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REVIEW: Dead Kenny G’s & Trio Subtonic @ Mt Tabor (Portland, OR – 10/16/10)

17th Oct 10 (Sun) 2 comments


OK, so I have to start this out with an apology.  I absolutely wanted to see Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.  I had been up in Portland for a third night in a row (driving back to Eugene late each night)… and was thus quite tired and I couldn’t possibly stay for their set (which was posted to start at 12:30am).  It’s a running theme on this blog… I miss them for one reason or another.  Last night wasn’t gonna be a missed opportunity.  Alas, it ended up as such.  Damn.  SO, JFJO, I’m sorry.  I’ll do better next time. I dig your new one, Stay Gold.  I’m getting old.  I have no other excuse for bailing at midnight.

So, unfortunately this amazing triple modern jazz bill turned into an pretty damn good double bill for me.

Trio Subtonic started things off around 9:30.  No Radiohead as in the past, but still a great groove for their 45 minute set.  They really are what I’d consider to be Portland’s own Medeski Martin & Wood.  Great piano-based three piece combo.  They’ve got two killer albums out over at CD Baby (aka the best indie CD seller in the universe).

Skerik, Mike Dillon, and Brad Houser hit the stage after a short set change…

While also a three-piece modern jazz combo, the Dead Kenny G’s definitely weren’t a repeat of Trio Subtonic’s sound.  Fitting with their name, they bring powerful elements of punk rock and a “fuck you” attitude to a jazz trio.  Mix some sax groove from Skerik with some harder edged beats, avant-garde squeaks, gonzo drumming, and punk vocal belts…

I’d seen them before (at Sam Bond’s in Eugene), but it was nice to see them able to spread out a little more on the Mt Tabor Theater stage.

Setlist: over an hour

  • Death Panel
  • Birther Blues
  • Black Goldman Sax
  • “Black Death”
  • unknown
  • Bewildered Herd
  • I’m Your Manager, I’m Your Pimp
  • unknown
  • Yeah, Cat
  • Improv with some JFJO guys

more photos below

The Appropriate Linkage:

Check out more DKG’s tour dates below.

~Dan – np: Milli VanilliGirl, You Know It’s True

all pictures (cc) 2010 Daniel Temmesfeld,
you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

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DKG’s Fall 2010 Tour Dates

Date Venue Band
10.9.10 Coda
San Francisco, CA
With Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle and Black Frames
10.10.10 Harlow’s
Sacramento, CA
Dead Kenny G’s
10.12.10 Forestville Club
Forestville, CA
Dead Kenny G’s
10.13.10 HumBrews
Arcata, CA
Dead Kenny G’s
10.15.10 Sam Bond’s Garage
Eugene, OR
Dead Kenny G’s
10.16.10 Mt. Tabor Theater
Portland, WA
Dead Kenny G’s and
Jacob Fred Jazz Oddysey
10.17.10 Chop Suey
Seattle, WA
Dead Kenny G’s
10.18.10 The Top Hat
Missoula, MT
Dead Kenny G’s
10.19.10 Knotty Pine
Victor, ID
Dead Kenny G’s
10.20.10 The State Room
Salt Lake City, UT
Dead Kenny G’s
10.21.10 Aggie Theater
Ft. Collins, CO
Dead Kenny G’s
10.22.10 Cervante’s Otherside
Denver, CO
Dead Kenny G’s
10.23.10 Davey’s Uptown
Kansas City, MO
Dead Kenny G’s
10.28.10 Kessler
Dallas, TX
Dead Kenny G’s
10.29.10 Momo’s
Austin, TX
Dead Kenny G’s and
Hairy Apes BMX
10.30.10 La Bon Ton Roule
New Orleans, LA
Dead Kenny G’s
10.31.10 The Blue Nile
New Orleans, LA
Dead Kenny G’s
11.12.10 11.13.10 Bear Creek Music Festival
Live Oak, FL
Dead Kenny G’s
12.1.10 Momo’s
Austin, TX
Dead Kenny G’s
12.2.10 Kessler
Dallas, TX
Dead Kenny G’s
12.3.10 The Deli
Norman, OK
Dead Kenny G’s
12.4.10 Eclipse
Tulsa, OK
Dead Kenny G’s
12.5.10 Chester’s
Fayetteville, AR
Dead Kenny G’s
12.8.10 Momo’s
Austin, TX
Dead Kenny G’s
12.9.10 Chelsea’s
Baton Rouge, LA
Dead Kenny G’s
12.10.10 DBA
New Orleans, LA
Dead Kenny G’s
12.11.10 Martin’s
Jackson, MS
Dead Kenny G’s

JFJO hates me. Placebo loves me.

