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Celldweller *Wish Upon a Blackstar* Chapter 3

15th Jul 10 (Thu) Leave a comment Go to comments

The pre-order for Celldweller‘s Wish Upon a Blackstar: Chapter 3 went live yesterday. The third chapter (of five total) will feature the songs “The Lucky One” and “Tainted.”

Chapter 3 will be available for download in several bundles (including a deluxe edition for $4.99) on July 27th from Celldweller’s FiXT store. The deluxe edition features instrumentals, demos, and commentaries.

After all five chapters are released, I expect there will be a full-length album (and hopefully CD) issue.

~Dan – np: Chali 2NaFish Market Part 2

  1. Brainchild
    29th Jul 10 (Thu) at 8:05 pm

    OK this is me but Chapter 1 of wish was amazing same with Eon from Chapter two. Once i heard The Best its Gonna get i didn’t think it could any worse then i was given Chapter Three by a close friend of mine that works with Fixt. This chapter is like a Black Hole it couldn’t Suck anymore even if it wanted to. Granted I love everything else that Klay has put out dating all the way back to Immortal his Second band and everything Up till I heard Chapter 2 the Best its gonna Get to Present time, till then everything was like hearing the Angels Singing. I don’t know what happened but I PRAY that Chapter 4 & 5 will be better, but only time will tell……

    • 30th Jul 10 (Fri) at 6:24 am

      Yeah, I don’t think it sucks like a Black Hole, but I see what you mean. I guess we’ll wait and see how the whole thing comes together.

      PS- I’ve never heard of Klay’s involvement in a band called “Immortal.” I have his Circle of Dust, Brainchild, Angel Dust (with Criss Angel), and Argyle Park stuff…


  1. 25th May 11 (Wed) at 10:54 am

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