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REVIEW: Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal @ Matt Arena (Eugene, OR – 11/15/11)

16th Nov 11 (Wed) 1 comment

I love shows by Cirque du Soleil.  I also dig some Michael Jackson’s music.  A perfect combination?

The short of it: No, not a perfect combination in my opinion.

The stage set-up, lights and costumes, dancers, live band mixed with Michael Jackson vocal tracks was TOP NOTCH.

The usual acrobatics from a Cirque du Soleil show were a bit toned down.  Well, more than a bit… A LOT.  The intro spray can skit was great, the few aerial artists were awesome, the pole dancer was awesome (but seemingly out-of-place), and the dancing overall was awesome.  One of the dancers was one-legged… wild stuff.

But… I don’t think people tend to go to Cirque shows for “dancing.”

They played a great mix of MJ’s music.  The live band was top notch, though sometimes a bit over the top with the crazy rocking (it just seemed out-of-place).

My bottom line opinion: I had fun, but I think if you’re a Michael Jackson fan and have some money to blow… go for it.  If you’re more of a Cirque fan, I’d recommend saving your money for one of their other terrific shows.  For me, it was more of a “price tag” thing.  With that being said, I understand the price tag based on the number of people & sets involved.  I just don’t think the pay-off was up to past Cirque experiences.

~Dan – np: Chali 2Na – Fish Outta Water


Smooth Criminal for Cellos

24th Jan 11 (Mon) Leave a comment

Cello and other string tributes may be a little “played out”… regardless, this is one still pretty damn good:

Stjepan Hauser & Luka Sulic – “Smooth Criminal”

~Dan – np: No. 2No Memory 

cello, string, stringed tribute to Michael Jackson

Buckethead honors Michael Jackson

15th Aug 09 (Sat) 1 comment

Guitar phenom Buckethead has a free tribute mp3 to Michael Jackson on his webpage… it’s an acoustic number, not the usual shredding business.  Fits the gentler Colma or Electric Tears feel…

Go get it here: “The Homing Beacon” (aka The Landing Beacon)

~Dan – np: Drums & TubaMostly Ape

JFJO hates me. Placebo loves me.

8th Jul 09 (Wed) 9 comments

I’m either out of town, in town at another show, out of town at another show, or barricaded out of a show whenever Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey comes to town.  Anyway, JFJO is back in Eugene on 9/18, and I’ll be up at Sunny Day Real Estate in Portland.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain… JFJO comes through twice a year it seems… I’ll try again next time… :rolleyes:  Tour dates below…

The Michael Jackson “memorial” service was yesterday (even though he is not dead)… JFJO & Friends did their own takes on some MJ on NYE 2008 and posted them to their website last week.  You can download their live takes of “Billy Jean” and “Thriller” via the links (links from a recent JFJO email).  Vocally, the MJ cover tunes… are… um… are they drunk? Anyway… they’re free.

JFJO Summer/Fall 2009 tour:

  • Aug 8 | Cain’s Ballroom | Tulsa, OK (ABOT Awards)
  • July 10 | The Lizard Lounge | Boston, MA
  • July 11 | The Lizard Lounge | Boston, MA
  • July 14 | The Iron Horse | Northampton, MA
  • July 17 | Downright Music & Arts | Collinsville, CT
  • July 18 | Joe’s Pub | New York, NY
  • Sept 2 | The Deli | Norman, OK
  • Sept 3 | Granada Theater | Dallas, TX
  • Sept 4 | The Parish | Austin, TX
  • Sept 5 | Arts Festival Oklahoma | Oklahoma City, OK
  • Sept 8 | Winston’s | San Diego, CA
  • Sept 9 | Catalina Jazz Club | Los Angeles, CA
  • Sept 10 | Kuumbwa Jazz Center | Santa Cruz, CA
  • Sept 11 | Cafe du Nord | San Francisco, CA
  • Sept 12 | TBA | Humboldt, CA
  • Sept 17 | The Dojo | Ashland, OR
  • Sept 18 | Jo Federigo’s | Eugene, OR
  • Sept 19 | Jimmy Mak’s | Portland, OR
  • Sept 20 | High Dive | Seattle, WA
  • Sept 25 | The Marquee | Tulsa, OK
  • Oct 22 | The Encore | Stevens Point, WI
  • Oct 23 | Cranky Pats | Neenah, WI


UPDATE (8/17): Placebo have canceled/postponed their North American tour due to Brian collapsing during a show in Japan.

Placebo is hitting Portland on their upcoming  tour in support of Battle for the Sun.  I shall be going.  I last saw them in Cleveland (it was a miserable drive from Cincinnati and back in the same night, but a great show nonetheless).  More Placebo 2009 dates as follows:

  • Sep 12th 2009 – Roseland Theatre, Portland OR
  • Sep 13th 2009 – The Show Box at Market, Seattle WA
  • Sep 14th 2009 – Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC
  • Sep 16th 2009 – Murray Theatre, Murray UT
  • Sep 17th 2009 – House Of Blues, Las Vega NV
  • Sep 20th 2009 – Club Nokia Live, Los Angeles CA
  • Sep 21st 2009 – SOMA, San Diego CA
  • Sep 23rd 2009 – Gothic Theatre, Denver CO
  • Sep 25th 2009 – La Zona Rosa, Austin TX
  • Sep 26th 2009 – House Of Blues, Dallas TX
  • Sep 27th 2009 – Beaumont Club, Kansas City MO
  • Oct 2nd 2009 – House Of Blues, Chicago IL
  • Oct 3rd 2009 – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
  • Oct 4th 2009 – Sonar, Baltimore MD
  • Oct 6th 2009 – Sound Academy, Toronto ON
  • Oct 7th 2009 – Metropolis, Montreal QU
  • Oct 10th 2009 – Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY
  • Oct 11th 2009 – Terminal 5, New York City NY

~Dan – np: DeliveranceCamelot-in-Smithereens

Michael Jackson is not dead!

25th Jun 09 (Thu) 27 comments
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