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Secret Chiefs 3 – Satellite Supersonic

7th Apr 10 (Wed) Leave a comment Go to comments

In conjunction with their upcoming European tour, the Secret Chiefs 3 (led by Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance) are releasing a CD made primarily from their vinyl-only offerings back in 2007…

(pre-order now, out May 25)

Satellite Supersonic Vol 1 – Tracklist:

  1. UR – Circumambulation
  2. ISHRAQIYUN – Balance of the 19
  4. UR – Kulturvultur
  5. ISHRAQIYUN – Balthassar : Melchior : Kaspar
  6. ELECTROMAGNETIC AZOTH – The Left Hand of Nothingness
  7. UR – Anthropomorphisis : Boxleitner
  8. ?

The long-awaited Book of Souls is due out by the fall… hmm… heard that before. :)

~Dan – np: JónsiGo

no free download or torrent available

  1. timmy
    26th Apr 10 (Mon) at 4:09 pm

    daaaam dood trey you heard that shiiit? whats up with a 3 cd in the can for 2 years? wheres that eyvind single? what gives?

    • 26th Apr 10 (Mon) at 5:52 pm

      I don’t think the Eyvind single will ever see the light of day… I mean, how difficult would it be to release a 7″ vinyl?

      Anyway, hopefully Trey gets Book of Souls out soon… we shall only see when it arrives…


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