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REVIEW: Nellie McKay @ the Shedd (Eugene, OR – 10/29/10)

2nd Nov 10 (Tue) 2 comments

I wasn’t able to attend the Nellie McKay show at the Shedd in Eugene on Friday (due to Sufjan Stevens in Portland the same night).  I was completely torn, but I’ve had the opportunity to see Nellie several times since living here in the PacNW (four times in 3 years) and Sufjan far fewer times (i.e.- none).

I did send someone in my place… here are some lovely photos and a write-up of the show taken by guest blogger Margarita O’Brien from Emobie Photography

many more photos below

Margarita’s write-up of the show:

Let’s face it. I just love Nellie McKay. I am extremely grateful that The Shedd here in little ol’ Eugene, Oregon, keeps managing to bring her back. She has serious musical talent, diversity, and a quirky, silly sense of humor that I dig. That makes a great show when she’s solo, but holy cannoli, there was a five piece backup band! THAT makes for a phenomenal, knock-your-socks-off show.

The introductions for the band members were extremely silly (And just released on bail for jay walking…) and the crowd was enthusiastic so I will likely have the names completely wrong and I am seriously sorry about that, ‘cause these guys were the bomb diggity. It was seriously hard to hear with the laughing and cheering. Corrections greatly appreciated!

Guitar: Terry Park?
Bass: Willy Harvey
Sax: Mark Fischer?
Trumpet: Willy Mario?
Drums: Benjamin Barnum?
“That’s right! We have two willies!”

There are few things I tire of more quickly than a show with a “sound” that never changes.
Me-“Is this still the first song? Good Glory, it’s long.”
Dan-“This is the fifth song.”
Me-“*Giant Eye Roll*”

This exchange could not happen at a Nellie McKay show. She skillfully flutters her way through Big Band, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Pop, sweet old Doris Day tunes (and a number of Ella Fitzgerald tunes this time).  The band was right there with her making everything fuller, brighter, grander, and making it difficult for some folks to stay put in their seats.

The crowd was fairly enthusiastic and really seemed to love “Mother of Pearl.”  This is Eugene after all. There were even a couple zombies dancing around at the end.

Go See Nellie! She’ll make you think. She’ll make you laugh. She might make you whistle.


  • Bruise on the Sky
  • Sentimental Journey [Doris Day]
  • Do Do Do [Doris Day]
  • Caribbean Time
  • Dispossessed
  • Meditation [Doris Day]
  • Georgy Girl [The Seekers] (dedicated to Barbara Billingsly)
  • Vote for Mr. Rhythm [Ella Fitzgerald]
  • Bluebird
  • No Equality
  • The Portal
  • Dig It [Doris Day]
  • It’s Alright With Me (with skat)
    <<intermission – costume change>>
  • A-Tisket, A-Tasket [Ella Fitzgerald]
  • Beneath the Underdog
  • Crazy Rhythm [Doris Day]
  • Early Autumn [Ella Fitzgerald]
  • A Wonderful Guy [Doris Day]
  • Don’t Fence Me In [Ella Fitzgerald] (with group whistle)
  • Mother of Pearl (crowd favorite)
    “I’m Sarah Palin and I approve this message”
  • Adios
  • ¡Bodega!
    “Support the Arts, but sponsor a Bodega.”
  • Coosada Blues
  • I’ve Got Rhythm (impromptu instrumental as she ran to get her notes)
    “Don’t worry folks, they’re professionals!”
  • Broadway Melody
  • Really
  • Unknown Reggae (veggie anthem)
  • Encore: Zombie

Nellie’s 10/29 KLCC interview is here:

Nellie is out supporting her latest album, Home Sweet Mobile Home.  Check it out here:

More 2010 Tour Dates:
Oct. 30th SF Jazz Festival – San Francisco, CA
Nov. 1st Kuumbwa Jazz Center – Santa Cruz, CA
Nov. 4th The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA

The Appropriate Linkage:

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all pictures (cc) 2010 Margaret O’Brien – emobie photography,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

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Nellie McKay Announces New Album ‘Home Sweet Mobile Home’ (Sept 28 / Verve)

16th Jul 10 (Fri) 1 comment

Update: You can now order Home Sweet Mobile Home on Amazon

This just in about Nellie McKay‘s forthcoming album…


Singer-songwriter Nellie McKay’s fifth album, ‘Home Sweet Mobile Home,’ will be released on Verve Records this September. Her second album for the label follows her 2009 release ‘Normal As Blueberry Pie – A Tribute to Doris Day,’ which was selected by The New York Times, Huffington Post and The Village Voice as one of the best of the year.

‘Home Sweet Mobile Home’ is McKay’s first album of all-original material since 2007’s ‘Obligatory Villagers,’ and has the musical wanderlust, lyrical playfulness and sharp point of view that has characterized her music since her breakthrough debut ‘Get Away From Me.’ Songs from the new project were recently debuted during her NYC engagement at Feinstein’s, and the New York Post noted that “songs like “Bodega” and “Caribbean Time” feature whimsical humor and social commentary that blended in beautifully alongside the standards from the Blueberry Pie album.”

The new album, produced by McKay and Robin Pappas, was recorded in Los Angeles, New York, Jamaica and the Pocono Mountains and, even more than her previous albums, combines diverse musical moods and cultures.

“I have no idea how this album happened,” says Nellie. “I guess I was looking for a sound to reflect our shrinking world and the bleed of culture crossing all kinds of borders.” Reviewing a recent McKay show, Stephen Holden from The New York Times described her as a “vocal chameleon,” and that varied musical palette is used to great effect on the 13 songs on ‘Home Sweet Mobile Home.’

McKay has released four critically acclaimed records and appeared on Broadway (winning a Theatre World Award for her role in the revival of ‘The Threepenny Opera’) and on film (acting and singing in ‘P.S. I Love You’). She also wrote and performed the song score for the Rob Reiner film ‘Rumor Has It.’

The Chase Brock Experience recently produced a ballet of her third album, ‘Obligatory Villagers,’ while Nellie is currently playing opposite violin prodigy Philippe Quint in the independent film ‘Downtown Express’ and contributing to the soundtrack for the upcoming Martin Scorsese HBO series ‘Boardwalk Empire.’

Susan Enan house concert review (from last night) to be posted later today…

~Dan – np: AntibalasSecurity

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