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Coldplay – Every Tearderp Is A Waterderp

23rd Jun 11 (Thu) Leave a comment

British knockoff rock act Coldplay have announced an Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall digital EP, featuring two more brand new tracks “Major Minus” and “Moving To Mars.”

The digital EP comes out Sunday (6/26).  It also comes out on CD and 7″ vinyl on Monday (UK) and Tuesday (US).  The title track is already available (see Amazon for sound sample).

If Chris Martin releases a video of him dancing by himself in an alley, well… you know where he got the idea.

Sorry, I hate to be negative (or do I?).  I just have very little patience for Coldplay.

~Dan – np: Basya SchechterQueen’s Dominion

Nellie McKay – Caribbean Time on WUKY

6th Feb 11 (Sun) Leave a comment

Nellie McKay & the Aristocrats did a thing similar to “Tiny Desk Concerts” on WUKY (Lexington):

You can also download the entire interview here:
Nellie McKay WUKY NPR 2011 – PART 1
Nellie McKay WUKY NPR 2011 – PART 2

~Dan – np: OpethGhost Reveries

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