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REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH – – 3/21/01)

22nd Mar 01 (Thu) Leave a comment Go to comments

(originally posted to the old Actwin list)


rev: OtR – bogarts.
thurs, march 22rd/th/nd.

fabulous set. mostest funnest for a while.
loved it. totally. echo megan & bink’s revs.

set. order not particular.

the world can wait.

if nothing else.

fairpoint diary.
no toy. no piano.

i radioheadven.

holy crap. loved it.

don’t be bothered. don’t be, i said.
well done. differentish.

something that (apparently) (isn’t) goodbye.
but i’m not so sure. or am i?

sleep baby jane.
it wasn’t my idea. it was karin’s first.

my love is a fever.
by firelight… hush.

all i need is e.
“crank the ‘e’ and let’s begin.”
(name that tune?) .5000 dollars if right.

faithfully dangerous.

give me strength. wild banshee mix.
aka album version. not acoustic.

moth. jesus was surprised.

when i go.

anywhere but down. name might be wrong.

the body is an escalator of skin.
escalator temporarily stairs.

little blue river/4 score & 7 yrs.

latter days.

like i said. awesome show. best in yrs.
they changed their setlist. they had fun.
standy bogart’s or not. it rocked.

did they do whatever you say? bruce? they didn’t do whatever i say, did they do whatever you say?

i still miss terri. brokenheart.
moth and e, mainly.
( :::|::|::: ) might fix it. temporarily.

jakc rocks. jack does too.
linford sticks up for him.
karin is beaut. always.
chris and dale, cool mofreekas.


someone snerdley,

np: wonderful thoughts

~ Dan Temmesfeld – dtemm@yahoo.com ~
~ zesenzestig sinaasappel schillen ~

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