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Porcupine Tree – Bonnie the Cat (video)

12th Jul 10 (Mon) 2 comments

Check out the new, Tool-esque video for Porcupine Tree‘s “Bonnie the Cat” from 2009’s The Incident

click for video at

It’s weird… the song didn’t even make me think of Tool, but now watching the CGI/Adam Jonesy stop-animation video, the bass line comes through more and the song definitely reminds me of Tool.  Hmmm… I’d expect a little more originality from Steven Wilson & Co… well, at least they’re copying a band for which I have a lot of respect.

~Dan – np: Susan EnanPlainsong

REVIEW: Porcupine Tree w/ That1Guy @ Roseland (Portland, OR – 9/16/09)

17th Sep 09 (Thu) 12 comments

Rarely do two bands you like happen to tour together.  Porcupine Tree is touring with King’s X on this U.S. Leg… well… ok, starting in a week in Ohio.  This West Coast leg, though gets That1Guy (another musician I like a lot).  I’m bummed I’m missing a KXC/PT show, but That1Guy is a fun live act as well.

I guess I’ll have to get used to the Roseland, as I imagine I’ll be seeing more and more shows here over the years.  It’s an “OK” venue… a basic stand-y rock club.  They do have a nice food menu, though… and I got as Zappa veggie dog (I heart the PacNW).  The band had a ban on cameras, outside of the officially selected photographer for the Incident tour blog; so no photos from me this time.

That1Guy played a short set.  Pretty much the same set as the last time I saw him in Feb, but just cut short. I was kind of bummed that he didn’t play “Buttmachine” or “Mustaches.”  Maybe he was trying to be “more serious” for the prog fans.  I don’t know.  I think “Buttmachine” is one of his catchiest songs, regardless of its ridiculous lyrics.  Watch the video here.  Overall his set & jams were a bit redundant / repetitive, but he’s still fun to watch.

Setlist: about 40 mins

  • Intro Jam
  • Jigsaw
  • Weasel Potpie leading into Instrumental Jam
  • Heaven or Heck
  • Dig (with the magic boot)
  • Outro Jam (T1G’s credit card jam with snippets of “Smoke on the Water”)

That1Guy’s 2007 album, The Moon is Disgusting, aged well.  I’m still digging it a bunch, and wish he would have played more off of it outside of “Jigsaw” and “Dig.”  You can listen to samples of the album HERE.

Next up, Porcupine Tree, whose new album, The Incident, arrived to my earbuds last weekend (thanks to Demonoid) but also hit my hands in a the lush limited edition on Tuesday.  Wow… it’s freakin’ excellent.  Great packaging in the deluxe edition.  I think the limited edition is sold out, but the standard CD is available worldwide now.

Porcupine Tree hit the stage around 9:15 and played a first set entirely made up of The Incident‘s 1st disc.  They didn’t stray from the album in scope or sound.  It was very great being in the same room as Steven again.  He’s truly a great musician and songwriter, which is a hard moniker to assign to a progressive rock musician (most of them can’t write a song to save their lives).  Their set…


  • The Incident (in its entirety)
    I – Occam’s Razor
    II – The Blind House
    III – Great Expectations
    IV – Kneel and Disconnect
    V – Drawing the Line
    VI – The Incident
    VII – Your Unpleasant Family
    VIII – The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train
    IX – Time Flies
    X – Degree Zero of Liberty
    XI – Octane Twisted
    XII – The Séance
    XIII – Circle of Manias
    XIV – I Drive the Hearse
    2nd Set
  • The Start of Something Beautiful
  • Buying New Soul
  • Anesthetize Part 2
  • Lazarus
  • Strip the Soul
  • .3
  • Bonnie the Cat
  • Encore: Way Out of Here
  • Trains

Great show for their fantastic new album.  They played right around 2 hours total.  The Incident is easily the best album they’ve done since In Absentia, IMO.  This was only the 2nd show of their tour, and it didn’t really show.  I mean, they were on top of their game.  Steven mentioned that they were a little nervous at the Seattle show the day prior.  Somehow I’m skeptical of that.  They probably roll out of bed and could play these songs blindfolded. :)

The Appropriate Linkage:

~Dan – np: Patton OswaltMy Weakness is Strong

Further U.S> Porcupine Tree Tour Dates (as of now)

Tue 15 Sep SEATTLE, WA MOORE THEATER [opener: That1Guy]
Wed 16 Sep PORTLAND, OR ROSELAND [opener: That 1 Guy]
Fri 18 Sep SAN FRANCISCO WARFIELD [opener: That 1 Guy]
Sat 19 Sep LOS ANGELES CLUB NOKIA [opener: Big Elf]
Mon 21 Sep CLEVELAND, OH HOUSE OF BLUES [opener: King’s X]
Tue 22 Sep CHICAGO, IL VIC THEATER [opener: King’s X]
Thu 24 Sep NY, NY TERMINAL 5 [opener: King’s X]

Fri 25 Sep BALTIMORE RAM’S HEAD [opener: King’s X]
Sat 26 Sep PHILLY ELECTRIC FACTORY [opener: King’s X]
Sun 27 Sep BOSTON, MA HOUSE OF BLUES [opener: King’s X]
Tue 29 Sep MONTREAL METROPOLIS [opener: King’s X]

Porcupine Tree / Larry David & Woody Allen

13th Jun 09 (Sat) 2 comments

UK progrockers Porcupine Tree have a new album coming out in September, and it now has a name: The Incident.  It’s out September 21st on Roadrunner Records in the United States.  It’ll be a double-album: first CD being the (cough) 55-minute title track.  The 2nd CD being an EP-lengthed featuring these four songs: “Flicker,” “Bonnie The Cat,” “Black Dahlia,” and “Remember Me Lover.”

My fandom of Steven Wilson’s songwriting (examples: Stupid Dream & Lightbulb Sun) will probably lead me to gravitate to the 2nd CD, but we shall see.  Their counterpart in the prog world, Dream Theater, can’t write their way out of a wet paper bag (when it comes to a “song”)… so at least Steven tends to do that every once in a while…

As previously reported, Porcupine Tree hits the road with King’s X and That1Guy this fall (two favorite artists of mine).  I’ll be at the That1Guy-opened show in Portland, OR.


Larry David is a busy man.  As previously reported, the 7th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is underway (and will host all major members of the Seinfeld cast).  Larry’s feature movie from writer/director Woody Allen is hitting the streets this June/July.  Here’s a trailer for Whatever Works:

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