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Clint Mansell hints at show with Mike Patton

10th Feb 11 (Thu) Leave a comment

This to this FNM blog and this interview in The Quietus, here’s a news snippet about a potential collaboration between movie score master Clint Mansell [Pop Will Eat Itself, Nine Inch Nails, Black Swan] and Mike Patton [Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Mondo Cane, etc]…

Do you do much work for other outlets like computer games? Mike Patton, for example, has most recently voiced The Darkness.

CM: I’m doing a video game this year actually. Mass Effect 3. Funnily enough, talking about Mike, we’ve exchanged emails about the possibility of doing a show featuring the Quartet and people they’ve collaborated with. It’d be a Kronos show, with different rooms for other people to do their thing, then bringing it all together. It’s pretty cool-sounding.

I’m definitely interested in different outlets – that’s one of the reasons I get involved in short films. It’s not so much that I can experiment as it is to be in a situation where nobody’s looking over your shoulder. Short films are usually made by young people and they’ve got ideas I can bounce off. They can take me in a different direction.

If any news develops, I’ll post about it…

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Secret Chiefs 3 – Europe 2011

26th Jan 11 (Wed) 7 comments

Trey Spruance and the Secret Chiefs 3 haven’t really swung around the U.S. since 2008 (Portland review linkfrom their last full US tour?).  Lately South America and Europe are getting some love.  While I’m bummed for no chance to see them as of late, I’m glad they’re active…

SECRET CHIEFS 3 Europe tour
from 16th June to 18th July 2011
Confirmed dates TBA
Booking contact :

I think that’s also their first new press photo in a while.  If my brain is working correctly, that’s (L-R) Jai Young Kim, Trey Spruance, Ches Smith, Toby Driver Rich Doucette, and Timb Harris.  Will we see Book of Souls in 2011?  Here’s hoping!!

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Secret Chiefs 3 in Italy 2010

13th Dec 10 (Mon) 2 comments

So, a new video has just surfaced… possibly for an upcoming DVD from the Secret Chiefs 3‘s jaunt in Italy earlier this year?  Here is their cover of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” at Grottarossa in Rimini, Italy:

Slow start with the drum intro and the drums being a bit high in the mix, but I like the way it was shot.  Needs some more strings (Timb Harris) and more variation (I’ve never been all that fond of Halloween’s repetition)… anyway, I’m hoping something comes out.  Regardless of the choice of leading off with this song on vimeo, I’m stoked for new SC3 on the horizon.  No clue on the legitimacy of a future release.  Just rumor mill at this stage.

Will it come out before Book of Souls?

Um… yeah, Jesus will come back before Book of Souls… said the atheist.

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Tango Saloon with Mike Patton (video)

23rd Nov 10 (Tue) Leave a comment

How did I miss this video for two years?

Cartoon animation (from the Portuguese cartoon O Vampiro Turma da Monica) to the Tango Saloon song “Dracula Cha Cha” featuring Mike Patton on vocals.

“Dracula Cha Cha” comes from Tango Saloon’s Transylvania (out in 2008 – which hasn’t appeared stateside, yet).  Mike Patton (whose Ipecac label released the Tango Saloon’s debut album in the U.S.) is only featured on the one track.  Patton fans, don’t discount that… the entire album is pretty great.

I got my copy via the Amazons… for not too hefty a price (but now it’s ludicrous).  you may have better luck contacting bandleader Julian Curwin directly (via one of his MySpace pages).

~Dan – np: Medeski Martin & WoodStone: Issue 4 

Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane vinyl (photos)

20th Nov 10 (Sat) 1 comment

Mondo Cane on Vinyl

24th Oct 10 (Sun) Leave a comment

One of the best records out this year is Mike Patton‘s Mondo Cane.  You may know Mike Patton for Faith No More, Mr Bungle, or other avant-garde projects… well, Mondo Cane was recorded at a series of European performances, this album features traditional Italian pop songs as well as a rendition of Ennio Morricone’s “Deep Down.” Sung in Italian, Patton worked with a full orchestra and choir to create the unique new sound.  There will only be 5,000 made of the triple-gatefold 180g vinyl.

It comes out November 22nd, and it’s available for pre-order NOW on Amazon.

