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I less than three George Hrab

5th May 12 (Sat) Leave a comment

Podcaster George Hrab has been my favorite free entertainment for a LONG time.  Since late 2007 or so, when I got into his funny & insightful podcast called the Geologic Podcast, he’s been my favorite near-hour of entertainment that gets put out nearly every week.

An all around great chap, his latest podcast (#262) featured a few hilarious “old timey” songs performed by “Manfreedy Johnson and the Nineteens“…

No Cell Service

Web Browser


Subscribe to the Geologic Podcast on iTunes.

Beyond being a funny guy, a skeptic, and a thinker, he’s also a professional musician and has six full-length studio albums out (GO HERE to LISTEN).

~Dan – np: Kim TaylorI Feel Like A Fading Light


REVIEW: Adam Carolla @ Newmark Theatre (Portland, OR – 3/11/12)

12th Mar 12 (Mon) Leave a comment

Adam Carolla had a busy weekend.  The most recently fired celebrity on Donald Trump’s NBC Celebrity Apprentice, the former co-host of Loveline with Dr. Drew, the former co-host of The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel, and the #1 podcaster in the world (with the Guinness World Record to show for it) played Seattle on Friday night, Spokane on Saturday night, and Portland’s Newmark Theatre last night.

I don’t always agree with what he says.  He’s middle-of-the-road politically – not claiming alignment with any party.  He’s quite in favor of many good social issues (gay rights, sex education, women’s reproductive issues, etc), but he’s staunchly conservative on fiscal and immigration concerns.  But in all honesty, how many times do you agree with everything even your loved ones say?  While some people may have “something for everyone to like,” Adam may very well fit into having “something for everyone to hate” or at least “have issue with.”  Eh, I still fall into the “love camp”…

His sharp wit, funny stories and quirky-yet-still-grounded sense of humor make coming back to listen daily a treat.  His Monday to Friday daily podcast is one of my favorites and it quickly goes to the top of my queue (subscribe iTunes).  His ACE podcasting network is also growing and excellent things abound: Penn Jillette’s PennSundaySchool, Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend (the funny & charming news gal), Ace on the House (home improvement), CarCast (I’m not even a gear junkie, but this is a fascinating show), et cetera… all great!

I thought comedian/songwriter Josh Gardner was to open the show.  However, they played the title track to Mr. Stinkfinger via laptop and then Adam came out.  Josh’s comedy albums are available now… Mr Stinkfinger EP and Winter Bush:

Adam’s stand-up shows are basically 90-minutes.  They are sometimes free form, but this one seemed a little more planned, with a little thrown in as far as what happened to him this past weekend.

He walked out with an oatmeal cookie… with dried cranberries in it.  This opened up into a rant about the adding shit to shit and why we keep fucking good things up.  Next on his complain list was “Spring Forward,” and he went through a funny USA Today bit about what people would do with their extra hour (back in the fall).

He got off complaining for a bit to talk about a Leno show appearance with Queen Latifah.  She had been going on about “limin’,” which apparently is what they call “chillin'” in the Caribbean.  Adam’s bit after her was about children’s toys at Christmas, and how you need lineman dykes to cut the toys out of their boxes.  Apparently people got in a huff because they thought he was calling “Queen” a “limin’ dyke.”  Ah, good times.

Up next, a little bit about his NBC Celebrity Apprentice experience with a few clips from last night’s show (where he got fired).  Apparently Buick didn’t like his jokes.  Oh well… now once Penn Jillette gets fired, I can quit watching that rubbish.

Next he played a cartoon rendition of “Gay Eyes,” a made up movie that Adam worked up during a 2009 podcast with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.  I can’t find the cartoon-version on line anywhere, but I remember hearing it when it went down.  Here is the audio.

The next 45 minutes… what Adam is known for… more complaining.  No “what can’t Adam complain about” requests from the audience, but some pre-loaded hyper vigilance rants that hit on many topics: tagging the landscape in Los Angeles, buttons on car keys, shower handles in hotels, key cards in hotels, toys under sofas, custom shoes, WC Field’s smoking & drinking poster in the doctor’s office, L.A. ice cream truck, recumbent cyclists, Click-It or Ticket, auto flush toilets, the L.A. “river,” rescue dogs, and how Mexicans grieve.

