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dredg & Salmon Rushdie

12th Oct 09 (Mon) Leave a comment

One of my favorite rock bands around right now is dredg.  I’ve seen them twice this year, and their 2009 album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion is at this time the easiest pick for album of the year for me.  Easiest.  It’s fantastic.  The aforementioned album is a concept album inspired by Salmon Rushdie‘s “Imagine There’s No Heaven: A Letter to the Sixth Billionth Citizen.”

Well, SPIN just put out an article with a review, live videos, and music downloads from a joint performance by dredg & Salmon Rushdie at Manhattan’s Housing Works’ Bookstore Café (click the picture below).

dredg and Samlon Rushdie

The videos included are Salmon reading his essay and then dredg performing “The Pariah,” “The Ornament,” and”Information.”  Also available for download on the site are mp3’s of three dredg songs:

DOWNLOAD (free music):

~Dan – np: Foo FightersFoo Fighters

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