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oh, sweet… Futurama’s on…

21st Feb 09 (Sat) Leave a comment Go to comments

“Good news everyone…”

OK… so, Futurama might come back to TV.  As was reported on Paste’s blog

After being treated like a red-headed stepchild and mismanaged by the bumbling Fox network, Futurama, the sometimes uneven sci-fi comedy developed by Matt Groening, may return to the station’s line-up after all. The announcement comes by way of Billy West, who voiced Professor Farnsworth, Fry and Zapp Brannigan. [Read more over at Paste.]

Geeks who’d rather watch Futurama than do other things rejoice everywhere (warning: that link, while humorous, is not necessarily suitable for work).  Futurama had four seasons on Fox before being canceled.  Their run on Comedy Central’s Adult Swim and their recent straight-to-DVD movies have kept the dream alive, and as of now may make returning to primetime a good idea for Fox.

Bender’s Big Score / The Beast with a Billion Backs
Bender’s Game / Into the Wild Green Yonder

Speaking of geeks, also on Paste’s blog, Leonardo DiCaprio may bring back War Games (that 1983 chess-meets-world-destruction-meets-Keds movie that launched Matthew Broderick).  Cool…

~Dan – np: BeckMidnight Vultures

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