He ended the show with a stroll through memory lane via his Social Security Statement.  From an astonishing $1k to $9k/year of earnings for most of the 80s to stardom in the mid 90s.  His “money can’t buy you happiness” was a nice, uplifting non-rant about applying yourself to work towards doing what you want to do.

Some of his stories were ones we’d heard before via the podcast or radio show… he was playing to his audience; so it was all good.  Adam is a busy guy… ever turning logs in the fire.  Keep up to date with him via the links below… and by all means, if you like to listen to podcasts, make room in your queue for what I consider to be one of the best / funniest ones out there.

The Appropriate Linkage:

Next show for me… Maynard James Keenan’s PUSCIFER on 3/14 in Portland.

~Dan – np: John ZornIAO: Music in Sacred Light

Nellie McKay on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts

5th Apr 11 (Tue) Leave a comment

Jónsi 9:30 Club performance download (NPR)

17th Nov 10 (Wed) Leave a comment

Geez’l Petes… it’s a booster day over at NPR for music that I like… All Songs Considered podcast of Jónsi‘s Washington D.C. 9:30 Club performance now posted…

(photo from Portland 4/13/2010 show)
Listen / Download 9:30 Club show from NPR

You all should just go on and subscribe to the All Songs Considered / Live Concerts podcast while you’re at it.

~Dan – np: Ennio MorriconeCrime and Dissonance

Glen Phillips on Adam Carolla podcast

17th Sep 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

Glen Phillips, lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket, made an appearance on the crude but hilarious Adam Carolla podcast… here’s the teaser video:

Here’s the podcast link (or subscribe in iTunes).

I haven’t listened yet, but I’m a big fan of both Glen and Adam… and it is bound to be interesting nonetheless.

~Dan – np: MassacreFunny Valentine

Yoshie Fruchter of Pitom on Klezmer podcast

30th Apr 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

The latest Klezmer Podcast features an interview and tune from Yoshie Fruchter, front man for Judaic rock band PitomThe Pitom debut (2008) is one of my favorites from Tzadik‘s Radical Jewish Culture series… one of the rare rock bands in the John Zorn Jewish musical revolution…

Listen to the podcast HERE, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (free).

Check out Yoshie Fruchter‘s Pitom:

Find the Klezmer Podcast on the web, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

~Dan – np: Michael KelseyGruvency

Clogs & Shara Worden on WNYC

24th Mar 10 (Wed) Leave a comment

Clogs with Shara Worden (aka My Brightest Diamond) hit the WNYC studio.  The WNYC Soundcheck podcast (from March 23, 2010) features interviews with Clogs’ Padma Newsome and Bryce Dessner (also of The National), and songs with Shara Worden on vocals.  You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes (for free).

The new album, The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, is out now.  Click the picture for Amazon options

the clogs

~Dan – np: Dave Holland OctetPathways

no free download torrent or mp3 here… if you like music, buy it!

Twitter Concerto #1

25th Oct 09 (Sun) 2 comments

George Hrab puts out the best almost hour of new content each week via his Geologic Podcast.  As of late, he also tweets roughly 10 jokes a day, too (amidst working on his 6th studio album, Trebuchet).  His tweets are usually quite punny… which means… awesome!

Some of my starred feeds from him:

  • Owls make great census workers.
  • I wonder how frogs describe it to each other when they hear someone died.
  • If Al Green where Indonesian, I think he should have sung “Let’s Satay Together.”
  • Both Philip and Ira’s faces momentarily lit up when they saw the sign for “Glass Blowing.”
  • When I was your age my idea of X-Box was what I used for break dancing.
  • You ever hear the one about the Eskimo who didn’t like making igloos?  He just wasn’t that Inuit.
  • I would love to watch Frank Gehry and I.M. Pei play Jenga.
  • Chunky peanut butter: appealing. Chunky regular butter: not so much.
  • Personally, I’d rather think outside the envelope and push the box.

Well, Geologic Podcast #137 (link) has a special feature where it mostly consists of the Twitter Concerto #1 – his reading of some of his tweets over some improv music.  It’s funny.  (Warning: not for kids – there is some dirty language).

