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Opeth “Burden” single

9th Dec 08 (Tue) Leave a comment

Opeth released an internet-only single today for “Burden” (from the Watershed album).  Sigh… where has the metal gone?  Anyway, this single is definitely more in the non-metal / Damnation-era style – – which is fine, I suppose.  I only bought the b-sides: “Mellotron Heart” and a cover of Alice in Chains‘ “Would?

Mellotron Heart” is a reworking of their first single, “Porcelain Heart,” but on mellotron and mini-moog.  It’s pleasant, but mellower than the original – – which was mellow to start.

The cover of “Would?” is a surprisingly true to the original version of the Alice in Chains hit.  From Opeth, I think I expected more re-working for a cover version.  No offense, Mikael, but if I wanted to listen to a straight-up version of “Would?,” I’d put on Alice in Chains’ Dirt.

They should have made this the cover art…

Anyway, the “Burden” single can be obtained from the iTunes or (I’m sure) other music retailers on the Intertubes.

Also out on iTunes today (which I haven’t vouched for yet)… a new one from Kevin Max, a many artist collaboration called “Price of Silence” with Jurassic 5’s Chali 2Na (I’m sure other big names, too – – I just heard of it from his MySpace bulletin), and the new DM Stith album (he’s done some great work with My Brightest Diamond, Sufjan Stevens, and other Asthmatic Kitty artists).

~Dan – np: BeckOdelay (deluxe edition)

Opeth “Burden” video

13th Nov 08 (Thu) Leave a comment

I’m not psychic… I just knew that a video was impending for Opeth… well, as correctly guessed yesterday, I’m following up two rap posts in a row with a Swedish death metal post.  Well, sort of… the latest video by Swedish death metal band OPETH is here… it’s called “Burden,” and it’s barely even regular metal (sigh):

I guess making a video for a 10-minute long brutal onslaught isn’t all that “commercially viable.”  Alas, we got “Burden” instead.

~Dan – np: Miles DavisIn a Silent Way

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