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anyway the wind blows is fine with me

6th Feb 09 (Fri) Leave a comment Go to comments

Anyway the wind blows
it don’t matter to me

A continuation from this post 6+ months ago… Lagunitas Brewery’s Frank Zappa beer #5… is in my hands (but not quite my mouf yet)…

Behold, the Cruisin’ with Ruben and the Jets Ale*… a tribute to the 40 year anniv of the album of the same name.  It’s probably my least favorite Zappa album, but Hot Rats followed shortly (and that one is superb).  *– as noted in the Brewed for Thought blog about this beer, he had this as a chocolate pepper stout.  My version is an ale.  I’m disappointed as the chocolate pepper stouts sounds fantastic, but I think I’ll live.

Update: it is a Chocolate Pepper Stout… I wonder why the label says “ale” in several places and “stout” is nowhere to be found.

Picture provided by Brewed for Thought, as I’m lazy and it’s busy season for me at work:

I’m looking forward to enjoying this on the weekend…

FZ beer 1 was Freak Out! Ale
FZ beer 2 was Kill Ugly Radio Ale (aka for the album Absolutely Free)
FZ beer 3 was Lumpy Gravy Ale
FZ beer 4 was We’re Only In It for the Money Triple Ale

FZ beer #6 should be Uncle Meat, by my count… we shall see.

~Dan – np: Joey BaronWe’ll Soon Find Out

  1. 6th Feb 09 (Fri) at 8:55 am

    You got it right. Yours is a chocolate pepper stout. All of them are. Thanks for the link. It’s a great beer. I actually had one last night. Cheers.

    • 6th Feb 09 (Fri) at 12:06 pm

      hmmm… I wonder why it says “ale” on the bottle? Anyway, I’ll be cracking it open tonight. I hope you’re right. :)

  2. Nathan Ketchen
    6th Feb 09 (Fri) at 1:34 pm

    the picture looks like a stout. It’s force ale.

  3. 6th Feb 09 (Fri) at 2:25 pm

    yeah, I agree. We’ll see if my picture looks like a stout. If not a stout, I think I may have to post a picture just for proof. :)

  4. 7th Feb 09 (Sat) at 9:09 am

    PS- I’ve never heard the term “force ale”…

  5. Nathan Ketchen
    7th Feb 09 (Sat) at 3:19 pm

    I was being silly. If you say “force ale” fast enough, it sounds like “for sale”.

  6. 7th Feb 09 (Sat) at 4:56 pm

    haha… I thought it was some way to make stouts… by force brewing ales or something :)

  7. 8th Feb 09 (Sun) at 12:57 pm

    You know, I meant to post this before, but wasn’t Zappa sort of anti-booze and drugs? Not that beer is generally a mainstay of alcoholic musicians, but I always thought he was pretty outspoken on it…seems a little weird. But I could be wrong, I know a lot about the guy’s music but not that much about the rest of him.

    • 8th Feb 09 (Sun) at 1:01 pm

      I think he was fairly anti-drug on a personal level, but didn’t mind others use… unless it got in the way of their music (as they were hired hands for him). I think he’d fired bandmates in the past on drug-related misconduct. As far as anti-booze, I honestly don’t know. I know only snippets of his non-music bio (and trying to keep up on a Zappa forum is not something I care to do). I know these Lagunitas beers are officially endorsed by the Zappa Family Trust; so if Frank was anti-beer, I doubt these would be officially out there…

  8. 9th Feb 09 (Mon) at 12:18 pm

    Maybe, but Gail is also kind of a bitch when it comes for Frank’s legacy, so who knows.

  9. 9th Feb 09 (Mon) at 12:50 pm

    yeah, I’ve heard the ZFT is very “cease and desist-y.” so, the official ZFT stamp of approval on a beer product leads me to believe that FZ would be alright with it.

  10. 9th Feb 09 (Mon) at 1:22 pm

    The Zappa beers are all officially licensed.

    As far as stout vs ale, stout is a type of ale. In the world of beer, there are two types of beer, ales and lagers. Ales are brewed using top fermenting yeasts and include pale ales, IPA, barleywine, porter, and stout among many others. Lagers use a bottom fermenting yeast and include pilsners, bocks, and marzen.

  11. 11th Feb 09 (Wed) at 12:18 pm

    In case anyone wants a bottle but can’t find one:

    Lagunitas Ruben and the Jets

  1. 29th Nov 10 (Mon) at 10:07 am

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