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RECIPE: Fuji Apple & Aged White Cheddar Scones

14th Jul 13 (Sun) Leave a comment

Last night, I was invited to a beautiful outdoor house concert / potluck… The Littlest Birds played a long, entertaining set amidst the garden and kids running about.  Check them out on the Facebook, and if you’re in the Eugene Oregon area, check out Bronak House Concerts and Events.

the Littest Birds near Eugene, Oregon - July 2013

Oh, but wait… I said “potluck”… I had a hankering for something new, and decided to take a classic flavor combination and see if it’d work with a tried-and-true scone recipe.  I made…

Fuji Apple and Aged

White Cheddar Scones

makes 8-10 regular sized scones
(I made a double batch and cut them smaller)

  • 1 Fuji apple, cored & diced into small pieces
  • 1 to 2 Tbls coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    – – –
  • 4 to 5 oz. aged white cheddar, diced into small pieces
    – – –
  • 1.5 cups flour
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream (split into 3/4 cup & 1/4 cup)
  • 1/4 cup sugar & cinnamon, mixed


  1. Sautée diced apple with the coconut oil until lightly brown (but still retain some firmness).  Add cinnamon, stir and remove from heat.  Cool the apples.  If making the scones right away, place apples in the freezer for ~5 minutes.
  2. Preheat oven to 375 F.
  3. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together in a large bowl.  When mixed, make a big hole in the middle of the mixture and add 3/4 cups of whipping cream.
  4. Before mixing the liquid in further, spread flour out on a clean surface (keep extra flour handy in a bowl, as the mixture will be sticky).
  5. Add the cooled apples and diced cheese to the dry & whipping cream mixture.  Stir or mix with your hands until the mixture is crumbly.  Turn the dough onto the floured surface and continue to knead.  At this stage, I ended up adding more flour to make it more doughy and less gooey.  Rather than alter the recipe and add more flour to the mix early on, I figured that it’s good to play it by feel/texture.  It should be soft and malleable dough, not too sticky.
  6. Roll out the dough flat until it’s about 1/2″ thick.  Cut with a pizza cutter, sharp spatula, or other tool into the shapes / sizes that suit you.  Place on a lightly greased or parchment papered baking pan.
  7. Bake for 21-24 minutes until lightly golden.  After baking, brush with remaining whipping cream and sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar mix.  Cool slightly before serving.

Prep time: 30-45 minutes… best served warm or within the day!

And, obviously, different apple and cheese choices open this up to MANY different options at your fingertips.

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This is a mainly music-based blog. If you stumbled in on a recipe search, check out my other recipes at THIS LINK.

~Dan – np: Au4…And Down Goes the Sky
Au4 - And Down Goes the Sky


REVIEW: David Bazan @ House Show (Portland, OR – 2/15/12)

16th Feb 12 (Thu) 1 comment

David Bazan is a busy man… he just got done with a 40+ date band tour in Nov/Dec 2011, and now he’s off and running with another near-40 date living room tour in Feb/Mar 2012.  His proximity (Seattle) to me (Oregon I-5 corridor) means I get to take in a lot of his shows.  Even though I just saw him with his band at Sam Bond’s in December, the living room tours are so fun and intimate.  I had to hit the Portland show last night…

He arrived about an hour late… first night of tour, and got stuck in traffic coming out of Seattle.  The good thing: hanging out in someone’s living room and kitchen sippin’ a beer is waaaaay better than hanging out at a stinky club playing LMFAO on loop.

After setting up his small cube amp, he kicked into his set…

Setlist: about 70 minutes

  • Cold Beer and Cigarettes
  • Wolves at the Door
  • Hard to Be
  • Q&A #1
  • Priests and Paramedics [Pedro the Lion]
  • Transcontinental [Pedro the Lion]
  • Shit Talker [Headphones]
  • Q&A #2
  • Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box [Radiohead]
  • Options [Pedro the Lion]
  • Virginia
  • Bearing Witness
  • Q&A #3
  • Strange Negotiations
    No Encore

A little shorter set than in the past, but I think that may have been due to running late.  The original “everyone needs to be out time” was 10pm, but he didn’t get going until 9:15pm.  So, for the rest of the living room tour, don’t judge the set length on Portland.  Despite the shorter set, I think it was a pretty good show… David was in a great mood and quite chatty as usual.

