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Kevin Moore / Jim Matheos interview about OSI #4

13th Feb 12 (Mon) Leave a comment

For more on the history of OSI, all the way back to the first Office of Strategic Influence record, as well as the inside scoop on Fire Make Thunder, check out the video below with Metal Blade founder Brian Slagel interviewing Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos:

Fire Make Thunder is slated for a March 27th release via Metal Blade Records. It’s available for CD pre-order on Metal Blade (US) and vinyl LP pre-order on Burning Shed (based in UK – only way to get the LP).  The CD is also available on Amazon.

Track listing:
1) Cold Call
2) Guards
3) Indian Curse
4) Enemy Prayer
5) Wind Won’t Howl
6) Big Chief II
7) For Nothing
8) Invisible Men

~Dan – np: David BazanStrange Negotiations


Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane – pro-shot footage from Chile

19th Oct 11 (Wed) Leave a comment

It appears there’s a televised, pro-shot Mike Patton/Mondo Cane performance from the Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago, Chile.

Seeing as our chances of a North American tour came and went, here’s hoping it shows up as a live DVD on Ipecac sometime in the near future.

Here’s also an interview with some more live footage (including some Moonchild!)… it’s long (over 50 minutes)…

~Dan – np: Jeffrey FoucaultGhost Repeater

Nellie McKay – Caribbean Time on WUKY

6th Feb 11 (Sun) Leave a comment

Over the Rhine on Good Day LA (KTTV) on 11/11

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So, within one week, I’ll get to see Over the Rhine two times… it’s been since Sept 2007 since I’ve gotten a chance to see them.  Yesterday, they stopped by Los Angeles’ KTTV (a Fox affiliate), chatted and sang “The King Knows How” on Good Day LA.  Photos posted to Facebook by a fellow Orchard Apple/friend, Bill Ivester.  Video link after some of Bill’s shots…

VIDEO (opens in new window)

Three days until their Eugene show… woot! Oh, and for pre-orderers, the download links for The Long Surrender should be in your inbox from the band with the super secret URL and password.  If you miss it, the album will be out on 1/11/11.

~Dan – np: SynapseRaw

REVIEW: Nellie McKay @ the Shedd (Eugene, OR – 10/29/10)

2nd Nov 10 (Tue) 2 comments

I wasn’t able to attend the Nellie McKay show at the Shedd in Eugene on Friday (due to Sufjan Stevens in Portland the same night).  I was completely torn, but I’ve had the opportunity to see Nellie several times since living here in the PacNW (four times in 3 years) and Sufjan far fewer times (i.e.- none).

I did send someone in my place… here are some lovely photos and a write-up of the show taken by guest blogger Margarita O’Brien from Emobie Photography

many more photos below

Margarita’s write-up of the show:

Let’s face it. I just love Nellie McKay. I am extremely grateful that The Shedd here in little ol’ Eugene, Oregon, keeps managing to bring her back. She has serious musical talent, diversity, and a quirky, silly sense of humor that I dig. That makes a great show when she’s solo, but holy cannoli, there was a five piece backup band! THAT makes for a phenomenal, knock-your-socks-off show.

The introductions for the band members were extremely silly (And just released on bail for jay walking…) and the crowd was enthusiastic so I will likely have the names completely wrong and I am seriously sorry about that, ‘cause these guys were the bomb diggity. It was seriously hard to hear with the laughing and cheering. Corrections greatly appreciated!

Guitar: Terry Park?
Bass: Willy Harvey
Sax: Mark Fischer?
Trumpet: Willy Mario?
Drums: Benjamin Barnum?
“That’s right! We have two willies!”

There are few things I tire of more quickly than a show with a “sound” that never changes.
Me-“Is this still the first song? Good Glory, it’s long.”
Dan-“This is the fifth song.”
Me-“*Giant Eye Roll*”

This exchange could not happen at a Nellie McKay show. She skillfully flutters her way through Big Band, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Pop, sweet old Doris Day tunes (and a number of Ella Fitzgerald tunes this time).  The band was right there with her making everything fuller, brighter, grander, and making it difficult for some folks to stay put in their seats.