8th Jul 09 (Wed) 9 comments

I’m either out of town, in town at another show, out of town at another show, or barricaded out of a show whenever Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey comes to town.  Anyway, JFJO is back in Eugene on 9/18, and I’ll be up at Sunny Day Real Estate in Portland.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain… JFJO comes through twice a year it seems… I’ll try again next time… :rolleyes:  Tour dates below…

The Michael Jackson “memorial” service was yesterday (even though he is not dead)… JFJO & Friends did their own takes on some MJ on NYE 2008 and posted them to their website last week.  You can download their live takes of “Billy Jean” and “Thriller” via the links (links from a recent JFJO email).  Vocally, the MJ cover tunes… are… um… are they drunk? Anyway… they’re free.

JFJO Summer/Fall 2009 tour:

  • Aug 8 | Cain’s Ballroom | Tulsa, OK (ABOT Awards)
  • July 10 | The Lizard Lounge | Boston, MA
  • July 11 | The Lizard Lounge | Boston, MA
  • July 14 | The Iron Horse | Northampton, MA
  • July 17 | Downright Music & Arts | Collinsville, CT
  • July 18 | Joe’s Pub | New York, NY
  • Sept 2 | The Deli | Norman, OK
  • Sept 3 | Granada Theater | Dallas, TX
  • Sept 4 | The Parish | Austin, TX
  • Sept 5 | Arts Festival Oklahoma | Oklahoma City, OK
  • Sept 8 | Winston’s | San Diego, CA
  • Sept 9 | Catalina Jazz Club | Los Angeles, CA
  • Sept 10 | Kuumbwa Jazz Center | Santa Cruz, CA
  • Sept 11 | Cafe du Nord | San Francisco, CA
  • Sept 12 | TBA | Humboldt, CA
  • Sept 17 | The Dojo | Ashland, OR
  • Sept 18 | Jo Federigo’s | Eugene, OR
  • Sept 19 | Jimmy Mak’s | Portland, OR
  • Sept 20 | High Dive | Seattle, WA
  • Sept 25 | The Marquee | Tulsa, OK
  • Oct 22 | The Encore | Stevens Point, WI
  • Oct 23 | Cranky Pats | Neenah, WI


UPDATE (8/17): Placebo have canceled/postponed their North American tour due to Brian collapsing during a show in Japan.

Placebo is hitting Portland on their upcoming  tour in support of Battle for the Sun.  I shall be going.  I last saw them in Cleveland (it was a miserable drive from Cincinnati and back in the same night, but a great show nonetheless).  More Placebo 2009 dates as follows:

  • Sep 12th 2009 – Roseland Theatre, Portland OR
  • Sep 13th 2009 – The Show Box at Market, Seattle WA
  • Sep 14th 2009 – Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC
  • Sep 16th 2009 – Murray Theatre, Murray UT
  • Sep 17th 2009 – House Of Blues, Las Vega NV
  • Sep 20th 2009 – Club Nokia Live, Los Angeles CA
  • Sep 21st 2009 – SOMA, San Diego CA
  • Sep 23rd 2009 – Gothic Theatre, Denver CO
  • Sep 25th 2009 – La Zona Rosa, Austin TX
  • Sep 26th 2009 – House Of Blues, Dallas TX
  • Sep 27th 2009 – Beaumont Club, Kansas City MO
  • Oct 2nd 2009 – House Of Blues, Chicago IL
  • Oct 3rd 2009 – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
  • Oct 4th 2009 – Sonar, Baltimore MD
  • Oct 6th 2009 – Sound Academy, Toronto ON
  • Oct 7th 2009 – Metropolis, Montreal QU
  • Oct 10th 2009 – Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY
  • Oct 11th 2009 – Terminal 5, New York City NY

~Dan – np: DeliveranceCamelot-in-Smithereens

Jacob FREE Jazz Odyssey

30th Jan 09 (Fri) Leave a comment

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey have released their new studio album, Winterwood, for FREE.  Go here…

They’re also embarking on a tour which (of course) swings through Eugene when I’ll be out of town.  So, three times through Eugene in 10 months… first time the same time as an in-town Ani DiFranco gig, second time when it was a ticketed show behind a ticketed festival (grumble), and third time when I’ll be 100 miles away for work.  Sigh.  At least they’ve proven that they’ve got love for Eugene… and I’m sure I’ll get to see them… eventually.

