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free 6pntr

17th Sep 08 (Wed) Leave a comment

I heard about this through a Waterdeep mailing, but stumbled on a free (or as cheap as free) Sixpence None the Richer -EP- as well on

Good choices (that cost me a total of $3… for all of them): Waterdeep‘s Heart Attack Time Machine, The Khrusty Brothersself-titled debut, and Sixpence‘s My Dear Machine -EP-.  Another good choice (that I had via other methods, like Derek Webb‘s The Ringing Bell.

Ah, a philosophical agnostic / practical atheist, listening to Jewish music, blogging about Christian rock… WTF!?

~Dan – np: Oren Ambarchi & Z’evSpirit Transform Me*

*– Well, I guess it’s barely what’s normally considered “Jewish” music (i.e.- look Oren & Z’ev up on iTunes)

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