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Kevin Moore’s “Shine” artwork

5th Nov 10 (Fri) 9 comments

As reported about 2 months agoKevin Moore (Chroma Key, O.S.I., ex-Dream Theater) is putting out SHINE – the score to the Turkish film Kucuk Kiyamet (2007).  The Kickstarter micro-funding goal was easily met, and production is underway.  Here is a 6-panel digipack classic Penguin Books-style mock up of the artwork done by Alessandro Falca of Conte di San Pietro:

Alessandro is also currently working on the poster and T-shirt design. The digipack is now finalized and will go to the manufacturer next week. Kevin is hoping to ship preorders late November or early December (2010).

Find out more about the project at:

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Kevin Moore “Shine” soundtrack

7th Sep 10 (Tue) 1 comment

Kevin Moore (of Chroma Key, O.S.I. and Dream Theater fame) has started a pre-order fundraising project to release the soundtrack he recorded for the Turkish film Kucuk Kiyamet (2007).  If funding succeeds the album Shine will be released in November, and those who pre-order will receive the CD two weeks earlier than the release date. T-shirts and posters are also part of the funding.

Please visit the “Shine” Kickstarter page for details!

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update on OSI’s #3 album

17th Oct 08 (Fri) 2 comments

As previously mentioned, O.S.I. (a band led by Kevin Moore from Chroma Key / Dream Theater and Jim Matheos from Fates Warning) is being worked on now. This just in from Mikael Åkerfeldt, lead “singer” / guitarist from OPETH, is that he’s contributing vocals to a song…

It’s a very moody song and completely unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I wrote the lyrics and the vocal lines for the piece that I simply decided to call “Stockholm“.

Cool… The album also features Gavin Harrison (from Porcupine Tree) on drums.

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O.S.I. #3

5th Sep 08 (Fri) Leave a comment

Updated (3/9/09): go here…


Well, I just checked and just last week.  No updates since 2006.

Now this from Blabbermouth

OSI (OFFICE OF STRATEGIC INFLUENCE), the project featuring FATES WARNING guitarist Jim Matheos and ex-DREAM THEATER keyboardist Kevin Moore, has spent the past several months working on its third album. According to Moore, “Gavin Harrison (PORCUPINE TREE) is playing drums on this one; he’s nearly done tracking and it sounds great. Along with guitar, Jim is handling bass this time. I still get to sing but may get some help.”

For those not in the know, Kevin Moore‘s Chroma Key is my favorite band ever.  This is not hyperbole.  Dead Air For Radios is my #1 favorite album ever.  O.S.I. is essentially a rockin’ continuation of Chroma Key for me.

(Kevin / CK promo shot)

I’m stoked.  I don’t care that it snuck up on me.  O.S.I. #2 snuck up on me as well… it makes for a happy present.  Now, if I can only convince Kevin to tour Chroma Key or O.S.I.

I suppose watch this blog space for future news… or this one…


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