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Ani DiFranco – Red Letter Year (9/30/08)

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This just in from Righteous Babe Records

Ani’s last album was released in 2006, which kinda feels like a decade ago, given her tendency to spoil us with an album (or two) a year. But never fear, DiFrancolytes, for a brand new Ani record will be released on September 30, 2008.

It’s called Red Letter Year, and it’s more than worth the wait. These 12 songs have benefited from a couple years of tender loving care, under the watchful eye of Ani and her co-producer/partner Mike Napolitano. And if you’ve caught an Ani show recently, chances are you’ve been treated to a couple of ’em. This is focused, layered, joyful music, starring the Little Folksinger, her inventive three-piece band and a cavalcade of guest musicians.

“I feel like I’m back again,” Ani shares. “I’m out in the world and back in my happy self, ready to have a party.

“Come September, she’ll be passing out the ultimate party favor: Red Letter Year.

Be on the look out for updates concerning the new release, such as new tracks, photos, and videos, all to be posted right here and on the rest of the interweb over the next few weeks.


Now she’s at 9.38 months between CD releases (and 6.62 months between releases if you count the “official bootlegs”). Yep… she’s prolific (and I’m an accountant). :)

Well, it’s off on “vacation” for me… have fun. I won’t be posting until probably Sunday the 27th, and that’s only if there’s some cool music news…

~Dan – np: Ani DiFrancoLittle Plastic Castle

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