The somber take on “Wolves at the Door” was excellent… slower and a bit haunting compared to the version the band was belting out last year.  Another favorite was the return of the Radiohead cover that he played last year.  First three notes and goosebumps.  Such a great song.

There weren’t any new tunes played, which was a bit striking – as David is working on a new album, and it might even be done and to the label (Barsuk) by the beginning of May.  He said it could come out in August/September, but a lot of that depends on delivery to the label.

The Appropriate Linkage:

This was his first date of this tour… check out more tour dates below.

Next show for me… MEDGE (bellydancing) at Cozmic Pizza (2/17) and then post-rockers Talkdemonic at Sam Bond’s Garage (2/24).

~Dan – np: John Zorn’s The DreamersO’o

David Bazan – Winter 2012 House Show Tour

2/15 – Portland, OR
2/16 – Sacramento, CA
2/17 – Oakland, CA
2/18 – Los Angeles, CA
2/19 – Long Beach, CA
2/20 – Orange, CA
2/21 – Carlsbad, CA
2/22 – Phoenix, AZ
2/24 – Clinton, OK
2/25 – Denton, TX
2/26 – Dallas, TX
2/27 – Austin, TX
2/28 – Houston, TX
2/29 – Baton Rouge, LA
3/02 – Orlando, FL
3/03 – Jacksonville, FL
3/04 – Altanta, GA
3/05 – Nashville, TN
3/06 – Asheville, NC
3/07 – Charlotte, NC
3/09 – Charlottesville, VA
3/10 – Baltimore, MD
3/11 – Philadelphia, PA
3/12 – Brooklyn, NY
3/13 – Brooklyn, NY
3/14 – Boston, MA
3/15 – Buffalo, NY
3/16 – Cleveland, OH
3/17 – Three Rivers, MI
3/18 – Chicago, IL
3/19 – Madison, WI
3/21 – Minneapolis, MN
3/22 – Lincoln, NE
3/23 – Lawrence, KS
3/24 – Denver, CO
3/25 – Salt Lake City, UT
3/26 – Boise, ID
3/27 – Spokane, WA

REVIEW: Cellophoria @ House Concert (Creswell, OR – 12/18/11)

19th Dec 11 (Mon) Leave a comment

House concerts are the best… especially when your $$ goes straight to the artists and you get a smorgasbord of awesome food!  Super thanks to hosts Jenny & Mike (same place I co-hosted the Peter Mulvey show last month)!

Last afternoon’s show was by Cellophoria – a cello quartet made up of Eugene Symphony musicians.  Dale Bradley, Jeffrey Eaton, Ann Grabe, and Anne Ridlington all play with the Eugene Symphony.  They also have vast non-ES experience with the Eugene Opera Orchestra, Oregon Mozart Players, the OSU/Corvallis Symphony, Oregon Bach Festival and many varied teaching and playing opportunities.  They obviously keep busy, which made their ability and willingness to set aside a foggy afternoon for us into a true treat!

Their gorgeous set in a gorgeous setting…

Setlist: about an hour

  • Slavic Dance [Dale Bradley]
  • Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4 [Frederic Chopin, arr. Laszlo Varga]
  • Four Scottish & Irish Tunes [arr. Dale Bradley]
    ….Arran Boat Song
    ….Road to Lisdoonvarna
    ….Star of the County Down
    ….Skye Boat Song
  • Every Breath You Take [Sting, arr. John Reed]
  • Ashokan Farewell [Jay Ungar, arr. David Faulkner]
  • Gagliarda del Principe di Venosa [Carlo Gesualdo, arr. Árpád Pejtsik]
  • Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D Minor For Unaccompanied Violin, BWV 1004 [J.S. Bach, arr. Laszlo Varga]
  • Bagatelle No. 5 from Bagatelles for 2 Violins, Cello and Harmonium, Op. 47 [Antonin Dvorák, arr. Rosalynn Heuer]
  • Generations [Dale Bradley]
  • Eleanor Rigby [Lennon/McCartney, arr. B. Lanier]
  • All Through the Night [arr. Dale Bradley]

The sound in the high, vaulted wood ceiling living room was superb.  Full from good food and good music, it was a splendid late Fall/lazy Sunday afternoon.

That was presumably my last show of the year (unless something pops up between now and 12/30).  2011 year-end concert and album “best of” recaps coming up soon.  Next show for me… Pojama People play the music of Frank Zappa with FZ vocalist Ike Willis at Sam Bond’s on 1/7.

