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Zappy Mothers Day 2011 – Penguin In Bondage EP

11th May 11 (Wed) Leave a comment

Released over the weekend to celebrate “Mothers of Invention Day”… Penguin In Bondage: The Little Known History of the Mothers of Invention by Frank Zappa:

The fine print…

Written and Performed by Frank Zappa with the Mothers of Invention
Recorded at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois at the stroke of midnight on the Day of
The Mothers, 10 May 1974


FZ: Guitar, Vocals
George Duke: Keys, Vocals
Jeff Simmons: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock: BG Vocals, Sax
Don Preston: Synthesizer
Bruce Fowler: Trombone
Walt Fowler: Trumpet
Tom Fowler: Bass
Ralph Humphrey: Drums
Chester Thompson: Drums

4 Track 1/2″ analog tape – Edit Master by Frank Zappa
Mix by Jared Lee Gosselin, UMRK, May 2011
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers, UMRK, April 2011
Original tape transfer to WAV through Euphonix converters to Nuendo at 96K 24B via ATR 4-Tk plus
edit in gtr solo at reel change & the fade over and out by Vaultmeister.

Executrix & Art Concept by – GZ
Renderment & Photoshoppage by Mike Mesker
Production Management by Melanie Starks
Shoppage by Susan Ledgerwood & Antonio
Lower case opinions by gz, jt & kurt morgan

©(P) 2011 Zappa Records
PIBTLKSOTMOI by FZ & published for the cosmos by Munchkin Music.

It’s a 26-minute single track, available for digital download on the iTunes store for $6.99.  iTunes is linked directly from, and I don’t see it on Amazon or other digital etailers (yet).

~Dan – np: Bobby PreviteMusic of the Moscow Circus


Jónsi – Live at the Wiltern (live audio & video), plus more music news…

1st Feb 11 (Tue) Leave a comment

Sigur Rós front man Jónsi just announced his new concert film jónsi live at the wiltern is available to buy now via iTunes (usa and canada only).  Here’s the trailer…

Get the AUDIO // Get the VIDEO

jónsi live at the wiltern was directed by dean deblois, (the director of the oscar nominated film how to train your dragon and the sigur rós film heima). the footage – recorded at los angeles’ wiltern theater – was first aired on npr on sunday october 17, 2010 and it marked the first ever live video webcast of a concert for the public radio organisation. filmed towards the end of jónsi’s extensive world tour in support of his solo album ‘go’, the film captures the live show at the late stage when the set and visuals were at their finest. this digital release is available exclusively on itunes.

Other news…

  • Tres Mountains (side project from Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam & dUg Pinnick of King’s X) is now up for pre-order.  It comes out March 14th.  Go HERE for more info on pre-order.
  • Carla Kihlstedt & Mattias Bossi‘s new album, Still You Lay Dreaming: Tales for the Stage II, also came out today.  It is digital only… and knowing Carla’s chamber indie-rock magic, it’ll be great (it’s in my e-shopping cart now).

My Nels Cline Singers‘ Portland show (1/30) review & photo editing being worked on now… I’ll post it by morning (sorry for the delay).

~Dan – np: Ken AndrewsSecrets of the Lost Satellite

Celldweller – Cellout EP 01

25th Jan 11 (Tue) Leave a comment

New music from Celldweller hits iTunes exclusively today…

Cellout EP 01 features 3 studio versions of songs taken from the Celldweller live show.

  1. Own Little World (Klayton’s We Will Never Die Remix)
  2. Frozen (Celldweller vs. Blue Stahli)
  3. The Best It’s Gonna Get vs. Tainted

Go here for Celldweller on iTunes!

~Dan – np: Mourning WidowsMourning Widows

FZ was here.

21st Dec 10 (Tue) Leave a comment

Thanks, Frank! Happy Birthday!

Check out the new for 2010 Aaafnraaaa birthday bundle on iTunes… it features new covers from Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa, as well as a hip-hop “Willie the Pimp” (with DMC, Talib Kweli & others) and a cover of “Your Mouth” by Macy Gray.  More, too… I just haven’t had a chance to download & listen to it yet (soon, though).

~Dan – np: Kevin MooreShine

Good :) & Bad :(

9th Dec 09 (Wed) Leave a comment

First, the good newsBrian Borcherdt of one of my favorite groups (HOLY FUCK) just released his solo album, Torches (along with the Ward Colorado demos).  It’s available for free download over on his website… and if you like it, you can (and should) buy the CD or vinyl.  Get the free album by going to his site (click the album cover below):

(click it and download the music free)


And now the (probably) bad newsApple bought Lala.  OK, it may turn out for the best… but I really dug Lala when it started out as a CD sharing service (you mail off CDs you don’t want, get CDs you do want from others).  It’s been a while since my peak use with them (I’ve run out of stuff to send), and they changed their focus away from CD swap to streaming about a year or more ago.

Anyway, I like Apple, I like Lala… but I dread what the acquisition will mean.  I mean, pretty soon, are we gonna have to log-in to our iTuMyFaceChaseTube to check the video upload of our bank account’s status update with a free music download?

I just hope my indie bastion of hope, CD Baby, doesn’t get swallowed up by Apple or Amazon or Goodyear or Olive Garden… that would be a sad day for sure.

