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Another Mike Patton Soundtrack

25th May 09 (Mon) Leave a comment Go to comments

Mike Patton [Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Ipecac, etc] & Justin Broadrick [Godflesh] will contribute to the soundtrack for an upcoming Alan Moore photographic novel on Lex.  This comes hot off the heals of Patton’s Crank 2 soundtrack

Lex founder Tom Brown says that the deluxe release will include the book – which Brown describes as a “photographic novel” rather than a graphic novel like Moore’s “Watchmen” or “V for Vendetta” – as well as art prints, a two-hour audiobook recorded by Moore (possibly on a memory stick) and the soundtrack on vinyl. It is not yet clear if the soundtrack will get a separate release on CD or as a download, but Brown says he wants this to be a special release and was partly inspired by Radiohead’s deluxe version of “In Rainbows.”

Read more over at Billboard.

~Dan – np: DeathSymbolic

  1. 28th May 09 (Thu) at 9:21 pm

    did you get the Crank 2 soundtrack? Is it any good?

    • 28th May 09 (Thu) at 10:19 pm

      I have not sprung for it yet… I’m waiting for later in the year for it to be cheaper on Amazon Used. I’ve heard some of it, and it’s good. Just not “rush out and get” IMO.

  2. 30th May 09 (Sat) at 6:55 am

    crank2 ST is GREAT! well worth it.

    this collaboration is apparently not true btw posty!

    Gronk / http://stubbadub.com

    • 30th May 09 (Sat) at 8:12 am

      Yeah, I’ll be getting Crank 2 soon…

      So, on the Alan Moore / Patton / Broadrick thing, was there a follow-up to the Billboard article? Billboard is a reputable journal in the music & entertainment field…


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