George Hrab – Geologic Podcast #137 (Twitter Concerto #1)

~Dan – np: Flight of the ConchordsI Told You I Was Freaky

The Bad Veins – CD release, Daytrotter & WOXY sessions, U.S. Tour…

23rd Jul 09 (Thu) Leave a comment

News from Cincinnati indie-rock duo Bad Veins(1) debut CD out now, (2) WOXY in-studio session posted on Tuesday, (3) 2nd Daytrotter session posted yesterday, and (4) they’re hitting the road (including PORTLAND!!!)…

First… their long-awaited debut CD is finally out.  It was released on Tuesday (7/20/09) on Dangerbird Records.  It’s on iTunes, Amazon, your local indie record store, and Bad Veins’ shows.

SecondWOXY‘s great podcast… go subscribe now (iTunes / other podcatchers)!!!  They have great indie rock acts (Wussy being another fave).  They have a 26-minute in-studio session of Bad Veins…

Third… the few websites that aren’t RSS feed-able that made it to my “must check every day” list… Daytrotter is great, and they’ve hit us again with a live in the studio session with Bad Veins…

Go here for the free music:

1) Gold and Warm 2) Afraid 3) The Ending 4) Go Home
A bunch of interview vlogs on Uncensored Interviews

Past Daytrotter Sessions I’ve blogged about and dug (links and free music not guaranteed on  these old blogs): Nellie McKay, Clare and the Reasons, My Brightest Diamond #2, Damien Jurado, Talkdemonic, Aimee Mann, Ani DiFranco, Bad Veins #1, Kaki King, Holy Fuck… and David Bazan, My Brightest Diamond, Erin McKeown.

FourthTOUR!!! Dates as follows (as of now per Pollstar):

  • Fri 07/24/09 Cincinnati, OH – Fountain Square
  • Fri 07/31/09 Chicago, IL – Abbey Pub
  • Sat 08/01/09 Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot
  • Sun 08/02/09 Toronto, ON – El Mocambo
  • Tue 08/04/09 Danbury, CT – Heirloom Arts Theatre
  • Wed 08/05/09 Philadelphia, PA – North Star Bar
  • Thu 08/06/09 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
  • Fri 08/07/09 Pittsburgh, PA – Garfield Artworks
  • Sat 08/08/09 Newport, KY – Southgate House
  • Sun 08/09/09 Iowa City, IA – The Picador
  • Fri 08/28/09 Austin, TX – Emo’s Indoor Stage
  • Sat 08/29/09 Dallas, TX – The Cavern
  • Mon 08/31/09 Phoenix, AZ – Modified
  • Tue 09/01/09 San Diego, CA – The Casbah
  • Wed 09/02/09 Los Angeles, CA – Spaceland
  • Thu 09/03/09 Costa Mesa, CA – Detroit Bar
  • Fri 09/04/09 San Francisco, CA – Cafe Du Nord
  • Sat 09/05/09 San Jose, CA – Nickel City
  • Tue 09/08/09 Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
  • Sat 09/12/09 Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court
  • Sun 09/13/09 Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
  • Mon 09/14/09 Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
  • Tue 09/15/09 Chicago, IL – Subterranean

I am soooooooo there.

~Dan – np: Bad Veins – WOXY sessions 7/20/09

Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

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Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy released Spirit Moves earlier this year, and it is fantastic… one of the best releases of the year so far.  It’s out now on Greenleaf Music (Dave’s label).

Well, yesterday (7/20), their recent Tiny Desk Concert (a great feature on NPR) was posted as streaming video and as part of the NPR: Live Concerts from All Songs Considered Podcast.  From the article… Afterward, I heard a colleague who works elsewhere in the building rave, “I don’t know anything about jazz, but that was amazing!” See, the mere mention of jazz may scare off many, but when you see experts performing as ebulliently as these folks did, it’s hard to remain unmoved.