The crowd was fairly enthusiastic and really seemed to love “Mother of Pearl.”  This is Eugene after all. There were even a couple zombies dancing around at the end.

Go See Nellie! She’ll make you think. She’ll make you laugh. She might make you whistle.


  • Bruise on the Sky
  • Sentimental Journey [Doris Day]
  • Do Do Do [Doris Day]
  • Caribbean Time
  • Dispossessed
  • Meditation [Doris Day]
  • Georgy Girl [The Seekers] (dedicated to Barbara Billingsly)
  • Vote for Mr. Rhythm [Ella Fitzgerald]
  • Bluebird
  • No Equality
  • The Portal
  • Dig It [Doris Day]
  • It’s Alright With Me (with skat)
    <<intermission – costume change>>
  • A-Tisket, A-Tasket [Ella Fitzgerald]
  • Beneath the Underdog
  • Crazy Rhythm [Doris Day]
  • Early Autumn [Ella Fitzgerald]
  • A Wonderful Guy [Doris Day]
  • Don’t Fence Me In [Ella Fitzgerald] (with group whistle)
  • Mother of Pearl (crowd favorite)
    “I’m Sarah Palin and I approve this message”
  • Adios
  • ¡Bodega!
    “Support the Arts, but sponsor a Bodega.”
  • Coosada Blues
  • I’ve Got Rhythm (impromptu instrumental as she ran to get her notes)
    “Don’t worry folks, they’re professionals!”
  • Broadway Melody
  • Really
  • Unknown Reggae (veggie anthem)
  • Encore: Zombie

Nellie’s 10/29 KLCC interview is here:

Nellie is out supporting her latest album, Home Sweet Mobile Home.  Check it out here:

More 2010 Tour Dates:
Oct. 30th SF Jazz Festival – San Francisco, CA
Nov. 1st Kuumbwa Jazz Center – Santa Cruz, CA
Nov. 4th The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA

The Appropriate Linkage:

~Dan – np: William Ryan FritchLibrary Catalog Music Series: Music for Honey and Bile

all pictures (cc) 2010 Margaret O’Brien – emobie photography,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

(click for larger)

Higher Resolution (14 pics)

Limited to 1200 pixels wide or tall (33 pics)

Glen Phillips on Adam Carolla podcast

17th Sep 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

Glen Phillips, lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket, made an appearance on the crude but hilarious Adam Carolla podcast… here’s the teaser video:

Here’s the podcast link (or subscribe in iTunes).

I haven’t listened yet, but I’m a big fan of both Glen and Adam… and it is bound to be interesting nonetheless.

~Dan – np: MassacreFunny Valentine

Holy Fuck nerd out about their gear

4th Aug 10 (Wed) Leave a comment

Canadian live-electronic groovesters Holy Fuck recently did a great little three-parter for Dickie’s Sounds where they totally geek out about their gear.  Music nerds, watch now!!

Matt about his drums…

Brian and his keyboards, film reel, etc…

Graham on his keyboards and V-Tech…

No fourth part with Matt McQ’s bass… alas, maybe another time.  For those not in the know about Holy Fuck… they’ve put out one of the best albums this yearLATIN.  Go get it… you won’t be disappointed.

~Dan – np: Illy B (Billy Martin of Medeski Martin & Wood) – Drop the Needle
Illy B (Billy Martin of Medeski Martin & Wood) - Drop the Needle

Nellie McKay – indie film & WBGO interview

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Update: You can now order Home Sweet Mobile Home on Amazon

To piggy back off of this recent post about Nellie McKay‘s upcoming album, Home Sweet Mobile Home (out Sept 28), online music source 24bit added

Before the album drops this fall, however, McKay will record music for and star as struggling New York City singer-songwriter Ramona in Downtown Express, an independent feature film in which her character falls in love with a Russian musician visiting town for a month on a Juilliard scholarship, played by real-life virtuoso violinist Philippe Quint.

