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Could it happen?

15th Jul 09 (Wed) Leave a comment Go to comments

Could a live album make my favorite’s list by year’s end?

Well, I just pre-ordered the latest Live from Nowhere offering (#4 to be exact) from Cincinnati band, Over the Rhine.  It’s a double-disc recording of most of the Dec 2008 Taft Reunion concert with founding guitarist Ric Hordinski and founding drummer Brian Kelley joining the still-in-the-band wife-and-husband team of Karin  Bergquist (vocals / guitar / etc) and Linford Detweiler (keyboards / bass / etc).  Ric left in 1996/97 (I don’t know when exactly as he was gone before I got into them and their Wiki page is weak*), and Brian left at the end of 1998 (IIRC).  I saw OTR with Brian, but never with Ric (though I’ve seen Ric plenty of times with his band Monk & solo).

*– Hey, Bruce, if you read this, the OTR Wiki could use a Bruce’ing up... especially on the early era.

With the new release (expected out in August), you get an immediate download.  I’m on track 6 of disc 1 now, and I love it.  It makes me wish I could have afforded to go to the actual show back in December.

Anyway, here’s the artwork & tracklist (95 minutes total):

(click for larger)

Disc 1

Eyes Wide Open
How Does it Feel (To Be On My Mind)?
HDIF Reprise
Within Without
Like a Radio
Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander
Circle of Quiet
Daddy Untwisted

Disc 2

Paul & Virginia
Poughkeepsie **
Faithfully Dangerous
A Gospel Number
All I Need is Everything
If I’m Drowning
Encores: I Painted My Name ***
Latter Days

**– Songs missing per the reported setlist… Mary’s Waltz & Silent Night were after Poughkeepsie
***– Encores per the reported setlist… E1: My Love is a Fever / I Painted My Name; E2: Happy With Myself? / Latter Days / What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?

You can pre-order Live from Nowhere IV now from Port Merchandise.

Though I’m usually pacifistic…
~Dan – np: Over the RhineLive from Nowhere 4

  1. bill
    15th Jul 09 (Wed) at 6:09 pm

    hey dan,

    ric’s final show as a member of OtR was 12/22/1996 @ the emery theatre in cincinnati.

    he actually stopped playing with the band after the show @ the 40 watt club in athens, ga, on 11/23. the band played several shows between 12/01 & 12/19 without him (w/brian).

    his departure was “officially” announced in a letter from linford on 12.02.1996 stating that he would be re-joining them for his final show with the band @ the emery on 12/22.

    the reunion show @ the taft was wonderful, it was great to hear that music played live by those four after 13 years. a beautiful night, wish you could have been there.


    • 15th Jul 09 (Wed) at 6:10 pm

      Thanks for the assist, Bill!

      I hope you’re doing better after your surgeries/procedures. The KSO/OTR show sounded awesome… hopefully it’ll make it on a future LFN for both of our sakes… :)


  2. 19th Jul 09 (Sun) at 1:11 pm

    REALLY love this album. By far their coolest Live From Nowhere release. I’m actually pretty unfamiliar with a lot of the material (came on board with Ohio) so this one is a whole new discovery for me.

    • 19th Jul 09 (Sun) at 5:21 pm

      Yeah, it’s definitely my fave of the LFN so far. I was a fan of their earlier stuff (come in at GDBD), but never got to see them with Ric. This double-live was awesome… wish I was there, but I’m, at least glad that they released it. :)

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