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Good :) & Bad :(

9th Dec 09 (Wed) Leave a comment Go to comments

First, the good newsBrian Borcherdt of one of my favorite groups (HOLY FUCK) just released his solo album, Torches (along with the Ward Colorado demos).  It’s available for free download over on his website… and if you like it, you can (and should) buy the CD or vinyl.  Get the free album by going to his site (click the album cover below):

(click it and download the music free)


And now the (probably) bad newsApple bought Lala.  OK, it may turn out for the best… but I really dug Lala when it started out as a CD sharing service (you mail off CDs you don’t want, get CDs you do want from others).  It’s been a while since my peak use with them (I’ve run out of stuff to send), and they changed their focus away from CD swap to streaming about a year or more ago.

Anyway, I like Apple, I like Lala… but I dread what the acquisition will mean.  I mean, pretty soon, are we gonna have to log-in to our iTuMyFaceChaseTube to check the video upload of our bank account’s status update with a free music download?

I just hope my indie bastion of hope, CD Baby, doesn’t get swallowed up by Apple or Amazon or Goodyear or Olive Garden… that would be a sad day for sure.

~Dan – np: CelldwellerWish Upon a Blackstar Ch 2

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