She also did an in-studio appearance at WBGO (streaming audio link).  She does some tunes and is interviewed by WBGO’s Michael Bourne.  It was posted over at only yesterday (7/18/2010); so I assume it’s recent – even though it seems very Normal As Blueberry Pie-centric.

~Dan – np: Jon Madof’s RashanimMasada Rock 

Holy Fuck interview on HiFi Cartel

29th May 10 (Sat) Leave a comment

There’s a great new Holy Fuck interview from leadman Brian Borcherdt at The HiFi Cartel

(click picture for interview link)

Their U.S. Tour is officially underway… I’ll be seeing them in Portland (and hopefully San Francisco, too).

Holy Fuck – 2010 Tour Dates (so far)

May 28 Le Poisson Rouge New York, New York #
May 29 The Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts #
May 30 Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania #
May 31 Rock N Roll Hotel Washington, Washington DC #
Jun 1 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, Ohio #
Jun 3 Turf Club Saint Paul, Minnesota #
Jun 6 Mississippi Studios Portland, Oregon #
Jun 8 The Independent San Francisco, California #

Jun 10 Troubadour Los Angeles, California #
Jul 5 Club Soda – Festival International de Jazz de Montreal Montreal, Quebec
Jul 9 Molson Amphitheatre Toronto, Ontario ^
Jul 30 Sappyfest Sackville, New Brunswick
# w/ Nice Nice
^ w/ Metric and Passion Pit

Check out their video for “Latin America“…

Or their bitchin’ live video from The Cake Shop (in NYC)

~Dan – np: George Cotsirilos TrioPast Present

Yoshie Fruchter of Pitom on Klezmer podcast

30th Apr 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

The latest Klezmer Podcast features an interview and tune from Yoshie Fruchter, front man for Judaic rock band PitomThe Pitom debut (2008) is one of my favorites from Tzadik‘s Radical Jewish Culture series… one of the rare rock bands in the John Zorn Jewish musical revolution…

Listen to the podcast HERE, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (free).

Check out Yoshie Fruchter‘s Pitom:

Find the Klezmer Podcast on the web, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

~Dan – np: Michael KelseyGruvency

Glen Phillips on SB Creative Community

26th Apr 10 (Mon) Leave a comment

Here’s a half hour interview (and live session) with Glen Phillips from earlier in April…

Good interview with a hometown interview show (Santa Barbara Creative Community)… he talks about his solo stuff, Works Progress Administration stuff, RemoteTreeChildren, Plover, Toad the Wet Sprocket, touring, etc…

Keep up on all things Glen Phillips over at

~Dan – np: Kaki KingJunior

Clogs & Shara Worden on WNYC

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Clogs with Shara Worden (aka My Brightest Diamond) hit the WNYC studio.  The WNYC Soundcheck podcast (from March 23, 2010) features interviews with Clogs’ Padma Newsome and Bryce Dessner (also of The National), and songs with Shara Worden on vocals.  You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes (for free).

The new album, The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, is out now.  Click the picture for Amazon options

the clogs

~Dan – np: Dave Holland OctetPathways

no free download torrent or mp3 here… if you like music, buy it!

The Album Leaf interviews 2010

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Daniel Johns (Silverchair) on JJJ

10th Dec 09 (Thu) Leave a comment

Silverchair front-man Daniel Johns called into Australia’s Triple J to give info about the upcoming album.  You can go listen to the 7+ minute interview at Triple J.  He’s back in Australia and has worked on the new songs with his band mates.  Gleaned from the interview… the album currently comes off as “dirtier than Young Modern” (per Daniel), and there is a less frequent use of guitars so far (only on 4 of the 15 or so songs currently in the works).

