believe something (which is a breakthrough as per our previous back-and-forths where you adamantly denied you believe anything)!

    I assume you mean things that are fact-based vs things that are faith-based. So you believe (have faith in) things that are fact-based, but don’t believe (have faith in) things that are faith (belief)-based. If you deny all belief, why don’t you deny your own beliefs? It is because you have a double-standard that further illustrates how irrational the atheistic position is.

  5. 14th Jul 09 (Tue) at 1:29 pm

    I’m using this definition of belief related to the sentence you quoted of mine above… “an opinion or conviction”

  6. 14th Jul 09 (Tue) at 1:54 pm

    “Feminism isn’t about equality, it’s about reprieve.” -Ani DiFranco, 2006

  7. Nathan
    14th Jul 09 (Tue) at 6:00 pm

    I think it was a very telling slip of the keyboard.

    I like the DiFranco quote. She describes Christian feminism.

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