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anyway the wind blows is fine with me

6th Feb 09 (Fri) 14 comments

Anyway the wind blows
it don’t matter to me

A continuation from this post 6+ months ago… Lagunitas Brewery’s Frank Zappa beer #5… is in my hands (but not quite my mouf yet)…

Behold, the Cruisin’ with Ruben and the Jets Ale*… a tribute to the 40 year anniv of the album of the same name.  It’s probably my least favorite Zappa album, but Hot Rats followed shortly (and that one is superb).  *– as noted in the Brewed for Thought blog about this beer, he had this as a chocolate pepper stout.  My version is an ale.  I’m disappointed as the chocolate pepper stouts sounds fantastic, but I think I’ll live.

Update: it is a Chocolate Pepper Stout… I wonder why the label says “ale” in several places and “stout” is nowhere to be found.

Picture provided by Brewed for Thought, as I’m lazy and it’s busy season for me at work:

I’m looking forward to enjoying this on the weekend…

FZ beer 1 was Freak Out! Ale
FZ beer 2 was Kill Ugly Radio Ale (aka for the album Absolutely Free)
FZ beer 3 was Lumpy Gravy Ale
FZ beer 4 was We’re Only In It for the Money Triple Ale

FZ beer #6 should be Uncle Meat, by my count… we shall see.

~Dan – np: Joey BaronWe’ll Soon Find Out


Nellie McKay in China (old but new) & 5th Zappa beer (soon)

12th Jan 09 (Mon) 6 comments

There are some new-old (or old-new?) Nellie McKay songs on iTunes.  Four songs from the never released Live from the Great Wall of China concert that Nellie was involved in back in Sept 2004…

(photo by eatsdirt)

Songs: Dog Song, Manhattan Avenue, I Wanna Get Married, Really

Each song is its “own album” for $0.99.  Odd iTunes categorization, but great performances by Nellie.  Alicia Keys, Boyz II Men, and Cyndi Lauper also performed at the original concert (wacky line-up indeed).  Only Boyz II Men have songs up on iTunes outside of Nellie (as of now).  There is video footage of this concert that was intended for a DVD release a while ago, but as far as I know it never got released due to issues with the Chinese government.

No, I made that up.  It is Bruce Jenner’s fault, not the Chinese government’s fault.  Or maybe Bruce Banner?


Unrelated… the 5th Frank Zappa beer made by Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma, CA) will be a Cruisin’ with Ruben & the Jets ale.  Meh, it’s one of my least favorite FZ albums… but I’m a beer drinker and a Frank Zappa collector.

Someone is selling one on eBay now… my local beer shop (the Bier Stein, Eugene Oregon) doesn’t have it yet, but expects it soon.

Ya Hozna!

~Dan – np: Tori AmosThe Beekeeper

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