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REVIEW: AMA Trio @ House Show (Eugene, OR – 9/25/10)

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My second time to a lovely Rolling & Tumbling House Concert near UO campus in Eugene, OR.  R&T is a great!  They seem to bring in a lot of songwriters and world musicians.  SO, this was only my second of many R&T house shows…

When I saw Amy Denio on the list with a new project, the AMA Trio, I didn’t want to miss it.  I have been a fan of another of Amy’s bands – The Tiptons Sax Quartet.  The AMA Trio is a bit different from the woodwind-forward jazz of the Tiptons, more world fusion / Latin American music.  The AMA Trio is Amy Denio alongside Madeleine Sosin & Abel Rocha (who have a few CDs out under the name Correo Aereo).

They played traditional songs from Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina, as well as many of their own original tunes.  All three were proficient multi-instrumentalists.  Madeleine also played the violin, guitar, drum, shakers as well as singing on a few songs.  Amy played accordion, clarinet, and drum.  She sang on a few tunes as well.  Abel was the primary vocalist (when they weren’t jamming), as well as played a mean set of guitars and harp.  The ease of all three members switching from one instrument made it seem quite effortless.

Some of the most fascinating playing was what might be considered normally subdued instruments… Madeleine’s shaker playing made the little instruments seem way more distinctly rhythmic.  She should teach lessons… because I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people “just shaking” them with no real purpose.  Abel’s harp playing was also captivating… playing both the lead melodies and the rhythm parts.  Amy stuck to accordion for more than half the set, when she broke out the clarinet, she had some nice flavors and solos to add to the songs.  I dug the more jazzy textures she added when she was on reeds.

Setlist: a little over 2 hours

  • Set 1~ unknown
  • Carnaval (Venezuela)
  • Ararat (Armenian)
  • Jarabe Loco (Mexico)
  • Martiñana (Mexico)
  • “I Love You” (Amy’s tango for a cat)
  • Playa Grande (Venezuela)
  • Cuatrapeado
  • Raisa (Algerian-based original)
  • Ti Feu (Mexico – Spanish & Zapotec)
  • Entre a Mi Pago (Argentina)
  • Golpe de Agua
  • Set 2~ Tres Diamantes (Venezuela)
  • Finadita
  • Breakfast in Bed (Amy original)
  • Los Hermanos (Argentina)
  • unknown klezmer-Argentinian tune (Tiptons-y in spots to my ear, but actually arranged by Madeleine)
  • Guendanabani (Zapotec)
  • Darling, Please Don’t Wake Me (Amy original)
  • Golpes Tocuyanos
  • Hanana (Amy original)
    corrections to the setlist are welcomed

They’re going into the studio this coming week to make their first record as a trio.  Stay tuned to their MySpace page below for news as it becomes available.

more photos below

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you may use freely under a creative commons attribution

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