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Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane in SF

5th Oct 10 (Tue) 1 comment

Wanderlusting took some fantastic photos of Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane show at San Francisco’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival this past weekend… check ’em out (click the picture below for more):

Stubbadubb also posted a photo of Mr Bungle / Secret Chiefs 3 frontman Trey Spruance playing guitar with Mondo Cane.  Here’s hoping Mike and Trey keep up the showing up in the same places together… :)

Also, here’s some video of the show…

I’m so jealous… wish I could have gone…

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Secret Chiefs 3 in the studio

9th Jul 10 (Fri) 1 comment

Well, it’s official… Secret Chiefs 3 are in the studio.  Per a tweet from Brooklyn-based Studio G / Joel Hamilton, “Secret Chiefs 3 with Joel at Studio G. Rock never confused you so well.”  And here’s a picture (from Ches Smith’s FB) to prove that Trey Spruance is there, too. :)

Book of Souls by year’s end?  Well, I ain’t hatcheting my counts before they chicken, but I’d say it’s possible…

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Secret Chiefs 3 – Satellite Supersonic

7th Apr 10 (Wed) 2 comments

In conjunction with their upcoming European tour, the Secret Chiefs 3 (led by Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance) are releasing a CD made primarily from their vinyl-only offerings back in 2007…

(pre-order now, out May 25)

Satellite Supersonic Vol 1 – Tracklist:

  1. UR – Circumambulation
  2. ISHRAQIYUN – Balance of the 19
  4. UR – Kulturvultur
  5. ISHRAQIYUN – Balthassar : Melchior : Kaspar
  6. ELECTROMAGNETIC AZOTH – The Left Hand of Nothingness
  7. UR – Anthropomorphisis : Boxleitner
  8. ?

The long-awaited Book of Souls is due out by the fall… hmm… heard that before. :)

~Dan – np: JónsiGo

no free download or torrent available

Mondo Cane – pre-order

2nd Apr 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

Quick post… Mike Patton‘s Mondo Cane is now available for pre-order… due out May 4th on Ipecac.

~Dan – np: Tegan & SaraThe Con

no free download or mp3 / flac torrent available.  support music by buying it.


17th Jan 10 (Sun) 2 comments

Reblogged from Stubbadub, a Mondo Cane news snippet from Greg Werckman (Mike Patton’s co-partner/co-founder of Ipecac Recordings):

“Got some cool upcoming releases. Just released BEAK> (a Portishead side project), releasing a DJ Rob Swift solo record in Feb, Mondo Cane, Mike Patton’s long awaited Italian pop project comes out in April, followed by new Melvins and more!

Sah-weet!  It was supposed to come out in 2009, but got pushed back due to Mike’s Faith No More reunion touring.  This album is gonna be excellent, 50’s Italian pop vocal goodness from Mike Patton.

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Another Mike Patton Soundtrack

25th May 09 (Mon) 4 comments

Mike Patton [Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Ipecac, etc] & Justin Broadrick [Godflesh] will contribute to the soundtrack for an upcoming Alan Moore photographic novel on Lex.  This comes hot off the heals of Patton’s Crank 2 soundtrack

Lex founder Tom Brown says that the deluxe release will include the book – which Brown describes as a “photographic novel” rather than a graphic novel like Moore’s “Watchmen” or “V for Vendetta” – as well as art prints, a two-hour audiobook recorded by Moore (possibly on a memory stick) and the soundtrack on vinyl. It is not yet clear if the soundtrack will get a separate release on CD or as a download, but Brown says he wants this to be a special release and was partly inspired by Radiohead’s deluxe version of “In Rainbows.”

Read more over at Billboard.

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Secret Chiefs 3 – Traditionalists: Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini

27th Apr 09 (Mon) 9 comments

Well, so much for the long lost Book of SoulsTrey Spruance and Secret Chiefs 3 snuck one out under our noses over on the Web of Mimicry message board. The new SC3 album, Traditionalists: Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini, is being shipped near the 3rd week of May. 2009. (!!!)


