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George Hrab :: Trebuchet

21st Jun 10 (Mon) Leave a comment

George Hrab‘s 6th album, Trebuchet, is now officially out.  It’s available in its entirety on his podcast feed (actually many science & skeptical thinking podcasts’ feeds)…

Geologic Podcast #170 (the whole album)

Buy the physical CD or mp3 from CDBaby.  It’s also available on iTunes, but I think CDBaby is a better company, in the long run.  Support indie music!

~Dan – np: Pink MartiniSympathique

Twitter Concerto #1

25th Oct 09 (Sun) 2 comments

George Hrab puts out the best almost hour of new content each week via his Geologic Podcast.  As of late, he also tweets roughly 10 jokes a day, too (amidst working on his 6th studio album, Trebuchet).  His tweets are usually quite punny… which means… awesome!

Some of my starred feeds from him:

  • Owls make great census workers.
  • I wonder how frogs describe it to each other when they hear someone died.
  • If Al Green where Indonesian, I think he should have sung “Let’s Satay Together.”
  • Both Philip and Ira’s faces momentarily lit up when they saw the sign for “Glass Blowing.”
  • When I was your age my idea of X-Box was what I used for break dancing.
  • You ever hear the one about the Eskimo who didn’t like making igloos?  He just wasn’t that Inuit.
  • I would love to watch Frank Gehry and I.M. Pei play Jenga.
  • Chunky peanut butter: appealing. Chunky regular butter: not so much.
  • Personally, I’d rather think outside the envelope and push the box.

Well, Geologic Podcast #137 (link) has a special feature where it mostly consists of the Twitter Concerto #1 – his reading of some of his tweets over some improv music.  It’s funny.  (Warning: not for kids – there is some dirty language).

George Hrab – Geologic Podcast #137 (Twitter Concerto #1)

~Dan – np: Flight of the ConchordsI Told You I Was Freaky

Geo Album #6

2nd May 09 (Sat) 2 comments

Mr. George Hrab has announced the name for his upcoming 6th studio album… Trebuchet.  Take a glimpse at possibly a teaser for the artwork (below).  I say possibly, as this e-postcard of sorts is the first inkling of images / names for the album.

The Many Geo Links~

Geo’s webpage:

His podcast:

His blog:

Geo on Facebook:

His Facebook “Fan Page”:

Geo’s MySpace:

Philly Funk Authority’s MySpace:

Info about TAM 7 (Las Vegas July 2009):
it’s a skeptical / critical thinking meeting

Anyway, I’m stoked for album #6.  Geo puts out some great content each week in his podcast, and his albums are like little packets of goodness.

(click for larger)

~Dan – np: CelldwellerShapeshifter

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