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Secret Chiefs 3 – Satellite Supersonic

7th Apr 10 (Wed) 2 comments

In conjunction with their upcoming European tour, the Secret Chiefs 3 (led by Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance) are releasing a CD made primarily from their vinyl-only offerings back in 2007…

(pre-order now, out May 25)

Satellite Supersonic Vol 1 – Tracklist:

  1. UR – Circumambulation
  2. ISHRAQIYUN – Balance of the 19
  4. UR – Kulturvultur
  5. ISHRAQIYUN – Balthassar : Melchior : Kaspar
  6. ELECTROMAGNETIC AZOTH – The Left Hand of Nothingness
  7. UR – Anthropomorphisis : Boxleitner
  8. ?

The long-awaited Book of Souls is due out by the fall… hmm… heard that before. :)

~Dan – np: JónsiGo

no free download or torrent available


Faith No More to Rehearse Today…

4th Mar 09 (Wed) 3 comments

Well, the revelation from the late 2008 query is out… Faith No More are getting back together for at least some European tour dates.  No U.S. dates or album plans, but I’m holding out hope.  Per a twitter from bassist Billy Gould, the band will rehearse today (3/4/09) for the first time in over 10 years…

The line-up will be their touring lineup from 1997: vocalist Mike Patton, keyboardist Roddy Bottum, bassist Billy Gould, drummer Mike Bordin, and guitarist Jon Hudson. I’ll post dates when/if they come in.

~Dan – np: Real Time with Bill Maher

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