~Dan – np: Childish GambinoCamp

RECAP: Glen Phillips @ Stageit Sofa Sundays (Santa Barbara, CA – 11/27/11)

27th Nov 11 (Sun) Leave a comment

Glen Phillips (from Toad the Wet Sprocket & Works Progress Administration) has been doing what he calls “Sofa Sundays” on for a couple months now.  I didn’t know what it was all about until the last one (after it happened).  He sits down in his living room and plays (at least) 30 minutes of music directly to his computer-connected audience.  His shows thus far have cost only $3, and you can pay more (in tips) – but it’s limited to the first 250 people who buy tickets.  You can make requests and also chat with others in “attendance.”  Here’s what he played…

11/27/11 Setlist: ~50 minutes

  • Train Wreck
  • Nanci [Toad the Wet Sprocket]
  • The Next Day
  • Back On My Feet
  • I Still Love You
  • Cry For You [WPA]
  • I Will Not Take These Things For Granted [Toad]
  • Don’t Need Anything [fast version]
  • Thankful
  • Rainbow Connection/I’m Going To Go Back There Someday [teasers only]
  • End This Now
  • Good Intentions [Toad]
  • Redemption Song [Bob Marley]
  • Windmills

Easily the best $3 plus tip I’ve ever spent for live music.  From here on out, if I’m around, I’m IN.  He mentioned after “Train Wreck” in response to some requests, that he’ll do a show in the near future that’s more request oriented on songs that he doesn’t necessarily know off hand (i.e.- he’ll practice).

Stay tuned… the next Sofa Sunday might even be next week!

The Appropriate Linkage:

~Dan – np: Explosions in the SkyTake Care, Take Care, Take Care

REVIEW: A 3-day string of shows with Peter Mulvey (Eugene & Corvallis, OR – 11/10 to 11/12/11)

13th Nov 11 (Sun) 3 comments

Peter Mulvey takes the craft of American singer-songwriter out of the humdrum of a “guy and three chords on a guitar” into the realm of oft-comedic-oft-sentimental storytelling mixed in with the grit of the road and the shine of fine silver in your grandmother’s dining room.  He plays Tom Waits with humility and charm, and he plays perfectly ear-worm inducing folk-pop originals.  He plays show tunes, rock covers, and Michael Hedges-executed instrumentals.  His music gets stuck in your head, and for me, any time I hear of new music from him, I get it without question.  I also try to see him whenever I can… which brings me to recount the past three days of fantastic music.

from the house concert, 11/11/11
more photos at the bottom

Three Peter Mulvey concerts, three unique experiences.  First up, an interview with Peter Mulvey on KLCC Living Large (stream it here).  He talks about his tentative new standards album (tentatively called “Pocket Diamonds“) and played a few new songs in the studio.

The first of three shows was at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene on Thursday, November 10th.  The opener was local musician Michael Conley.  He played a shortish 25 minute set, but I was impressed with his songs… he fit in really well with fans of Peter Mulvey and Jeffrey Foucault.  Good guitar work.  Gritty songs, yet with a pop edge.

Peter came on at 9:45 and started off with a normal closing song for him, “Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (And Far Away From Home).”  As expected, Peter’s set was a great mix of originals and covers.  Despite the large amount of covers that he plays, he really puts his own mark on them.  He also pulls songs out that are classics or memorable favorites but not in the forefront of one’s memory.  A favorite from the night was his take on U2’s “The Fly“…

Eugene 11/10 Setlist: ~80 minutes

  • Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (and Far Away From Home)
  • Are You Sure? [Willie Nelson]
  • Old Simon Stimson
  • “The Rain Comes Down” [new PM song]
  • The Knuckleball Suite
  • Two Janes [Los Lobos]
  • Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies [Maybelle Carter]
  • Some People
  • Lonely at the Top [Randy Newman]
  • Black Rabbit
  • What Else Was It? [new PM song]
  • Lord I Have Made You a Place in My Heart [Greg Brown]
  • The Dreams
  • Blackbird [The Beatles]
  • Charlie
  • The Fly [U2]
  • Kids In The Square
  • Encore: The Book of Love [The Magnetic Fields]

Peter is usually good with a few one-liners or jokes.  Some favorites from the Sam Bond’s gig:

Freedom should be fried.
I had a banjo once, and then someone broke into my car… and they left 12 more banjos.

SO, how do you make a concert experience better?  You invite the musician to your house (or a friend’s house in this instance) and have him play in a living room for 35-40 of your friends.

