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Glen Phillips Live on Paste

8th May 10 (Sat) Leave a comment

Glen Phillips plays live on Paste

(click picture for Paste video)

He plays “Always Have My Love,” “Rise Up,” “Two Headed Boy” (Neutral Milk Hotel cover), and “Whatever I Am.”

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Jónsi’s “Stars in Still Water” video

26th Mar 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

The new video for Jónsi Birgisson’s “Stars in Still Water” is featured over at Paste

Debut album, Go, comes out April 6th.  North American Tour starts April 6th as well.  For more info, go to

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new Sunny Day Real Estate album

10th Mar 10 (Wed) 1 comment

As reported on Paste

As if fans weren’t excited enough about Sunny Day Real Estate reuniting, reissuing two albums (1994’s Diary and 1995’s LP2) and touring (review of Portland’s Sept 2009 SDRE show), there are now reports that the band may be recording a new album.

This afternoon, Marco Williams—a radio DJ at KEXP 90.3—tweeted, “Great news today. Just got an email from Nate from Sunny Day Real Estate/Foo Fighters… SDRE is recording A NEW RECORD IN MAY!!”

Talk of a new album began after the band performed a new song during their reunion tour, so Williams’ declaration adds more validity to those rumors. If this new album comes to fruition, it will be the band’s first release of new material since 2000.

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oh, sweet… Futurama’s on…

21st Feb 09 (Sat) Leave a comment

“Good news everyone…”

OK… so, Futurama might come back to TV.  As was reported on Paste’s blog

After being treated like a red-headed stepchild and mismanaged by the bumbling Fox network, Futurama, the sometimes uneven sci-fi comedy developed by Matt Groening, may return to the station’s line-up after all. The announcement comes by way of Billy West, who voiced Professor Farnsworth, Fry and Zapp Brannigan. [Read more over at Paste.]

Geeks who’d rather watch Futurama than do other things rejoice everywhere (warning: that link, while humorous, is not necessarily suitable for work).  Futurama had four seasons on Fox before being canceled.  Their run on Comedy Central’s Adult Swim and their recent straight-to-DVD movies have kept the dream alive, and as of now may make returning to primetime a good idea for Fox.

Bender’s Big Score / The Beast with a Billion Backs
Bender’s Game / Into the Wild Green Yonder

Speaking of geeks, also on Paste’s blog, Leonardo DiCaprio may bring back War Games (that 1983 chess-meets-world-destruction-meets-Keds movie that launched Matthew Broderick).  Cool…

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