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Ani DiFranco’s iTunes Originals session

18th Nov 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

Ani DiFranco unexpectedly showed up in my weekly iTunes email this morning.  I love the iTunes Originals series… it’s a good mix of interviews, album tracks, and in-studio iTunes exclusives.  Well, Ani’s got one out as of today (11/18/08).

$9.99 for 24 tracks (includes interviews).  Just do a search for “Ani DiFranco iTunes originals” in… um… iTunes… duh!  I’d post a direct link, but apparently those are local drive-specific.



Ani DiFranco – Billboard acoustic set & interview

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recent spins

30th Sep 08 (Tue) 2 comments

9 recent releases in random order…

Medeski Martin & WoodZaebos :: MMW had a song on 2003’s Unknown Masada compilation.  That compilation is what I see to be the basis for the whole Masada Book Two set-up (other bands playing Zorn’s new Masada tunes).  MMW don’t disappoint on the full-album workings of Masada tunes.  While I think I like Secret Chiefs 3’s Xaphan and the Bar Kokhba Sextet’s Lucifer better from this year’s Masada Book Two crop, Zaebos does rocketh much.  MMW also has something like 3 more CDs coming out this year… the 1st one due out today (Radiolarians 1) – – and I hope to pick it up at their Eugene gig in mid-November.  I am curious about the sales numbers for Zaebos, as I think this is one of Tzadik’s more “mainstream artist” releases (very relatively speaking).

Ani DiFrancoRed Letter Year :: Glow in the dark moon on the front… nice.  I also dig the chunky guitars in “Alla This,” a fav of mine from her concerts the past two years or so (recent review HERE).  More band oriented, as well as a return to some horns on a few songs… a good move for Ani, IMO.  I’ve only made it through the CD twice so far, but it doesn’t seem to have any filler.  It’s good to hear the formerly only live tunes done up right in the studio.  For a more in-depth review, check out my friend ZSS’s 8th Notes blog HERE.

SF Jazz CollectiveLive 2008 :: SF Jazz Collective 2008 features Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano, new MacArthur Fellow Miguel Zenón, and many other great modern jazz talents.  The 2008 SF Jazz Collective features original compositions and compositions by Wayne Shorter.  Originally planned as a 2-CD set to come out in July, it ended up being a 3-CD set getting bumped back to late Sept/early Oct.  It was worth the wait… this is 3 hours of solid new jazz music and solid arrangements of Wayne Shorter’s classics.  Favorites from each CD: “Aurora Borealis,” “Secrets of the Code,” and “Aung San Suu Kyi.”

Mitch HedbergDo You Believe in Gosh? :: A good remembrance of one of the funniest guys who used to like to stay at the hotel with the two trees.  It’s only around 40 minutes, but it doesn’t contain many misses or duplicates from his prior offerings.  Short, but sweet.

Hotel LightsFirecracker People :: Darren Jesse (former drummer of Ben Folds Five) wrote one of the best songs on BFF’s final record (“Magic” from The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner).  In Hotel Lights, he takes up the guitar, piano, and songwriting torch and delivers from indie pop brilliance.  Much mellower than BFF material, but in line with the aforementioned “Magic.”  This is the Hotel Lights 3rd release… they’re on the indie Bar-None Records.  Support indie music.

George CarlinIt’s Bad For Ya :: While he is missed, his legacy lives on.  Brutally honest, or funny, or both.  He pulls no punches, even at 70 years young.

The Tiptons Sax QuartetLaws of Motion :: Yay, the Tiptons are coming back to Eugene in December.  I got into them late last year, right after they played here.  Four sax players, drums, and some great jazz meets world songs.  They are based in Seattle… and I think Amy Denio has ties to the Monktail Creative Music Concern and/or Eyvind Kang.  Anyway, the Tiptons are in good company.  Their Tsunami CD from 2007 made a late entry into my instrumental favs of the year.  Laws of Motion has a great shot for this year as well.  Indie music alert… support indie music.  Check ’em out on CD Baby.

