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REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH – – 6/23/00)

24th Jun 00 (Sat) 4 comments

(originally posted to the old Actwin list)


They played a lot of new stuff and/or older stuff that they haven’t pulled out too often… the first set was shock full of the newer stuff, and the second stuff had some of the OtR staples…

It was a really good show overall… and it’d been since December since I’d seen OtR. Good stuff. Oh yeah, it was a three-piece (K&L and Jack). Nikki Buehrig opened.

Karin’s new hair-style…she needed to be wearing a big script “L” on her shirt. :) Sorry, but that’s just the first thing that came to my mind when they came on stage…

They played a tune that Bruce said that Jan’s been requesting forever (see setlist below), but they’ve never played it for her… so maybe their next Chicago show, you’ll luck out Jan…


SET 1-
When I Go (K&L)
I Let It Go
Show Me
Green Clouded-Tail Butterfly
If Nothing Else
It’s Never Quite What It Seems
Cast Me Away
Little Blue River
Who Will Guard the Door (K&L)
Suitcase (K&L)
Fairpoint Diary (K&L)

SET 2-
And Can It Be
All I Need is Everything
I Will Remember
Now I Know (Cowboy Junkie’s tune)
Circle of Quiet
Latter Days

Faithfully Dangerous
Go Down Easy

Somewhere in SET 2, Jack and Linford did a little jam session… I forget in between which songs. It was fun. As for SET 1, I don’t remember hearing “Cast Me Away;” so maybe they didn’t play it, or maybe I fell asleep…

The three new ones in a row Show/Green/Nothing were cool. Jack’s guitar tone on several of them were what Bruce referred to as “porno guitar.” Twas humourous. They were good songs anyway. The first two new songs at the beginning of the SET 1 were good, too… but kinda mellow. They were nice, though.

Ah… I think this show made up my mind that I’m gonna try to make it to the Sunday show in Columbus…

Have fun everybody at the Kent gig!!!

save the erf,

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