~Dan – np: CelldwellerWish Upon a Blackstar Ch 2

Nellie McKay is adorable

14th Oct 09 (Wed) Leave a comment

As Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin would say… Nellie McKay‘s latest is frickin’ sweet.  It came out on Tuesday (10/13/09), and its 13 tracks are great!  You can hear a glimpse streaming over at  Here’s a promo “making of” video (click picture):

Normal As Blueberry Pie is Nellie’s Doris Day tribute album with the quite cute album cover.  You can also get some cute (and quite campy) wallpapers over on her official page:

Slight gripes… I bought it on CD & vinyl and then found out that Barnes & Noble’s version of the CD has a bonus track (“I Want to Be Happy“) and the album only version on iTunes had a different bonus track (“I’ll Never Smile Again“).  Eff me!  I hate you, big label Universal Music Group (you suck)!

~Dan – np: Alice in ChainsBlack Gives Way to Blue

Nellie McKay in China (old but new) & 5th Zappa beer (soon)

12th Jan 09 (Mon) 6 comments

There are some new-old (or old-new?) Nellie McKay songs on iTunes.  Four songs from the never released Live from the Great Wall of China concert that Nellie was involved in back in Sept 2004…

(photo by eatsdirt)

Songs: Dog Song, Manhattan Avenue, I Wanna Get Married, Really

Each song is its “own album” for $0.99.  Odd iTunes categorization, but great performances by Nellie.  Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men, and Cyndi Lauper also performed at the original concert (wacky line-up indeed).  Only Boyz II Men have songs up on iTunes outside of Nellie (as of now).  There is video footage of this concert that was intended for a DVD release a while ago, but as far as I know it never got released due to issues with the Chinese government.

No, I made that up.  It is Bruce Jenner’s fault, not the Chinese government’s fault.  Or maybe Bruce Banner?


Unrelated… the 5th Frank Zappa beer made by Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma, CA) will be a Cruisin’ with Ruben & the Jets ale.  Meh, it’s one of my least favorite FZ albums… but I’m a beer drinker and a Frank Zappa collector.

Someone is selling one on eBay now… my local beer shop (the Bier Stein, Eugene Oregon) doesn’t have it yet, but expects it soon.

Ya Hozna!

~Dan – np: Tori AmosThe Beekeeper

Diva Zappa

27th Dec 08 (Sat) 2 comments

Diva Zappa‘s contributions to the recent aaafnraaa birthday bundle digital release on Frank’s 68th birthday are excellent… very quirky, she’s very much a Zappa offspring.  It’s on iTunes.  The whole album’s worth owning, especially for a Zappa fan.  Diva’s tracks are “Alice” (my fave) and “Espanoza.”  Melanie Starks take on “Dumb All Over” is another gem… of course, I’m quite fond of the lyrics to that one…

The tracklist for the album:

  1. Dancin’ Fool (Disco Version) by Frank Zappa
  2. More Trouble Every Day by FZ
  3. Gorgeous Inca by FZ
  4. Ancient Armaments by FZ
  5. America The Beautiful by FZ
  6. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch by Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa
  7. Saturday Girl by Dweezil
  8. Alice by Diva Zappa
  9. Espanoza by Diva
  10. Dumb All Over by Melanie Starks
  11. Twenty Small Cigars by Joe Travers
  12. Lacksadaisial by Joe Travers
  13. Dirty Love by Cree Summer (Dweezil & Ahmet)

~Dan – np: the aforementioned aaafnraaa

PS-aaafnraaa” stands for “anything anytime anywhere for no reason at all again,” a motto of Frank’s.

PPS– Fave Instrumental Albums of 2008 to be posted Monday AM (for those who care).

Opeth “Burden” single

9th Dec 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

Opeth released an internet-only single today for “Burden” (from the Watershed album).  Sigh… where has the metal gone?  Anyway, this single is definitely more in the non-metal / Damnation-era style – – which is fine, I suppose.  I only bought the b-sides: “Mellotron Heart” and a cover of Alice in Chains‘ “Would?

Mellotron Heart” is a reworking of their first single, “Porcelain Heart,” but on mellotron and mini-moog.  It’s pleasant, but mellower than the original – – which was mellow to start.

The cover of “Would?” is a surprisingly true to the original version of the Alice in Chains hit.  From Opeth, I think I expected more re-working for a cover version.  No offense, Mikael, but if I wanted to listen to a straight-up version of “Would?,” I’d put on Alice in Chains’ Dirt.

They should have made this the cover art…

Anyway, the “Burden” single can be obtained from the iTunes or (I’m sure) other music retailers on the Intertubes.

Also out on iTunes today (which I haven’t vouched for yet)… a new one from Kevin Max, a many artist collaboration called “Price of Silence” with Jurassic 5’s Chali 2Na (I’m sure other big names, too – – I just heard of it from his MySpace bulletin), and the new DM Stith album (he’s done some great work with My Brightest Diamond, Sufjan Stevens, and other Asthmatic Kitty artists).

~Dan – np: BeckOdelay (deluxe edition)

Ani DiFranco’s iTunes Originals session

18th Nov 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

Ani DiFranco unexpectedly showed up in my weekly iTunes email this morning.  I love the iTunes Originals series… it’s a good mix of interviews, album tracks, and in-studio iTunes exclusives.  Well, Ani’s got one out as of today (11/18/08).

$9.99 for 24 tracks (includes interviews).  Just do a search for “Ani DiFranco iTunes originals” in… um… iTunes… duh!  I’d post a direct link, but apparently those are local drive-specific.


If you missed it…

27th Sep 08 (Sat) 1 comment

The 2008 Presidential Debate(s) are (will be) available for download as a CBS podcast HERE (via iTunes).  For non-iTunes people… well, I’m sure it’s out there elsewhere.


PS- Rest in peace, Paul Newman.  I love your spaghetti sauces and your daughter’s cookies (literally, not euphemistically).

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