Ben FoldsWay To Normal :: While I wish I could have made it to the Ben Folds Five “Reinhold Messner” reunion show (sponsored by MySpace), I wish Ben Folds Five would just reunite for good.  Alas, I suppose two albums by BFF alums in a span on one month isn’t so bad either (see Hotel Lights above). :)  While this album is slightly not as solid as recent Ben Folds solo outings (or perhaps he’s just predictable for me nowadays), it’s still a good album.  Maybe the super special edition b-sides from the overpriced special boxset fill the album in better.  I wasn’t up for paying that kind of coin, though… I’m sure they’ll surface somewhere.

Yoshie Fruchter – Pitom :: One of the more “rock band” efforts in Tzadik’s “Radical Jewish Culture” series.  Along with Zakarya & Jon Madof’s Rashanim, this is a welcome addition to the fold.  Great guitars and great violin & viola as well.  Grounded in Jewish music, yet soaring riffs.  I’m looking forward to hearing more and more from this great band.

~Dan – np: Ani DifrancoRed Letter Year

Ani DiFranco on Daytrotter

22nd Sep 08 (Mon) 1 comment

Ani DiFranco‘s got song songs up on the good ol’ Daytrotter Sessions… Four songs, live in-studio… FOR FREE.  Her new album comes out in about a week (Red Letter Year due out 9/30).

Go here for the free music:

1) Present/Infant 2) Coming Up 3) Subdivision 4) The Atom

Past Daytrotter Sessions I’ve blogged about (and dug):

~Dan – np: George CarlinIt’s Bad For Ya

Greydon Square, Ani DiFranco & Steven Wilson

7th Aug 08 (Thu) 2 comments

Atheist rapper Greydon Square comes back strong on his latest album, The CPT Theorem. This is his third album, though his debut (Absolute from 2004) is long out-of-print… so it’s only the 2nd album of his that I am lucky to own. His album The Compton Effect was one of my favorite albums in 2007. This album branches out more beyond the primarily atheist lyrics, more about his life and other topics (to some extent). I’m on my 2nd time through, and I’m diggin’ it. Fav track thus far… “Cubed.” The album is on some internet stores, specifically iTunes. Give it a listen… as well as his last one (The Compton Effect), too…

In non-atheist rap news, Ani DiFranco‘s got a new song posted to her MyScpae page*. The song is called “Smiling Underneath.” I dig its more “band-oriented” sound. Her new (20th studio) album, Red Letter Year, comes out on 9/30/08.

Yep, 20 albums in, what, 18-19 years?!  Crazy… but I dig just about all of ’em.

Regarding Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson, of whom I posted a news bit 2 weeks or so ago, there’s a YouTube trailer for his upcoming solo album, Insurgentes:

Coming up this weekend for me… King’s X and Extreme playing on the same stage. Woot! How’s that for diverse music in one post: atheist rap, hipster folk, progressive rock, the founders of grunge, and a hair band. :)

~Dan – np: JudeCuba

*MyScpae is a new networking site for people who can’t tuckin’ fype.

Ani DiFranco – Red Letter Year (9/30/08)

22nd Jul 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

This just in from Righteous Babe Records

Ani’s last album was released in 2006, which kinda feels like a decade ago, given her tendency to spoil us with an album (or two) a year. But never fear, DiFrancolytes, for a brand new Ani record will be released on September 30, 2008.

It’s called Red Letter Year, and it’s more than worth the wait. These 12 songs have benefited from a couple years of tender loving care, under the watchful eye of Ani and her co-producer/partner Mike Napolitano. And if you’ve caught an Ani show recently, chances are you’ve been treated to a couple of ’em. This is focused, layered, joyful music, starring the Little Folksinger, her inventive three-piece band and a cavalcade of guest musicians.

“I feel like I’m back again,” Ani shares. “I’m out in the world and back in my happy self, ready to have a party.

“Come September, she’ll be passing out the ultimate party favor: Red Letter Year.

Be on the look out for updates concerning the new release, such as new tracks, photos, and videos, all to be posted right here and on the rest of the interweb over the next few weeks.


Now she’s at 9.38 months between CD releases (and 6.62 months between releases if you count the “official bootlegs”). Yep… she’s prolific (and I’m an accountant). :)

Well, it’s off on “vacation” for me… have fun. I won’t be posting until probably Sunday the 27th, and that’s only if there’s some cool music news…

~Dan – np: Ani DiFrancoLittle Plastic Castle

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