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Nellie McKay – Caribbean Time on WUKY

6th Feb 11 (Sun) Leave a comment

Nellie McKay & the Aristocrats did a thing similar to “Tiny Desk Concerts” on WUKY (Lexington):

You can also download the entire interview here:
Nellie McKay WUKY NPR 2011 – PART 1
Nellie McKay WUKY NPR 2011 – PART 2

~Dan – np: OpethGhost Reveries

REVIEW: Over the Rhine @ Southgate House (Newport, KY – – 8/26/01)

27th Aug 01 (Mon) Leave a comment

(originally posted to the old Actwin list)
BERL wrote:
> The show last night at Southgate was really
> fun, great sound.

yes, indeedy, petey. it sounded better up top, much
to the opposite recommendation from some folks here
(ahem… ahem)…

> Kim Taylor opened… she did great. Much looking
> forward to her CD.

eh… she was ok. better than girheuB ikkiN, nice
voice… and she didn’t smoke and scratch her head
incessantly. :P

j/k, she was pretty good. does she have a CD coming
out? i was out running my camera back to my car
during her last song.

> Bothered
> Lucy

i liked what karin did vocally at the end of these
songs… nice stuff…

> Miles

nice rendition. have they done that lately? i don’t
think so. that might have been my fav song of the

> I Radio Heaven to her naked pot-farming
> TV buddy. It was a groovy version, just two
> acoustic guitars, kinda strumming along. It was
> one of the few songs of the night that wasn’t
> shifted downtempo of it’s original version.

jack was also playing lap steel along with this.
and unless you were at a different show than i…
this was not nearly the same as the album version.

dude, it was a freakin’ DIRGE. slow and moving and
droning. i liked it a lot, but i just had to really
disagree with you, though.

DIRGE was what it was. a freakin’ DIRGE.

you could see them all moping while playing it… ;)

> “Orphan Girl” is that same Gillian Welch song
> they’ve been playing for years. (Yawn) Pretty
> and all, but (yawn).

mmm… better than some other songs. i kinda liked

> this all leads to “Hello Ohio”. It pretty
> much was a song about the things she just
> talked about…

she gave away half the lyrics in her talking.
where’s the surprise? i hate it when performers
do that.

overall a good show… i was sleepy after a long
weekend, but it was enjoyable.

i ate the crumbs- spilled the wine,

np: king’s x – KX4

The dirge comments prompted a discussion of Poughkeepsie, which prompted a post from a bandmember (Karin Bergquist)… It prompted this on the splashpage:


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