Pre-Order: the CD / the LP

Sound sample:


1. Faith’s Broken Mirror
2. Sophia’s Theme
3. What’s Wrong with Cytherea?
4. Mourning In Ekstasis
5. He Hates Us
6. Psychism 1: Cytherea’s Possession
7. Love Spell
8. Agenda 21
9. Subcutaneous Solution
10. Abyss of Psychic Enchantments
11. Subdermal Sequence (Nano-Correction)
12. RFID Slaverider
13. Dionysian Dithyramb (Eros-seed of the Egregore)
14. Zombievision
15. Perfectly Reasonable
16. Psychism 2: Fear is the Great Teacher
17. Abolish Believers by Abolishing Belief
18. Funeral for What Might Have Been (Sophia’s Theme)
19. Codex Alimentarius
20. Putting Forth the Hand to Take
21. Psychism 3: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind
22. Hypnotopia (Obey your Passion)
23. Nano-correction / Human Migrations / Faith Realizes
24. Chapel by the Sea (a Heart That is Broken and Humbled…)
25. The Strength to Sever
26. Baby Hedone (Harvest of the Egregore)
27. Zombievision 2012
28. The Great Die Off (He Mocks Us All)
29. Cytherea’s Awakening / Martyrdom at Romiou Point / Return to the Foam
30. To Love God is Sweeter than Life (Sophia’s Theme)

Blurb from the webpage

From out of nowhere Secret Chiefs 3 (operating here as Traditionalists, one of the seven ‘satellite bands’ introduced on Secret Chiefs 3’s album Book of Horizons) presents an elaborate “colonna sonora paranoica” — a paranioac film soundtrack. The film is imagined, but the horror is real. This entire project, as you might expect from this band, is a spiralling allegory that extends itself well-beyond its starting-point cliché as a “soundtrack for a non-existent film.” But that’s always been one of those potentially good clichés, in theory anyway. Pursuant to that potential, this particular work remains singularly, decidedly faithful to its sworn genre, the Giallo Horror Film Soundtrack.

At this point, it’s fair to assume we can take the dizzying conceptual maelstrom that comes with anything SC3-related as a “given,” right?
Alright, so we won’t go into that here.

But a word on the strictly musical side of things is warranted. The first thing to note is that Giallo cinema music has the distinction of having been graced by nearly all the great masters of Italian film music in general: Bruna Nicolai, Stelvio Cipriani, Ennio Morricone, Goblin, Pierro Piccioni etc. And though this area of “B cinema” certainly has its appreciators, one still-underplayed element is that when considering the music, Giallo’s harmonic language was developed by brilliant people who, by current musical and aesthetic standards, set the bar very high. For any of us wannabes to share in the magic of this lost artform, we have to bring a bit more more to the table than some vintage amps & keyboards and vague undeveloped musical ideas based only in hipster aesthetics. Because if you ignore the deeper intricacies of the music theory at work, the orchestration, the arrangement, etc., you’re really only asking to make an ass of yourself (which is likely anyway no matter what you do). But the usual thing is to sample stuff or simply borrow themes from the masters and to then repackage them in a new “updated” context. Well, in a climate like that we should emphasize that Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini is quite simply an album of original compositions. The process should be likened to when someone is learning another language and begins to have dreams in that language. It’s the same process in any style of music, really. So to state it plainly, these are original compositions that were dreamt into being in the harmonic language of the Giallo Horror Film Soundtrack. It’s that simple. The point is not to be strictly period-specific, or culturally-specific, but to be psychically specific — caring first and foremost about how to convey things that will affect the psychic state of the listener in the intended way. After all, the point of dreaming in this particular language, with all its sophistication, elegance and beauty, is to go that much more deeply into the territory of nightmare… and um, let’s just say SC3 feel it’s necessary to pursue this particular range of the human experience at this moment.

The album itself is a full orchestral score that fully capitalizes on SC3 stock of musical manpower (Trey Spruance, Ches Smith, Timb Harris, Shahzad Ismaily, William Winant, et al.) and adds to that a broad cast of A-list hired musicians (among them Laurie Goldstein and Hans Teuber). The material runs the gamut; dissonant violent strings receding to beautiful textures with flute and female vocals through echoplex; analog synthesizers, harpsichords and celestas over a tight ’70s-style rock band rhythm section; crazed psychedelic freakouts with major payoffs; church organs granting repose, until tape treatments and a chorus of possessed shrieking voices force the listener to reconsider his position on the existence of Evil… If you can imagine all that produced to the standard found on any other Secret Chiefs 3 release, you’ve pretty much got the idea here.

The album was mixed analog to 1/2 inch tape. LP comes in 180 gram vinyl. CD is a mock gatefold LP, with a printed sleeve. Pure win.

The album title, roughly translated, means “The Severed Right Hands of the Last Men.”

OMG.  For me at least… Caveat: Based on the sound sample, it doesn’t appear to be one of Trey’s more “accessible” SC3 releases; so I suppose maybe wait on Book of Souls if you’re not already a fan of SC3 or movie music.

