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Over the Rhine’s The Long Surrender (due 1/11/11)

12th Jul 10 (Mon) Leave a comment Go to comments

As posted on overtherhine.com


Our immense thanks to all of you who helped make the new Over the Rhine record a reality. It’s been christened THE LONG SURRENDER and is currently being mastered.
Tentative release date: 1.11.11.

All those who contributed will receive THE LONG SURRENDER well before the official release date, with extras. Look for a complete (long, rambling) update letter next week with much more, but suffice it to say, for now, our experience with producer Joe Henry and his cast of conjurers was nothing short of incredible.

Can’t wait for you to take the ride/hear for yourself.

Perfect release date, if you ask me!

~Dan – np: Susan EnanPlainsong


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