Well, that’s what we did on Friday, November 11th… we invited Peter to play at a friend’s farm in Creswell (near Eugene).  He played two fantastic sets, with only a little bit of overlap from the night before.  There was much fantastic music, fantastic food (a HUGE vegetarian smorgasbord thanks to host Jenny!), vegan cupcakes (yay Divine Cupcake!), great craft beer and homebrew beers and sodas, and great discussion!

House Show 11/11 Setlist: two 45-minute sets

  • Set1 ~ You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams [Fats Waller]
  • “shout the battle cry of freedom” [public domain w/ Beatles instrumental tag at end]
  • Kids In The Square
  • Windshield
  • Pearl Handled Pistol [Jeffrey Foucault]
  • The Knuckleball Suite
  • Shirt
  • What Else Was It? [new PM song]
  • …Plus The Many Inevitable Fragments / Dynamite Bill
  • Set2 ~ Black Rabbit
  • Charlie
  • The Trouble With Poets
  • Trempealeau [new from 2010, not recorded yet]
  • Jockey Full of Bourbon [Tom Waits]
  • “The Rain Comes Down” [new PM song]
  • The Healthfood Girl [new PM song]
  • Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (and Far Away From Home)
    No Encore

I bought tickets to the Corvallis show (Saturday, November 12th) before I even knew about the Sam Bond’s show and before I could organize the house show.  Was I going to go?  Um… duh!

This was my first time to the Majestic Theatre in downtown Corvallis.  It was a gorgeously remodeled theater, and it looks like they’re ramping up to have a lot more exciting things going on (if you’re local, friend them on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter).

We had a wonderful dinner at Del Alma then dodged the rain to catch the opener Joe Von Appen.  I had only seen a YouTube clip of him prior, and it didn’t grab my interest.  Well, I’m glad I showed up for his set.  He was a mix of thinker/agitator/comedian/one-man freak show.  He was thought provoking, humorous, and frighteningly exciting and entrancing.  He is from Portland, and I hope he makes his way down south sometime again.  He was highly entertaining!

Peter hit the stage at 8:45 and played his longest set of the weekend.  Some repeats (hey, we like re-Petes) and tons of untouched music in the three-day run.  He did one of my favorite spoken word pieces from Letters From A Flying Machine – “Vlad the Astrophysicist.”

A new Mulvey tune “The Cardinal” made its first appearance for me.  It was a touching tune that came along with a seemingly non sequitur story about a squirrel getting into a large batch of THC butter.  Another favorite song he played was a Joe Henry cover… “Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation“… I think I’ve heard Peter play this before.  Prior to this, though, I was only familiar with Joe’s producer/mixer work (he does a LOT, specifically Over the Rhine’s latest album that I’m currently listening to in advance of their gig this coming week – The Long Surrender).

Peter also busted out not one, not two, but three Tom Waits tunes – the last one as the encore, sung off-mic.  He has a side gig in The LPs, and they play Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs front to back!  I’d LOVE to see that gig…

Corvallis 11/12 Setlist: ~1 hour 40 min

  • Kids In The Square
  • “man I’m broke and I’ve got nowhere to go” [Mississippi John Hurt, unidentified title]
  • Black Rabbit
  • Oh What A Beautiful Morning [Rodgers & Hammerstein Oklahoma! teaser]
  • The Dreams
  • Charlie
  • Shirt
  • “The Rain Comes Down” [new PM song, guess on title]
  • Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation [Joe Henry]
  • Girl in the Hi-Tops
  • Old Simon Stimson
  • Jockey Full of Bourbon [Tom Waits]
  • Hang Down Your Head [Tom Waits]
  • The Cardinal [new song]
  • What Else Was It? [new song]
  • Some People
  • Vlad The Astrophysicist
  • Mailman
  • Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad (and Far Away From Home)
  • Encore: Goodnight Irene [off-mic] [Tom Waits]

Some gems of info… Peter was once in an all-rollerskate version of Oklahoma!  Also, apparently, scientists have a difficult time showing THC toxicity in small animals.  A new expression Peter uttered… “the nickel of espresso dropped.” (explaining when the caffeine kicks in).  I dig it!

Peter has a new guitar duets CD out now, Nine Days Wonder, with long-time collaborator David “Goody” Goodrich.  It’s a fantastic record (click the image to the right for samples) – though it’s not really indicative of his live show.  Based on the amount of new material he played this weekend (five songs not on a PM record yet), it looks like he has a good start on a new studio record.  Here’s hoping!