Anyway, here are their tour dates (as of 1/29/09):

01/29/09 :: George’s Majestic Lounge – Fayetteville, AR
01/30/09 :: Jardine’s – Kansas City, MO
01/31/09 :: Mojo’s – Columbia, MO
02/10/09 :: Winston’s – San Diego, CA
02/11/09 :: Largo – Los Angeles, CA
02/12/09 :: Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
02/13/09 :: HopMonk Tavern – sebastopol, CA
02/14/09 :: New World Ballet Co. – Arcata, CA
02/18/09 :: Indigo – Eugene, OR
02/20/09 :: Eastside Club – Olympia, WA
02/21/09 :: Goodfoot Lounge – Portland, OR
02/22/09 :: Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
02/25/09 :: Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO
02/27/09 :: The B-Side Lounge – Boulder, CO
02/28/09 :: Owsley’s Golden Road – Denver, CO
03/28/09 :: The Parish Room – Austin, TX

And I’m glad I’ll at least be spinning their new album for free in a bit.

~Dan – np: The Bad PlusThese Are the Vistas

JZ’s The Crucible, The Dreamers, biography, and JFJO grumbles

13th Sep 08 (Sat) Leave a comment

Well, first.. I didn’t end up at the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO) show last night.  Boo.  Stupid Eugene Celebration blocking off within 60 yards of the art gallery where they were playing and wanting me to buy a wristband to see a show I’d have to pay for that’s not on a stage at Eugene Celebration.  I think me skipping it was on principle, not on lack for wanting to see JFJO.  Rassen frassen… but I hope to catch the free Richard Crandell show today at Cozmic Pizza.  He’s a mbira player, and I have one of his composer series CDs on Tzadik Records.  He’s from frickin’ Eugene and on Tzadik Records – – how cool is that?

Speaking of Tzadik… on to some upcoming Jay-Z news… and by Jay-Z, I mean John Zorn (founder of Tzadik).

Graphic design artist extraordinaire Heung Heung “Chippy” posted on her blog about some new design stuff that she’s been working on for Tzadik:

I’m designing a book jacket for John Brackett’s biography on John Zorn, published by Indiana University Press.  Title: John Zorn Tradition and Transgression.  Cover photo by Scott Irvine, Book Jacket Design by myself, Book Interior Design by Jamison Cockerham.  It’s nearly done and looking pretty good. Please look for it and buy this first biography ever on one of New York City’s heroes.

FOR MORE JOHN ZORN MUSIC, we have many treats for you–he’s been releasing amazing FilmWorks CDs (yes, prolific), another one is on its way–this one is extra special, one I’ve been listening to everyday–very meaningful, touching upon so many personal levels. (The Last Supper, FilmWorks XXII).

For those who are eagerly waiting for The Crucible (Moonchild’s 4th CD), it is coming very soon. Expect more killer photography by Scott Irvine (Tzadik’s official photographer–thank you to all who voted for him this summer), design by myself. Powerful music. And yes, you can have your Mike Patton too.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Dreamers will be expanding like a Chippy dream come true. For you audiophiles, this is our first yet–can’t say now until I’m working on it. Expect limited edition. Speaking of Limited Edition–The Dreamers’ shirts–they will now be considered limited edition, so please get them at Zakka in Dumbo (childrens are only available there or through me) or Note: once these go and we reprint, the artwork will be different.

My recap in backwards order…

I imagine The Dreamers limited edition thing for audiophiles may very well be a vinyl issue.  That’s my inkling and heretofore a rumor.  Tzadik hasn’t done a vinyl yet, and what else for audiophiles is considered limited edition these days?  Sweet… The Dreamers is a fantastic, exotica meets Electric Masada ventures out earlier this year on Tzadik.  It’s one of my favs of 2008 so far.

The Crucible… yay!  A 4th installment from the noisemetal Moonchild Trio of Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn, and Joey Baron was inevitable.

I dig JZ’s Filmworks series… Sholem Aleichem: Filmworks XX is on its way to me now.

Additional info on the John Zorn biography… it’s due out in early 2009.  It’s a book.  With pages.  Some probably graphic (just judging based on JZ’s Naked City album artwork and Dr. Brackett’s recent presentations at recent conferences).

~Dan – np: The Tiptons Sax QuartetLaws of Motion

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