~Dan – np: Circle of Dust Circle of Dust

Note: This blog does not have a torrent or free download for this album (never have, never will).  Support independent muasic and buy this Secret Chiefs 3 record from the band directly at Web of Mimicry.

Mike Patton as a Decepticon

6th Apr 09 (Mon) 6 comments

Thanks to Stubbadub for rescooping the MovieWeb scoop, because otherwise I wouldn’t have heard about it…

Apparently Mike Patton is confirmed as being the voice of a Decepticon in the upcoming sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  He will be one of the seven pieces that form Devastator, likely Mixmaster.  For more info, check out the MovieWeb post.

Meh, I don’t know much about Transformers mythology, but I guess I’ll at least Redbox the movie when it comes out simply due to Mike Patton’s involvement.  He’s been getting a lot of movie-related gigs lately… Firecracker, Will Smith’s I Am Legend, A Perfect Place score, and the Crank 2 soundtrack (out soon).  This year also “promises” another Fantômas record, the debut of Mondo Cane (Mike’s 50s Italian-pop band), at least one more John Zorn/Moonchild Trio collaboration, and maybe even Crudo (the Dan the Automator collaboration).

It may be a banner Patton year, if everything gets legs underneath…

~Dan – np: Buckethead & Viggo MortensenThis That and the Other

he shouts… he scores!

6th Dec 08 (Sat) Leave a comment

From MovieWeb (thanks for the heads-up David!):

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have set out to create one of 2009’s greatest films with their upcoming Crank 2: High Voltage. Not only did they hire Corey Haim for one of the most important supporting roles in the highly anticipated Jason Statham sequel, they have also nabbed legendary musician Mike Patton to score the entire soundtrack.  Earlier today while conducting an exclusive interview with Danny DeVito, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star let it slip that his friend was currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the music for the film.

DeVito didn’t quite know how to describe the score, but did hint that there may be a song track that contains actual lyrics and singing by Patton. The former front man for both Mr. Bungle and Faith No More, who in recent years has put out an unstoppable flow of amazing music in nearly every genre, most recently headed down the road to scoring films with his work on the short A Perfect Place, and he recently contributed lyrics and vocals to the Marc Streitenfeld score for Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies. Crank 2: High Voltage will be the musician’s first foray into scoring an entire feature length film.

Patton has a busy year coming up. Not only will he be releasing the Crank 2: High Voltage score, he will also be releasing Mondo Cane, a record of Italian pop songs from the 50s and 60s and the first Crudo album, which sees him reteaming up with his Lovage sidekick Dan the Automator for some crazy hip-hop pop music.

Mike Patton’s A Perfect Place score for the short film of the same name is among my faves of 2008.  So… yeah… a feature length score by Patton would be coo-el.

Yes, my man-crush on all things Patton usually runs at high levels.

~Dan – np: JudeCuba

Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar

8th Nov 08 (Sat) 1 comment

new music alert

Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar‘s Universal Sprache is one of those albums that is hard to define.  Vladimir Bozar started as an offshoot from a French Frank Zappa cover band, The Children of Invention.  Their last gig was Vladimir Bozar’s first gig.  The music on this debut CD is a great mix of the insanity that comes from artists like Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, and to some extent John Zorn.

Clearly not for the purveyor of “pop” music, this is a very imposingly hard to digest collection of great sounds that I wouldn’t necessarily call “songs.”  With that being said… I love it.  It jots and tittles across your mind, and right when you start getting into the groove… it slaps you upside the mouth, buzzes up your leg, claws through your pant leg and sits down like a puppy who wants to be petted, then zooms off for an espresso.

Metal, punk, classical music, jazz, movie sound, Tzigane music, electronic, and spoken word.  This Ritalin-side effect gang of misfits has toured in Europe with Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3, as well as the stripped down Estradasphere Trio.  Trey Spruance said of Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar that “obviously, this music is composed of lunatics hopelessly.” :)

The album, Universal Sprache, was recorded in Estradasphere’s Seattle studio with Tim Smolens recording, Tim Smolens and Jason Schimmel* mixing, and Timb Harris contributing trumpet, TIm Smolens contributing bass & vocals, and Jason Schimmel contributing mandolin.

*– Speaking of Jason Schimmel, I’m stoked for his amazing Orange Tulip Conspiracy tour coming through Eugene, Oregon, next week… November 17th @ Samurai Duck.

Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestar are planning to tour Europe and (hopefully) the US in 2009.  In the meantime, you can hear clips of the album on MySpace and order it from iTunes, EMusic, Rhapsody, et cetera… or physical CDs via Estradasphere’s Lobefood mail order should be coming soon (not yet, though).

The band is:

  • Djé de Vence (Jérome Simond)-Clavier/Sequencer/Accordion
  • B’hz (cédric Benard)-Drum
  • Cyro (Cyril Torres)-Guitar/back vocal/kazoo
  • Mina (Jasmina Barra)-Bass/vocal
  • Pedral (Pierre Lacasa)-Lead vocal/mandolin

On the web:

~Dan – np: Frank ZappaOne Shot Deal

Fantômas & Mondo Cane 2009

12th Oct 08 (Sun) 5 comments

As reported by stubbadub/Rockarolla, 2009 may shape up to be a Mike Patton banner year

Mike Patton’s avant-garde, noise-metal quartet FANTÔMAS is set to record their fifth album.  Fantômas is Mike Patton on voice and electronics, Trevor Dunn (from Mr Bungle, Trio Convulsant, etc) on bass, Buzz Osbourne (from the Melvins) on guitars, and Dave Lombardo (from Slayer) on drums.  In live settings, I’ve even heard that Mike’s enlisted Terry Bozzio (from Frank Zappa’s band, etc) on drums when Dave Lombardo isn’t available.

Their albums have all had themes so far: the self-titled debut (aka Amenaza al Mundo) was based on a 30 page/picture graphic novel; their second, “most-accessible” album (The Director’s Cut) was reinterpretations of horror/ suspense/ gangster movie music; their third album (Delìrivm Còrdia) was a 74-minute, one-track meandering about anesthetic-free surgery (yes, you read that correctly); and their fourth album (Suspended Animation) was 30 tracks dedicated to the month of April 2005.

The rumors are that the 5th record will be an “all electronic” record.  I’m hoping that Mike will still utilize Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo despite this slant on the music.  I’ve also heard rumors (years ago) that Mike also wanted to do an all-acoustic Fantômas record – – which, IMO, would pwn.  Anyway, the Fantômas record is expected by June 2009.  We shall see…

For a feel for what Fantômas can be all about, here’s a “cute” 52-second animated video for “Page 25” from their debut:


In other news, Mike Patton’s Italian ’60s pop project (a la Ennio Morricone) called MONDO CANE is due out in March 2009.  I posted about the Mondo Cane concert in Amsterdam (which is available as streaming video) over HERE.

~Dan – np: Goddamn Electric BillTopics for Gossip

REVIEW: Secret Chiefs 3 @ Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR – – 8/3/08)

4th Aug 08 (Mon) 10 comments


The Doug Fir Lounge is an excellent venue in Portland. Pretty good sound, big enough stage, and a weird/comforting log cabin motif… a tout les monde aime l’arbre

Primer: Secret Chiefs 3 was an offshoot from Mr. Bungle (but have now outlived MB). They play middle-eastern-influenced world/progressive metal musics. Secret Chefs 3 (no “i”) is a band that one might say is an homage to the Chiefs, and they play world music/avant-garde songs with instruments made from ordinary household items (see Ken Jacobson‘s creations in the Chefs’ MySpace photos).

1st opener… The Secret Chefs 3 (again, no “i”) is made up of Steve Parris (bass paddle), Julie Baldridge (crutch fiddle), Scott Adams (kettlevina / percussion), Rick Isotalo (drums), and Ken Jacobson (paddle / percussion). They were pretty damn good, but played far too short of a set (20-25 minutes). The drums were trash cans and water jugs. The bass and guitars were oars. There was a violin made from a crutch. Per Ken Jacobson, a string broke on it; so Julie had to switch to a regular violin for the rest of the set. The Chefs were more avant-garde than I was expecting… which was thoroughly entertaining. Trey and many of the other Chiefs came out to watch the Chefs’ set as well.