Who knows how things will turn out, but I think we can expect a new Silverchair album in 2010.  No album name yet… unless it’s gonna be called Fly Fishing. ;)

~Dan – np: Works Progress AdministrationWPA

My Brightest Diamond @ Le Poisson Rouge (Dec 2008)

16th Feb 09 (Mon) 2 comments

I’m reusing this press photo of My Brightest Diamond, because I think it’s rad…

Baeble Music recently recorded My Brightest Diamond‘s entire concert at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC last year (12.13.08).  I’ve only watched the first few songs so far, but it is fantastic.  The setlist is very similar to the Eugene show that I went to in late November 2008, with a few songs swapped around in the order.

** Watch the full concert at **** Watch the full concert at **

** Check out the blog & photos from the show as well **

I can’t get the embedding to work ( blogs are like that sometimes on non-YouTube/Google videos); so just click the link or picture above.  Baeble Music has tons of other live shows that they filmed on their site as well.  Check ’em out:

And as an unrelated side-note…

…the February 1 [2009] interview with John Zorn on WNYC‘s Ear to Ear with David Garland is excellent.  It’s 76 minutes of new John Zorn music and insight into the overworked, overjoyed musical genius.  It is available in its entirety for download over at WYNC’s website:

It features some recent music [fall/winter ’08] and some as of now unreleased music.  Score!

~Dan – np: The BeatlesLet It Be

Ani DiFranco’s iTunes Originals session

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Ani DiFranco unexpectedly showed up in my weekly iTunes email this morning.  I love the iTunes Originals series… it’s a good mix of interviews, album tracks, and in-studio iTunes exclusives.  Well, Ani’s got one out as of today (11/18/08).

$9.99 for 24 tracks (includes interviews).  Just do a search for “Ani DiFranco iTunes originals” in… um… iTunes… duh!  I’d post a direct link, but apparently those are local drive-specific.


Ani DiFranco – Billboard acoustic set & interview

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Nellie McKay is adorable

8th Oct 08 (Wed) Leave a comment

This comes from Pop Matters#15 is classic Nellie quirkiness…


Singer, songwriter, actor and activist Nellie Mckay calls her music ‘schizophrenic voodoo’. Schizophrenic because she jumps genres – from Tin Pan Alley pop and cabaret to reggae, rap and jazz—voodoo because these elements mysteriously gel with her evocative, playful, and bold lyrics.  The fictional character most like her?  A mix of Lassie, Scarlett O’Hara, Godzilla and Nancy Drew.  These and other reveling facets of her character are discussed with PopMatters 20 Questions.

A contributor to The Onion and The New York Times Book Review, McKay won a Theatre World Award for her portrayal of Polly Peachum in the Broadway production of The Threepenny Opera. She’s written the music and lyrics for the film adaptation of Katherine Arnoldi’s The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom, and is currently creating the Broadway musical version of the book and movie, Election.

1. The latest book or movie that made you cry?
Richard LaGravenese’s P.S. I Love You – for all the wrong reasons

2. The fictional character most like you?
I’m sort of a mix of Lassie, Scarlett O’Hara, Godzilla and Nancy Drew.

3. The greatest album, ever?
Anything by Toby Keith.

4. Star Trek or Star Wars?
A Star is Born (the first one).

5. Your ideal brain food?
When politics intersect with art.

6. You’re proud of this accomplishment, but why?
Dropping out of college: freethinking sustained by action.

7. You want to be remembered for…?
Being a great guy.

8. Of those who’ve come before, the most inspirational are?
The renegade Jews.

9. The creative masterpiece you wish bore your signature?
Rejuvenate! (It’s Never Too Late) by Eartha Kitt.

10. Your hidden talents…?
I can get really angry and no one can tell.

11. The best piece of advice you actually followed?
Please yourself.

12. The best thing you ever bought, stole, or borrowed?
A typewriter, a house, an idea.

13. You feel best in Armani or Levis or…?
A tent.

14. Your dinner guest at the Ritz would be?

15. Time travel: where, when and why?
I wouldn’t want to ruin my illusions, but I would love to live sometime between the ‘20s and the ‘40s in New York, to have an icebox and two roommates, one sassy, with a one-syllable name, and one brainy (me and the sassy one would work on getting the brainy one out of the house, and me and the brainy one would work on the sassy one’s failed relationships with no-good sailors).