In the meantime, check him out on Facebook, iTunes/Amazon, YouTube, etc… and go see him live if you get a chance.  He plays upwards of 120 live gigs a year all over the US (and sometimes in Europe, too).

I can guarantee you’ll like him (I’ve yet to hear someone who doesn’t love him when I drag them along to shows). :)

The Appropriate Linkage:

Next shows for me… Cirque du Soliel presents Michael Jackson: The Immortal (Eugene 11/15), rapper Chali 2Na (Eugene 11/16) and the Americana duo Over the Rhine (Portland 1/17).

~Dan – np: Over the RhineThe Long Surrender

PETER MULVEY PHOTOS 11/10 to 11/12/2011


MINI-REVIEW: Gonzalo Bergara Quartet @ house concert (Eugene, OR – 10/23/11)

24th Oct 11 (Mon) 1 comment

I love the Rolling & Tumbling house concerts.  If you’re in Eugene and love good music in an intimate setting, head over to HERE and sign up for the mailing list.  They host concerts about once a quarter, and it’s usually some interesting world music.  The next one is January 15th… the Michael Winograd klezmer trio from NYC.

Last night’s show was the Gonzalo Bergara Quartet from Los Angeles via Argentina.

They were a hot band, playing primarily Django Reinhardt-influenced gypsy jazz guitar pieces, with a few variations (like bossa nova) added in.  The frontman, Gonzalo Bergara, was phenomenal on guitar… truly worthy of following in Django’s shadow.  His band was made up of Rob Hardt primarily on clarinet (and sax on occasion), Jeffrey Radaich on rhythm guitar (and vocals for “L.O.V.E.“), and Brian Netzley on upright bass.

They played an hour-long set, then we broke for snacks/intermission and they came back for a show-capping 45 minute set.  They were humorous, graceful, and virtuosos.  They played many unidentifiable tunes, but I do know they played these: Simplicated, Gonzalogy, August (new/unrecorded), L.O.V.E., Coquette, Nightmare #1, Octubre/Noviembre, La Muerte De Un Lobo Bueno, some more Django tunes, a bossa nova tune (possibly Elena’s Bossa).

(click albums below for sound samples)

They play all over the world.  They played in Eugene a couple years ago; so they’re likely not back for a bit.  Check out their tour dates to see if they’re coming to your neck of the woods.

The Appropriate Linkage:

  • Gonzalo Bergara Quartet‘s Site
  • Gonzalo Bergara Quartet’s Social Media Links (see below)

Next show for me… John Scofield at the Shedd (Eugene) on 10/26, and then Pomplamoose at Doug Fir Lounge (Portland) on 10/27.

~Dan – np: Toad the Wet SprocketAll You Want

REVIEW: David Bazan @ House Show (Eugene, OR – 9/29/11)

30th Sep 11 (Fri) 3 comments

Wave 2 of the David Bazan 2011 Living Room tour… I missed the last swipe through in Corvallis, but was destined to see him in my home town again.  It was held at the same house from 2009 (that review here).  Thank you so much to the super great hosts!

No opener this time.  David kicked into it just after 8pm with the lead off track to his new album, Strange Negotiations.  It’s a great record, and rumor has it that he’s working on a new one already – but there was no mention of that last night…

Setlist: ~80 mins

  • Wolves at the Door
  • Cold Beer and Cigarettes
  • June 18, 1976 (Pedro the Lion)
  • Hard to Be
  • Q&A 1
  • Foregone Conclusions (Pedro the Lion)
  • Shit Talker (Headphones)
  • Virginia
  • Q&A 2 on old blues guitarists
  • Fewer Broken Pieces
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Pedro the Lion)
  • Q&A 3
  • Transcontinental (Pedro the Lion)
  • Q&A 4
  • Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box (Radiohead cover for Elliott Smith)
  • Won’t Let Go
  • Curse Your Branches
  • Q&A 5
  • Strange Negotiations
  • No Encore

David’s playing Sam Bond’s Garage in about 2 1/2 months with a full band (Dec 14th for those wanting to know); so Eugene will be lucky to see his beardy face grace our presence once again.

The Appropriate Linkage:

Check out the now-almost-all-done tour dates below.  Woodinville, Washington tonight – then he’s back to his own bed until the band tour hits in the late Fall…

Next show for me… Melt Banana at WOW Hall on 10/1.

