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Over the Rhine – Taft Theater Friday the 19th

19th Dec 08 (Fri) 2 comments

Over the Rhine – 1st Decade
Friday the 19th of December 2008
Taft Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio

Does anyone have a good recording of this reunion show with Ric Hordinski and Brian Kelley?

If so, please email me. :)  I wasn’t able to attend, but I would love to hear it…


Photo by euro60

Setlist posted by rotary11

Eyes Wide Open
How Does It Feel?
How Does It Feel? (Reprise) <– this was silly and awesome
Within Without (with Kim Taylor)
Like a Radio
Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander
June (with Kim Taylor, Jake, Kenny Hutson, and Julie Lee)
Circle of Quiet (with Kim and Julie)
Daddy Untwisted (with Kim and Julie)

Paul and Virginia (L&K with Jake, Kenny, Mickey, Kim, and Julie)
Poughkeepsie (same minus Mickey) <– this was different than before, so much FULLER
Mary’s Waltz (L, K, Paul Patterson)
Silent Night (Duet) (L, K, Paul, Julie)
Faithfully Dangerous (with Jake)
A Gospel Number (with Jake, Kim, Julie, and some awesome “cool” glasses and berets)
All I Need Is Everything (with Jake, Kim, and Paul)
If I’m Drowning <– old-school one-by-one departure. My best moment of the night

My Love Is a Fever
I Painted My Name (with Kim and Julie) <– my second favorite of the night. What a beautiful song, I’ve always loved it

Happy With Myself? (except I don’t think they played it?)
Latter Days (L & K)
What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding? (with Jake)


Ric Hordinski back with Over the Rhine… one night only

25th Nov 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

I knew about this a bit ago, but don’t know why I never blogged it… anyway, guitar master & production wizard Ric Hordinski (aka Monk) is playing a one-off show with his former band, Over the Rhine, at their annual get together at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, OH.  This is one of those shows that I’m totally bummed I’ll be missing.  Ric is an amazing guitarist, and Over the Rhine’s sound has been missing a ton of what I loved ever since he left in 1996/1997.  I also assume that original drummer Brian Kelley will be playing with the band, too.  But I haven’t heard either way///

Anyway, one night onlyOver the Rhine with Ric Hordinski, December 19th, 2008 at the Taft Theater, Cincinnati, OH.  Check out for more info.

Ric is also doing his annual holiday show at his monastery studio with Ellery (my new favorite husband-wife duo from Cincinnati).  Ellery’s 2006 debut album (Lying Awake) and very recent EP (You Did Everything Right) are among my favs in that genre that includes singing*.

*– Yeah, this year is my first year with more instrumental intake than vocal… alas, I still dig me some folk-pop stylings… especially that of Tasha & Justin Golden (i.e.- Ellery).

The Ric Hordinski & Ellery get together is the week prior (December 12th):

Friday, December 12th :: 7:30pm
– Doors open at 6:00pm, with caroling at 6:30pm
– Tickets are $15, only 100 seats available!

~Dan – np: Steven WilsonInsurgentes

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