All three making a go of it in showbiz, running around from auditions to night club jobs and stopping for a nickel coffee and circling the theatrical ads, and communing at delis and drugstores with my fellow creative types, all of whom would go on to great renown, and maybe stand outside the theater

in the rain and get Lotte Lenya’s autograph, and be given a huge creamy bubble coat from a stage door Johnny who wouldn’t expect anything in return but to take me to dinner (according to Oscar Levant, that was often all they asked).  And once in a while our gang would go to Woolworth’s for a big splurge, and we’d sit at the counter and order all the French fries and malts we could manage (these being politically unaware times with regard to animal products, but at least there were no factory farms).

During the holidays we would all troop over to a friend who had an office job and we would have the merriest time at their Christmas party on the 25th floor of some mogul’s extravagant tower, and later we would entertain ourselves just wandering around the Village in the falling snow, and sneaking to the top of the Washington Square arch where we would declare martial law throughout the city and set about writing a brief constitution that we would subsequently tear to bits and sprinkle down on the cops amassing below.

We would be dreadfully hung over the next morning, but we’d be all right because we still had a little orange juice, bread and celery in the icebox and that would tide us over until the next big payday, which was certain to be right around the corner.

That or…I would live in the 1960s and work part time for the national anti-vivisection society while attending marches and student meetings in all my spare time.  I would wear a burnt orange/camel colored waistcoat and an old paisley dress and dark stockings with my granny shoes, and carry an old carpet bag which I would cram with flyers, books of poetry and calls to revolution.  Long hours would be spent over spaghetti and wine designing our future utopia in which all the pitfalls of the human condition could be avoided with a little foresight and much compassion and forward-thinking.

The problem with evil, we decided, was in its naïveté; if Hitler had realized the Holocaust would not solve all his personal problems, he never would have felt compelled to make it happen.  Our future must be grounded in the reality of existence, not over-compensating for miracles that had not and could not occur, or the basic injustice of life, never more obvious than at these meetings themselves, where the pretty people were deified as much if not more than in conventional society.

I would attend every be-in, every concert, absorb every opportunity to learn and grow that I could, all the while wearing my vulnerability with pride, an ability to be hurt not intrinsic to my femaleness but my humanity, not just to my humanity but my status as a living being, as comparable to a blade of grass as to a president.

Eventually I would meet a nice SDS member and raise him up like a puppy, teaching him the tenets of my burgeoning feminism and raising a family in the most organic, honest way possible.  This leads to my eventual and complete fulfillment.

16. Stress management: hit man, spa vacation or Prozac?
Ovaltine with Prozac.

17. Essential to life: coffee, vodka, cigarettes, chocolate, or…?

18. Environ of choice: city or country, and where on the map?
Doesn’t matter, polluted’s good.  It’s over.

19. What do you want to say to the leader of your country?
What leader?

20. Last but certainly not least, what are you working on, now?
Bringing it all back home.

~Dan – np: Sigur Rós Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

Aimee Mann / Nellie McKay

6th Oct 08 (Mon) 2 comments

Aimee Mann has a Daytrotter Session up now… four songs, in-studio for FREE

1) Freeway 2) Thirty One Today 3) Phoenix 4) Little Tornado

Past Daytrotter Sessions I’ve blogged about (and dug):


Nellie McKay has an Uncensored Interview session up…

Former Uncensored Interviews I’ve dug:

~Dan – np: MogwaiThe Hawk is Howling

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