Secret Chefs 3 Setlist: (per their pre-show MySpace blog)

  • Ritual of the Bowls
  • Advieh (the Spice)
  • Kettlevina Sadaqa
  • Book of Tea: Lapsang Souchong
  • Discotheque at the Gates of Jahannam
  • Fruit of the Zaqqum

2nd opener… Diminished Men were quite good as well. They started out as a trio (guitar, bass, drums) and were joined by a saxophonist for about half of their set. I guess I’d describe their sound as rock instrumental with a heavy touch of exotica/surf guitars. Nice sound, but I couldn’t hear the sax too much in the mix. It may have been due to where I was standing, but I wandered out for a few minutes and didn’t notice much change. They played for about 45 minutes of smoke-machine filled fury… I was right by the guitarist, and got a face full of smoke/steam most of their set. At least it smelled pretty much like water. Great sound, despite the smoke. :)

The Closer… The Secret Chiefs 3 (led by a very bearded and cloaked Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle “fame”) were fantastic. This was my second time seeing them, and my first time seeing them play a full “headliner” set. WOW… they played without much stopping for around 75-80 minutes. They started out with Jason (bass), Trey (sas) and Peijman (drums) playing “Medieval.” And they didn’t let up much until the ender “Renunciation”… the lineup for the SC3 this time around was Trey Spruance (sas, guitars), Timb Harris (violin, guitar, keys, trumpet), Jason Schimmel (bass, keys), Rich Doucette (sarangi, bass, guitar), Jai Young Kim (keys), and Peijman Kouretchian (drums). Timb and Jason are in a Web of Mimicry/SC3 brother band, Estradasphere. I picked up Jason’s new side-project (as well as the Chefs -EP-), Orange Tulip Conspiracy. Wow… it’s rad.

Secret Chiefs 3 Setlist:*

  • Medieval
  • The 15
  • Vajra
  • Personnae: Halloween
  • Zulfikar
  • The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun)
  • Bereshith
  • Castle of Sand
  • Fast
  • Assassin’s Blade
  • Dolorous Stroke
  • Brazen Serpent
  • The 3 (Afghan Song)
  • Encore: Renunciation
    *– Outside of a few songs, I’m shit for remembering their song titles. Luckily, I was close enough to Timb’s setlist to take a picture and scrawl the info down.

The Appropriate Linkage:

Great show, all around… if you want to hear some Secret Chiefs 3, check them out on iTunes. I recommend all of their stuff, but I guess for newbies, I could limit it to: Ship of Fools (Stone of Exile), Renunciation, The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun), Book T: Exodus, Assassin’s Blade, Zulkifar / Zulfikar / Zulfiqar III, Jabalqa / Jabarsa… or check out their Xaphan album on other music shops that may have samples (it’s not on iTunes, yet). Xaphan is my fav CD of 2008, so far.

~Dan – np: Greydon SquareThe CPT Theorem

SECRET CHEFS 3 (6 pics), DIMINISHED MEN (6 pics)
SECRET CHIEFS 3 (34 pics)

all pictures (cc) 2008 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

11th Jul 08 (Fri) Leave a comment

slow news day… how ’bout a Mr. Bungle song arranged for high school percussion ensemble… in a non-crappy kinda way?

Magnolia High School’s percussion arrangement of “Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz” from Mr. Bungle‘s Disco Volante:

(c. 1995, written by Trey Spruance)

~Dan – np: Mr. BungleDisco Volante

Mike Patton & the Metropole Orchestra 2008

28th Jun 08 (Sat) 3 comments

Mike Patton has been known for off-the-wall stuff… Faith No More did crazy stuff, Mr. Bungle even more so… Fantômas is for some entirely crazy stuff. Hemophiliac, PainKiller, Naked City guest vocals, Moonchild, and many other collaborations with John Zorn are also in the crazy, avant-garde camp for Mike Patton.

However, Mike Patton also has a fondness for the more accessible. FNM cover Lionel Richie‘s “Easy,” Mr. Bungle had “Retrovertigo,” Patton’s Ipecac Recordings put out records by classically or instrumentally adventurous but still accessible Ennio Morricone (exotica / spaghetti western / classical / movie scores), The Tango Saloon (jazz / spag. western / tango), Flat Earth Society (big band), Kaada (multi-instrumentalist / movie scores), and Eyvind Kang (some of his classical compositions).

Mondo Cane is a 1962 Italian shock-documentary film (read more here). It’s also the name of Mike Patton’s “60s/70s Italian pop” project. And “60s/70s Italian pop” involves orchestration and some good ol’ crooning…

(photo: Monique Hofland)

A recent concert with Mike Patton and the Metropole Orchestra ( Paradiso Hall, Holland Festival June 2008 ) was filmed and is available in its entirety here:

I’m only through the first 5 songs, but it sounds great. If tentative or skeptical, check out “Ore D’More” (#3) for a sample of the crooning.

I love this guy’s music. It’s true.

~Dan – np: guess?

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