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free 6pntr

17th Sep 08 (Wed) Leave a comment

I heard about this through a Waterdeep mailing, but stumbled on a free (or as cheap as free) Sixpence None the Richer -EP- as well on

Good choices (that cost me a total of $3… for all of them): Waterdeep‘s Heart Attack Time Machine, The Khrusty Brothersself-titled debut, and Sixpence‘s My Dear Machine -EP-.  Another good choice (that I had via other methods, like Derek Webb‘s The Ringing Bell.

Ah, a philosophical agnostic / practical atheist, listening to Jewish music, blogging about Christian rock… WTF!?

~Dan – np: Oren Ambarchi & Z’evSpirit Transform Me*

*– Well, I guess it’s barely what’s normally considered “Jewish” music (i.e.- look Oren & Z’ev up on iTunes)

REVIEW: Ric Hordinski & Leigh Nash @ the Monastery (Cincinnati – – 6/26/07)

27th Jun 07 (Wed) Leave a comment

great show last night. Ric‘s set was loud and buzzy, but good songs nonetheless. he didn’t play anything from his new record, The Silence of Everything Yearned For, which was odd… but it was a good set anyway. smile.gif and his new record is great. listening to it now… perhaps more similar to Hush but more straight-forward guitar rather than ambient guitar. Josh Seurkamp joined him on drums, and Mark Lukie (sp?) on bass (aka “Shaggy” per Bruce).

Leigh Nash‘s set was great as well. She played roughly an hour, containing songs from her solo album (last year’s Blue on Blue) as well as “Breathe Your Name” and “Kiss Me” from the 6p catalog. Cute persona and beautiful voice. We stayed for her whole set, even though I’m known for liking sleep on a weekday. It was a highly enjoyable evening.

np: ric hordinskithe silence of everything yearned for

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