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Jacob FREE Jazz Odyssey

30th Jan 09 (Fri) Leave a comment Go to comments

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey have released their new studio album, Winterwood, for FREE.  Go here… http://www.jfjo.com/info.php?i=3160

They’re also embarking on a tour which (of course) swings through Eugene when I’ll be out of town.  So, three times through Eugene in 10 months… first time the same time as an in-town Ani DiFranco gig, second time when it was a ticketed show behind a ticketed festival (grumble), and third time when I’ll be 100 miles away for work.  Sigh.  At least they’ve proven that they’ve got love for Eugene… and I’m sure I’ll get to see them… eventually.

Anyway, here are their tour dates (as of 1/29/09):

01/29/09 :: George’s Majestic Lounge – Fayetteville, AR
01/30/09 :: Jardine’s – Kansas City, MO
01/31/09 :: Mojo’s – Columbia, MO
02/10/09 :: Winston’s – San Diego, CA
02/11/09 :: Largo – Los Angeles, CA
02/12/09 :: Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
02/13/09 :: HopMonk Tavern – sebastopol, CA
02/14/09 :: New World Ballet Co. – Arcata, CA
02/18/09 :: Indigo – Eugene, OR
02/20/09 :: Eastside Club – Olympia, WA
02/21/09 :: Goodfoot Lounge – Portland, OR
02/22/09 :: Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
02/25/09 :: Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO
02/27/09 :: The B-Side Lounge – Boulder, CO
02/28/09 :: Owsley’s Golden Road – Denver, CO
03/28/09 :: The Parish Room – Austin, TX

And I’m glad I’ll at least be spinning their new album for free in a bit.

~Dan – np: The Bad PlusThese Are the Vistas

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