~Dan – np: Frank Zappa – Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison

Bazan’s 2nd wave of Living Room Tour Dates 2011

Mon 9/5 – Bozeman, MT
Tues 9/6 – Salt Lake City, UT
Wed 9/7 – Fort Collins, CO
Thurs 9/8 – Topeka, KS
Fri 9/9 – Winona, MN
Sat 9/10 – Wheaton, IL
Sun 9/11 – Champaign, IL
Mon 9/12 – Lexington, KY
Tues 9/13 – Scott Depot, WV
Wed 9/14 – Wilmington, OH
Thurs 9/15 – Cleveland, OH
Fri 9/16 – Rochester, NY
Sat 9/17 – Wilkes-Barre, PA
Sun 9/18 – Williamstown, NJ
Mon 9/19 – Oakton, VA
Tues 9/20 – Charlottesville, VA
Wed 9/21 – Simpsonville, SC
Thurs 9/22 – Birmingham, AL
Fri 9/23 – Shreveport, LA
Sat 9/24 – Tulsa, OK
Mon 9/26 – Payson, AZ
Tues 9/27 – Aliso Viejo, CA
Wed 9/28 – Santa Rosa, CA
Thurs 9/29 – Eugene, OR
Fri 9/30 – Woodinville, WA

Derek Webb – Democracy Vol 2 #3

7th Jun 11 (Tue) Leave a comment

If you came here for the U2 Seattle review, GO HERE.

One a month, from March to December 2011…

Derek Webb’s Democracy Vol 2… This month, it is “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys. I generally hate/hate/hate this song… I blame Jonatha Brooke & Jars of Clay’s more schmaltzy versions.  I’m digging Derek’s more layered version.

For those not in the know, Democracy Vol 2 is a continuation of the covers project Derek started last year. The fans get to nominate songs and then vote once the nominations are tallied. Here’s what he’s done in 2010 and 2011 to date (you can still go back and buy this volume):

  • January 2010: The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • February: Coldplay – Fix You
  • March: Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’
  • April: Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
  • May: Sufjan Stevens – Chicago *a personal fave*
  • June: U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name
  • July: Huey Lewis & the News – Power of Love
  • August: The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby *a personal fave*
  • September: Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence
  • October: Radiohead – Karma Police *a personal fave*
  • November: Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
  • December: Robert Robinson – Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • January 2011: off
  • February: off
  • March: Cee-Lo Green – F**k You
  • April: Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
  • May: The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Also, Derek & his wife Sandra McCracken are hitting the road in the Fall for a house concert / living room show tour for their upcoming TN EP.  GO HERE if you can host.

~Dan – np: PuyaAreyto

Democracy Vol. 2 is a series of subscription based albums of cover songs that Derek will be recording annually, starting January 2010. Those who participate will not only receive the exclusive album, but will democratically decide what songs Derek will record.

Ever wished you could hear Derek cover your favorite Beatles song? Or Backstreet Boys song? Or even re-record your favorite old Caedmon’s Call song? Here’s your chance. Songs will be nominated and voted down to 10. Derek will record them (demo quality) and deliver them digitally (320kbps MP3s), one song per month for 10 months (March to December). Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique collaborative project with Derek Webb!

REVIEW: AMA Trio @ House Show (Eugene, OR – 9/25/10)

26th Sep 10 (Sun) Leave a comment


My second time to a lovely Rolling & Tumbling House Concert near UO campus in Eugene, OR.  R&T is a great!  They seem to bring in a lot of songwriters and world musicians.  SO, this was only my second of many R&T house shows…

When I saw Amy Denio on the list with a new project, the AMA Trio, I didn’t want to miss it.  I have been a fan of another of Amy’s bands – The Tiptons Sax Quartet.  The AMA Trio is a bit different from the woodwind-forward jazz of the Tiptons, more world fusion / Latin American music.  The AMA Trio is Amy Denio alongside Madeleine Sosin & Abel Rocha (who have a few CDs out under the name Correo Aereo).

They played traditional songs from Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina, as well as many of their own original tunes.  All three were proficient multi-instrumentalists.  Madeleine also played the violin, guitar, drum, shakers as well as singing on a few songs.  Amy played accordion, clarinet, and drum.  She sang on a few tunes as well.  Abel was the primary vocalist (when they weren’t jamming), as well as played a mean set of guitars and harp.  The ease of all three members switching from one instrument made it seem quite effortless.