Click for Streaming on NPR’s site

Click the picture or hotlink above for streaming video on NPR’s site, or search for “NPR: Live Concerts from All Songs Considered” podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Setlist (17:54)

  • “Spirit Moves” (Douglas)
  • “This Love Affair” (Wainwright)
  • “Twilight of the Dogs” (Douglas)


  • Dave Douglas, trumpet
  • Luis Bonilla, trombone
  • Vincent Chancey, French horn
  • Marcus Rojas, tuba
  • Nasheet Waits, drums

~Dan – np: Jónsi & AlexRiceboy Sleeps

Isis, Geo 100, and a Secret DVD

24th Jan 09 (Sat) Leave a comment

A trio of music news about Isis, George Hrab, and the Secret Chiefs 3…

As foretold in Pitchfork, post-metal band Isis is due out with their follow-up to the amazingly great In the Absence of Truth (2006) on May 5th on Ipecac Recordings.  The release is April 21 for the special edition vinyl.  Wavering Point is their 5th full-length album, and it features TOOL guitarist Adam Jones on a coupe of songs.  The blurb in Pitchfork cracked me up…

And this is just a wild guess, but I’m thinking most of the songs will start out really quiet and pretty and they they’ll get epically loud and crunchy and they’ll last for about eight minutes. Call me crazy.

…because it’s true.


George Hrab‘s Geologic Podcast (i.e.- the best free thing on the internets) just turned 100.  With one every week (give or take), that’s roughly 2 solid years of putting out an almost album’s worth of comedy and musical goodness every stinkin’ week!?  Check him out:

Oh, and he’s working on album #6… which is oh so nice


And according to the prophecies and the motto of “screen shot or it didn’t happen,” I present you with this gem of “based on their track record, it probably won’t actually come out on time“… the Secret Chiefs 3 have a live DVD coming out in “March” on Web of Mimicry:


We shall see…

~Dan – np: Baby AnimalsShaved and Dangerous

Monty’s Rockcast / Palin Debate Flowchart & Duck Hunt / Holy Fuck on CBC Radio Q

4th Oct 08 (Sat) 1 comment

Well, three unrelated topics… Monty Colvin’s podcast, the VP debate, and Holy Fuck on CBC Radio Q…

Monty Colvin, bassist/ songwriter/ backing singer from Galactic Cowboys and multi-instrumentalist/ lead vocals/ songwriter from Crunchy, has a podcast.  If you’re a fan of Galactic Cowboys (GC), King’s X, or guys who say “um” and “stuff” a lot… check it out.  As a big GC fan, episode #2 was really good… great insights to the making of the self-titled debut.  He’s only up to episode #3, but I look forward to more Rockcasts.  Keep it up, Monty!

“And a great podcast fell upon the ground… hmmm…”
-Wylde Silas Tomkyn

Subscribe here: itpc://
Check out his webpage


Speaking of podcasts (ok, I guess they were related topics), I just got through the 10/2/08 Vice Presidential Debate on my iPod (I wasn’t around to watch the debate) between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

Well, all I can say it… “you betcha” is starting to sound like a bad cartoon catch phrase, Sarah.

So, Dick Cheney‘s only bad decision was shooting his friend in the face?  That’s what she said. Really, Sarah Palin?


No… really?

Sigh… I just hope this doesn’t turn out poorly… for us all… not just “Joe Sixpack and Hockey Moms.”


OK, back to something that cheers me up… because as much as I like to hear my politicians mispronounce “nuclear” (it’s not new-cue-lar), I like hearing post-rock, organic-electronic band Holy Fuck MUCH MORE… they play “Lovely Allen” and “Royal Gregory” on Canada’s CBC Radio Q hosted by Jian Ghomeshi.

The CBC Radio Q podcast is located HERE (the 10/3/08 show is one with Holy Fuck playing live — they’ve been interviewed on it before, but as far as I know, not playing live).

Bleh… sorry for my run-on, parenthetical sentence (as I like to do)… the podcast link is HERE (iTunes link) or HERE (CBC web mp3-link).

~Dan – np: TalkdemonicEyes at Half Mast

If you missed it…

27th Sep 08 (Sat) 1 comment

The 2008 Presidential Debate(s) are (will be) available for download as a CBS podcast HERE (via iTunes).  For non-iTunes people… well, I’m sure it’s out there elsewhere.


