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Greydon Square, Ani DiFranco & Steven Wilson

7th Aug 08 (Thu) 2 comments

Atheist rapper Greydon Square comes back strong on his latest album, The CPT Theorem. This is his third album, though his debut (Absolute from 2004) is long out-of-print… so it’s only the 2nd album of his that I am lucky to own. His album The Compton Effect was one of my favorite albums in 2007. This album branches out more beyond the primarily atheist lyrics, more about his life and other topics (to some extent). I’m on my 2nd time through, and I’m diggin’ it. Fav track thus far… “Cubed.” The album is on some internet stores, specifically iTunes. Give it a listen… as well as his last one (The Compton Effect), too…

In non-atheist rap news, Ani DiFranco‘s got a new song posted to her MyScpae page*. The song is called “Smiling Underneath.” I dig its more “band-oriented” sound. Her new (20th studio) album, Red Letter Year, comes out on 9/30/08.

Yep, 20 albums in, what, 18-19 years?!  Crazy… but I dig just about all of ’em.

Regarding Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson, of whom I posted a news bit 2 weeks or so ago, there’s a YouTube trailer for his upcoming solo album, Insurgentes:

Coming up this weekend for me… King’s X and Extreme playing on the same stage. Woot! How’s that for diverse music in one post: atheist rap, hipster folk, progressive rock, the founders of grunge, and a hair band. :)

~Dan – np: JudeCuba

*MyScpae is a new networking site for people who can’t tuckin’ fype.

KX 15

4th Mar 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

So King’s X‘s XV comes out on May 20th… they are one of my favorite rock bands… ever.  They’ve got great guitars (Ty Tabor), great bass and vocals (Doug Pinnick), and idiosyncratic-yet-powerful drumming (Jerry Gaskill), and great vocal melodies/harmonies from all three men.  They are the godfathers of grunge… mentors/trailblazers to Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and the like.

I’ve seen King’s X live upwards of 15 times, and rarely in my hometown (*grin*).  The only thing that has kept me from going to their shows would be something like… well… my own wedding rehearsal dinner (*blush*my wife is my favorite*blush*).  I hope they hit the PacNW on the next tour… it’s been 3 years since I last saw ’em… I’m jonesin’…

This is, as the name suggests, their fifteenth record (though, my my count, that means the Sneak Preview record, Atlantic Best Of, and the Metal Blade Live All Over the Place record all count… which is fuzzy math, if you ask me).  Anyway, they’ve been around as a trio since 1983 (so… 25 years), and that’s an accomplishment in these times.

Their last album before this one was the fantastic Ogre Tones (in 2005).  I’d say my favorite five records of theirs are (in chrono order): Gretchen Goes To Nebraska (1989), Dogman (1994), Ear Candy (1996), Please Come Home…Mr. Bulbous (2000), and Ogre Tones (2005).  And, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of them (well, OK, Black Like Sunday didn’t float my boat).

I’m really looking forward to this new one, XV.  It’s produced by the same guy who did Ogre Tones, Mr. Michael Waggoner.  Plus regarding recent output, Doug Pinnick’s solo record from last year (Strum Sum Up) was great.

The Top 5

The Rest (is also damn good)

Anyway, I’ve been buying a lot less music lately since starting the PhD program… and this one, well, I’m looking forward to spending my “ration”… :-)

~Dan – np: An Endless ContortionistEndless Contortionist Quartet

a thousand shark’s teeth

28th Feb 08 (Thu) Leave a comment

update (4/26/2008)
My Brightest Diamond has posted the first sample of the album to come on her MySpace page HERE:

It’s called “Inside a Boy,” and it quite rocks more than I was expecting (seeing as I heard rumors of this record being more operatically bent). Yay!


original post (2/28/2008)
a thousand shark’s teeth… a thousand shark’s teef… a tousand shark’s teet… zähne tausend haifischs… d’les dents mille requins… dientes de mil tiburones…

My Brightest Diamond‘s A Thousand Shark’s Teeth

In an increasingly troubling manner (me being just short of reviewing something before it’s out), here’s another hypothesis (in the alternative form): Shara Worden/My Brightest Diamond‘s upcoming album, A Thousand Shark’s Teeth (Asthmatic Kitty Records), will be a fantastic record.

Shara Worden’s vocals are utterly sublime.  It’s quite compelling to witness her singing in a live setting… she brings operatic vocal training to the indie rock scene.

We’ll be able to test the null hypothesis, H0: A Thousand Shark’s Teeth = not fantastic, against the alternative hypothesis starting Tuesday, June 17th (seventeeth?).  I imagine we’ll be able to reject the null hypothesis with statistically significant results (p-value < .001).

Yeah, too many accounting research papers for me this week…

MBD on MySp:

~Dan – np: DrumcorpsGrist

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