Some of the most fascinating playing was what might be considered normally subdued instruments… Madeleine’s shaker playing made the little instruments seem way more distinctly rhythmic.  She should teach lessons… because I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people “just shaking” them with no real purpose.  Abel’s harp playing was also captivating… playing both the lead melodies and the rhythm parts.  Amy stuck to accordion for more than half the set, when she broke out the clarinet, she had some nice flavors and solos to add to the songs.  I dug the more jazzy textures she added when she was on reeds.

Setlist: a little over 2 hours

  • Set 1~ unknown
  • Carnaval (Venezuela)
  • Ararat (Armenian)
  • Jarabe Loco (Mexico)
  • Martiñana (Mexico)
  • “I Love You” (Amy’s tango for a cat)
  • Playa Grande (Venezuela)
  • Cuatrapeado
  • Raisa (Algerian-based original)
  • Ti Feu (Mexico – Spanish & Zapotec)
  • Entre a Mi Pago (Argentina)
  • Golpe de Agua
  • Set 2~ Tres Diamantes (Venezuela)
  • Finadita
  • Breakfast in Bed (Amy original)
  • Los Hermanos (Argentina)
  • unknown klezmer-Argentinian tune (Tiptons-y in spots to my ear, but actually arranged by Madeleine)
  • Guendanabani (Zapotec)
  • Darling, Please Don’t Wake Me (Amy original)
  • Golpes Tocuyanos
  • Hanana (Amy original)
    corrections to the setlist are welcomed

They’re going into the studio this coming week to make their first record as a trio.  Stay tuned to their MySpace page below for news as it becomes available.

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REVIEW: Susan Enan @ Our House (Eugene, OR – 7/15/10)

16th Jul 10 (Fri) 4 comments


UK-native singer-songwriter Susan Enan got a break in 2003 when, after hearing her Moonlight -EP-, she was asked to go on tour with Cincinnati-based but nationally-known folky-pop band Over the Rhine.  I got a chance to see Susan on that tour twice and bought that little indie recording.

Several years in the making, her full-length album Plainsong expands on that initial EP with some suberbly crafted acoustic pop.  It has recently garnered some acclaim and mainstream exposure…  Paste Magazine noted Plainsong as one of the “eight criminally underrated albums of 2009.”  To kick off this tour, she did a live session at Paste studios in Atlanta, Georgia (check link below for video of Live @ Paste).  One of the cornerstone songs of Plainsong, “Bring on the Wonder,” features Sarah McLachlan and was recently on the Fox crime drama BONES.  Sarah McLachlan has recently recorded her own version of Susan’s song for her upcoming album – Laws of Illusion.

During last night’s show, Susan shared with us that she was trying to find a way to do something unique.  She had done a couple “accidental” house shows in Europe and figured she’d give house shows a try on a larger scale.  Personally, I had been to a handful of house concerts (recently: David Bazan of Pedro the Lion in 2009 & Fishtank Ensemble earlier this year), but I’d never hosted a house concert before.  Well, there’s no better time than the present… so I volunteered.

The Eugene show was roughly 1/3 of the way through the North American leg of Susan’s Bring on the Song – House Concert Tour.  She brought her guitar, keyboard & voice and serenaded us on our back patio amidst a mild summer Oregon evening.  The audience brought a few extra chairs, some wine, beer, and snacks.  It was truly moving to be able to listen and interact with Susan in such an intimate setting.  A gentle breeze, a wandering pup, random neighborhood noises, and beautiful song.  Bring on the song!

Setlist: about an hour
(per written setlist… but may have switched around a bit)

  • If You’re Feelin’ Low
  • Skin, Bone & Silicone
  • Monoplain
  • Bring on the Wonder
  • Don’t Worry
  • Ingrid Bergman [Woody Guthrie]
  • Bird
  • On Your Side
  • Love Song
  • We All Belong Here
  • Moonlight

Short and sweet and highly memorable.  We all got to chat with her a bit after the show, and it was nice to not be stuck in a smokey bar buying overpriced beer and snacks while sitting 30+ feet away from the artist.  If you have the opportunity to see an upcoming house concert of Susan’s – do it! If you get an opportunity to host a house concert for her (or anyone) – do it! It’s totally fun!!  First time hosting, hopefully not the last…

more photos below

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Check out more tour dates below.