PS- Rest in peace, Paul Newman.  I love your spaghetti sauces and your daughter’s cookies (literally, not euphemistically).

more Nellie McKay

27th Jul 08 (Sun) 1 comment

Here’s a video from TEDtalks with Nellie McKay singing “Mother of Pearl” and “If I Only Had You”……

You can also download the video and audio.  Check the links in that page (multiple file formats, plus podcast links).  The audio version is over 19-minutes and includes more content

  1. The In Crowd  (a serious song in a cute voice)
  2. Dog Song
  3. Mother of Pearl
  4. If I Only Had You
  5. “Goodbye”   (guessing on title)
  6. Clonie
~Dan – np: Orange Tulip ConspiracyOrange Tulip Conspiracy

pulling hrabbits out of hrats

7th Jul 08 (Mon) 2 comments

No, this isn’t about magicians pulling rabbits out of hats… or scientists (pulling habits out of rats?). This post is all about Mr. George Hrab (aka “Geo”).

I found Geo’s podcast last October. It quickly shot up to being one of my favorite podcasts, then I got his CDs from CDBaby (ICDBaby), and I loved his music even more. He’s got a love for Frank Zappa and the Talking Heads, interesting fauna, science, skepticism (of woo-woo and other things), big band arrangements, great drumming, humor in music, seriousness in music, constant learning / teaching (reading through his liners, that’s apparent), and maintaining all around professionalism as a musician. He has his own music plus he drums (& conducts the bidness end of things) for the Philadelphia Funk Authority.

Anyway, via his podcasts, he puts out about an album’s worth of comedy & rockin’ gold every weekfor free. Every Thursday morning, it’s on my “must listen now” rotation, no matter how big my backlog of other podcasts may be.

Geo’s Podcast RSS:

Geo’s Podcast on iTunes (FYI… podcasts are free):

Geo’s also a big dork. I say that in the good way. He recently wrapped up his “Occasional Songs for the Periodic Table” songs… 118 elements… 75 minutes (or so). Some great stuff… the songs / the lyrics

His CDs are great… and his packaging on them is superb. He puts a lot of thought into the unique way that he packages each one. From the sprawling art of Minutæ, the tin case and prescription look and feel of Vitriol, the textbook / field study guide arrangement of Coelacanth, and the sleek dualism of Interrobang?!.

A clever, Brady Bunch-ish video for “The Assumption” from Interrobang?! “The Assumption” is sort of indicative of his pop music side, but he also gets funky, rocky, proggy, instrumental and vocal songs, et cetera on his records.

Sample some of his other songs on iTunes or CDBaby (samples in both venues). Some of my favs from each album…

[sic] (1996) “[sic]” (#10)
Minutiæ (1999) “Minutiæ (Sheer Brick AM)” (#12)
Vitriol (2001) “Monkey Hip Dysplasia” (#1)
Coelacanth (2003) “The Coelacanth Sighs” (#8 )
Interrobang?! (2006) “Who Dogs the Outlet” (#12)

His book, called Non-Coloring Book, is compiled from blog posts, podcast bits, and additional new material is also quite funny. I got it on via the PDF version for only $3.95. It’s also available as a physical book (for slightly more).

Anyway, this is my “I love George Hrab” post. Soon, you’ll write your own “I love George Hrab” post, I’m sure. (his record company)
(his podcast)
(his blog) (his funk band)

enzi savant ian,
~Dan – np:
Stan GetzBig Band Bossa Nova

.: daehoida®adiohead is a dumb palindrome :.

3rd Feb 08 (Sun) Leave a comment

Originally posted 10/13/07~ (update at bottom)

Well, I’ve made it through four (4) times listening to Radiohead‘s new magnum gratis, In Rainbows.  Be forewarned before reading this review that I’m in the “raving fanboy” camp.  Perhaps not one who woke up at 2am on 10/10/07 to download it and listen to it 33.8 times in the first 24 hours… but I have loved mostly everything Yorke+Greenwood²+Selway+O’Brien have put out.  I will admit that I haven’t listened to Radiohead’s other stuff in a while (alas, perhaps I’m only a mild fanboy), but I have driven 10+ hours roundtrip to see them live.  The fact that I bothered to calculate how many times you could fease listening to it in a 24-hour period might show signs of mental instability.  And I’m a silly goose who bought the physical product of the album that they gave out as an mp3 for free.  (Well, the 2nd disk and the vinyl-side of things made it a no-brainer.)

