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Stryper – The Covering Tour

12th Feb 11 (Sat) Leave a comment

The yellow and black spandex is hitting the road again.  If I’m not on the other side of the state for work, I’m planning on hitting the Portland show… I mean, why not?  It’s Stryper… should be entertaining to say the least!

March 2011 US Tour

  • Mar. 02 – Seattle, WA – El Corazón
  • Mar. 03 – Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater
  • Mar. 05 – Santa Clara, CA – Avalon Nightclub
  • Mar. 08 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House
  • Mar. 09 – Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia LA Live
  • Mar. 11 – Las Vegas, NV – Santa Fe Station Casino
  • Mar. 13 – Lubbock, TX – Jake’s Sports Cafe
  • Mar. 14 – Houston, TX – Scout Bar
  • Mar. 15 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
  • Mar. 16 – Dallas, TX – Trees

They’re out in support of their new album of covers… The Covering (out on February 15th).  It features the original line-up: Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, and Timothy Gaines.  Tracklist: 1. Set Me Free (Sweet) 2. Blackout (Scorpions) 3. Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) 4. Lights Out (UFO) 5. Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas) 6. Highway Star (Deep Purple) 7. Shout It Out Loud (Kiss) 8. Over The Mountain (Ozzy Osbourne) 9. The Trooper (Iron Maiden) 10. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest) 11. On Fire (Van Halen) 12. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) 13. God (Stryper).

~Dan – np: Over the RhineThe Long Surrender


Burlap to Cashmere returns

22nd Oct 10 (Fri) Leave a comment

Behold the return of Burlap to Cashmere

Yeah, I liked ’em way back when.  I’m hoping they’re not more Jebus-y.  I bet they are. We shall see.  I always liked their musicianship, Greek folk influences, and Steven Delopoulos’ lyricism and singing…

~Dan – np: Sufjan StevensThe Age of Adz

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free 6pntr

17th Sep 08 (Wed) Leave a comment

I heard about this through a Waterdeep mailing, but stumbled on a free (or as cheap as free) Sixpence None the Richer -EP- as well on

Good choices (that cost me a total of $3… for all of them): Waterdeep‘s Heart Attack Time Machine, The Khrusty Brothersself-titled debut, and Sixpence‘s My Dear Machine -EP-.  Another good choice (that I had via other methods, like Derek Webb‘s The Ringing Bell.

Ah, a philosophical agnostic / practical atheist, listening to Jewish music, blogging about Christian rock… WTF!?

~Dan – np: Oren Ambarchi & Z’evSpirit Transform Me*

*– Well, I guess it’s barely what’s normally considered “Jewish” music (i.e.- look Oren & Z’ev up on iTunes)

Guitar Praise

29th Aug 08 (Fri) 9 comments

Before I start, I am an atheist, but I’m not anti-Christian or anti-religious people.  I just believe in one less god than they do.  We should all coexist.  With that being said…

Why is this game needed?  Oh, so, as a Christian, you shouldn’t set yourself up to be a hero?  You also shouldn’t play an “evil rock” song on a fake guitar?  You should play sanctified “rock for the rock” on a fake guitar?


The troubling thing… looking at the setlist for the game, they don’t even have the “good” Christian rock on there (outside of potentially the Crucified and dc Talk tracks).  They need some Tourniquet, Believer, Deliverance, Klank, Stavesacre, or, hell… even Stryper or P.O.D..  And the Jars of Clay song is… well, not even one of their dozen popular ones.

~Dan – np: ElleryPromo EP

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