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Summer 2010 – North America House Concert Tour Dates
go to for info/ticket availability

  • 6/30 – Atlanta, GA
  • 7/3 – Sherman, TX
  • 7/5 – Lawrence (nr Kansas City), KS
  • 7/8 – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 7/10 – Burlingame, San Francisco Bay, CA
  • 7/13 – Harbor/Brookings, OR
  • 7/15 – Eugene, OR
  • 7/16 – Portland, OR
  • 7/17 – Seattle, WA
  • 7/19 – Vernon, BC, Canada
  • 7/21 – Helena, MT
  • 7/24 – Winnepeg, MB, Canada
  • 7/26 – St. Paul, MN
  • 7/28 – Dubuque, IA
  • 7/29 – Chicago, IL
  • 7/31 – Hamilton, MI
  • 8/1 – Columbus, OH
  • 8/5 – Nashville, TN
  • 8/6 – Asheville, NC
  • 8/8 – Reston, VA
  • 8/20 – West Grove/Kennett Square, PA
  • 8/21 – Franklin Square, NY

REVIEW: David Bazan [Pedro the Lion] @ House Show (Eugene, OR – 7/25/09)

26th Jul 09 (Sun) 7 comments


I last saw David Bazan [former Pedro the Lion frontman] in Eugene almost two years ago (with J. Tillman @ the Indigo District).  I have had a few chances for Portland gigs since then, but they never meshed with my schedule.  The chance to see him at an intimate house show couldn’t be passed up.

I’d heard about house shows / house concerts for a while.  I went to one many years back, but it was friends / local Cincinnatians; so I didn’t really count it as a “real” house show.  Well, this was my first experience with a “national artist” doing a house show.  How it works for David’s booking is 1) the host provides a place for 30-100 people, 2) tickets are sold only online via David’s website, 3) doors at 7:30 / show starts at 8 / people out by 10pm, 4) no sound system needed (just a chair or stool to sit on), and 5) no outside advertising is done.

I was one of 30 or 35 people who got in on the Eugene house show deal.  It was fun to hang out with people before the show.  There was a great spread of food, and I got to talk with the hosts a bit and some wonderful gents who drove down from Vancouver, BC.  The show was BYOB, but they also had some Ninkasi Quantum on tap (or should I say Quant-yum).

David came up a little before 8pm and announced a friend, Blake Wescott, who came up and played 4-5 songs (about 15-20 minutes).  Blake Wescott has worked in the studio with David Bazan / Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, Aaron Sprinkle, Denison Witmer, and others.  He’s also toured as a backing musician for R.E.M and Crystal Skulls.  His sound was great, a gentle singer-songwriter.  He mentioned that he played the four songs from his MySpace page: Dreams in Twos, Live Here with You, My Way Home, and Carry On… plus I think he threw in another one.  Great set, I’d see him again if he comes through town!

David went on about 8:10 or so and played and chatted until right about 9:30pm.  He played mostly newer stuff, but threw in a few Pedro the Lion tunes as well.  I mean, he was the driving force of the band.  Afterwards, there was more discussion on the back patio.  It was good to hear him further expanding on some of the “Q&A” discussions from the show.  Anyway, here’s what he played…


  • Hard to Be
  • Please, Baby, Please
  • Priests and Paramedics
  • Q&A #1
  • Harmless Sparks / Fewer Moving Parts
  • June 18, 1976
  • Q&A #2
  • Cold Beer and Cigarettes
  • When We Fell
  • Q&A #3
  • Transcontinental
  • Curse Your Branches
  • Options
  • Q&A #4
  • Bearing Witness
  • Of Up and Coming Monarchs
  • Bless This Mess (aka Weeds in the Wheat)
  • Q&A #5
  • In Stitches

Great experience… I need to try to convince my wife to let me host one sometime at our house.  I think we could handle it for someone like David Bazan, Derek Webb, or Bill Mallonee.  Oh, maybe Michael Kelsey (though it would cost more, as he doesn’t get out here… ever).  Hmm… oh, a Secret Chiefs acoustic Xaphan show in our living room would allow me to die a happy man.  Yeah, I think I’m dreaming.

David announced that the 5-piece band would be coming through Oregon (and elsewhere) again in the Fall, but it will all be officially announced on August 5th.  Yay!

As reported last week, David’s got his solo debut coming out on September 1st.  It’s called Curse Your Branches.  It is now available for pre-order on Amazon now, but will be available through David’s site on August 5th (maybe hold out for that, as he may have some special goodies).

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Blake Wescott Blake Wescott David Bazan David Bazan David Bazan David Bazan David Bazan David Bazan

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