Anyway, here’s my track-by-track thoughts… personal favorites are underlined:

1) 15 Step: Starts with a fun electronic drum loop not unlike the Kid A/Amnesiac era.  They also seem to be back into some guitar soundscaping, which is a welcome return.  This is a great lead-off track, and one of my favs on the record.

2) Bodysnatchers: A guitar rock song… fairly straight forward, but with some great sounds bouncing around.  It’s what Radiohead’s known for… fairly dense music backdrop for Thom’s oft-whiney voice.

3) Nude: This song is ancient… at least from a Radiohead fan’s perspective.  It’s formerly know as “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any).”  I have it on a b-sides/live compilation I made back in 2001/2002.  Slow and moving, aurally pleasing.  To me, it really shows off that Thom does have some singing chops, no matter what the detracters think (SC, I’m talking to you).

4) Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: The “Arpeggi” part of this was played out in their 2006 summer tour.  The song has nice musical momentum… maybe from whence the “arpeggi” naming came.  Isn’t the plural of fish just fish?

5) All I Need: It opens with slowly bowed-instrument sounds… maybe a cello or even a bowed-guitar (who knows).  Drums and droning keys kick in right as Thom begins to sing this melancholic ballad.  I really love this song.  Maybe my favorite of the lot.  I love frenetic Radiohead (“Packt Like Sardines…”), but I also love these tunes that downplay the rock aspect of the band.  Another tune that shows that Thom can sing.

6) Faust Arp: This is really the only song on In Rainbows that I don’t. really. like.  It just seems too derivative of something from Hail to the Thief.  Plus I just don’t think the über-rhyminess works for me.  The clean acoustic guitar and strings near the end are pleasant, though.  I just don’t think they save the song for me overall.

7) Reckoner:  Another old song like “Nude”… and a welcome old friend.  Falsetto and Thom mixtures sometimes cause panic.  This time, I think it works well.  Maybe not Jude Christodal-falsetto level of “works well,” but pleasant and fitting nonetheless.

8) House of Cards: I’m running out of ways to character sounds… and how I feel about the song.  It’s another more standard slower song.  Nice “wet” sounding on some of the drums… or perhaps vacuous/hollow/distant sounding in spots rather than wet.

9) Jigsaw Falling Into Place: Another favorite track.  I really love is the driving opening.  This song really epitomizes a Radiohead rock song.

10) Videotape: A droning/rattling way to end the album… I can hear Thom’s grandkids in 2040 asking him “what’s a videotape?”

Overall: Raving fanboy notwithstanding… well, I love this record.  It’s got some of the electronic noise element of Kid A that I love so much.  It’s also got some great songs that would fit in with OKC/Amnesiac/HTTT-era Radiohead.  I think it’ll grow on me quite well.  I’m also really looking forward to the 2nd disc in December… it’s got some great tunes scheduled: Last Flowers, Bangers and Mash, Down is the New Up, and 4 Minute Warning.

To get this record yourself… go to You can get the entire album for as little as 0.45£ (ie- about $1USD)… legally.  You can also pay more… it’s available for free (the 0.45£ is basically to cover server bandwidth, I gather) or whatever you feel it is worth to you.  Most people that I’ve heard from are paying anywhere from $4 to $8 (or so)… which if you think of it, is probably similar (or even a better payout) to what Radiohead would have gotten under a major label contract.  It’s an interesting smack in the face to the major labels.  And for that (and the good music), I applaud the Radiohead gents.

-np: christian mcbridenumber two express

2/3/08~ (update)
The (free) Radiohead In Rainbows video podcast
is pert good (get there by searching on iTunes).  I’m about halfway through the (currently available) 10 videos.  My favorite so far is “Jigsaw Falling Into Place (thumbs_down version)” which has the gents all wearing helmet cams while playing.  Thom and Ed have the best movement.  Jonny looks like an alien most times.  Phil’s just trying to play drums while wearing gear on his head (bless him).  Collin rounds out the cast as the boringest .  Alas, a good watch.  And FREE. :)

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