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(originally posted to the old Over the Rhine Actwin list)

It relates to the Over the Rhine song “B.P.D.” on the 2-CD Ohio.


Kim Cart wrote:
>Hoping this isn’t a repeat topic, but it just hit
>me. BPD — Borderline Personality Disorder. Has
>anyone else made this connection? Am I the only
>person in the world who hasn’t?

actually, Karin has gone into great lengths about
it. it truly means Border’s Panini Dijon. It was
a limited time release at their cafe, and apparently
she really loved the yummy sandwiches. when they
discontinued them, things got a little “heated” (to
say the least) between the band and several of the
cafe staff. Karin even asked for the recipe, but
Border’s non-compete clause with their employees
wouldn’t allow them to release the recipe… hence
this line:

I’d make it alright
But I wouldn’t get it right
I’m leavin’ it alone

the *real* kicker was how they were driving her to
a slow suicide “just one bite at a time.” she’s over
it now… that’s why the band keeps pimping “filet
mignon” in all of their interviews this album. if
things hadn’t gone south with Border’s, OtR would
have been pimping the BPD Meal Deal during all of
their interviews.

if you don’t believe me, well, there are still marks
on the walls by the espresso machine at the Tri-County

no, the real answer to your questions are: yes and yes.

Dan – np: bob johnsonmusings

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