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My Brightest Diamond @ MusicNow 2011 (video)

20th May 11 (Fri) 5 comments

If you’re like me and you missed My Brightest Diamond + yMusic at the Cincinnati-based MusicNow Festival 2011, here’s a neato 8+ 4+ minute video from the performance…

video from A Story Told Well

“We Added It Up” redacted
“Reaching Through”
(thanks comment people
for the 2nd song name)

Now, get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

~Dan – np: RadioheadHail to the Thief


Berbati’s Pan in Portland (RIP in 2011)

19th Oct 10 (Tue) Leave a comment

As reported in the Portland Mercury

After 17 years of hosting live music, Berbati’s Pan will cease booking concerts starting the first of next year. The restaurant half will stay operational, while the venue itself will be split between a smaller room under Berbati’s control (that might, on occasion, host events), and an expanded space for Voodoo Doughnuts to better serve the tourists that see it necessary to lineup on SW 3rd during all hours of the day and night for a freaking doughnut. But the days of Berbati’s consistently hosting music are numbered.

“Attendance was really down and it’s not like rent went down with attendance,” explained booker Matt King. “Plus competition was a major factor as well.” King took over the booking reigns from Anthony Sanchez around April of last year, a job he did along with publicity for the club. “The writing had been on the wall, and the club has been struggling for a number of years before I was involved,” said King.

The final show in Berbati’s as we know it will be on New Year’s Eve. No word yet on the lineup.

I’ve only been there a few times, but they were always great shows… Berbati’s Pan will be missed.


~Dan – np: The Weepies – Be My Thrill

Holy Fuck – Live @ SXSW with Baeble Music

12th May 10 (Wed) Leave a comment

Excellent SXSW 2010 coverage of Holy Fuck from the Baeble Music stage (one of their many showcases)…

performance / interview

Get their latest record, Latin… out yesterday (May 11th, 2010) on Young Turks / XL…

~Dan – np: Holy FuckLatin

Eugene’s Saturday Market Live Stage 2008

18th May 08 (Sun) Leave a comment

I usually head down early to Eugene’s Farmers’ Market / Saturday Market for good local veg… then sometimes, if there’s good music scheduled, I make my way back in the afternoon…

Here are my 2008‘s catches, in descending chronological order (updated as they happen -or- as I remember to write about them)…


May 17th: Pojama People ( Good thing they had a tagline on the poster at Saturday Market; otherwise, there’s no way I’d head back out in the heat (it was bloody hot today). The tagline was something along the lines of “the music of Frank Zappa.”

I found a spot in the shade (thankfully)… I bought an ice cream sandwich (which ended up being a totally messy pile of yum)… I sat down and took in some Zappa and Zappa-inspired tunes (a not as messy pile of yum). They are made up of Alli Bach on percussion, winds, vocals; Glenn Leonard on drums (and a 13-yo student, Spencer Ewing, very capably sat in a few tunes, too); Brian Casey on bass; Ted Clifford on keys; and B-Bo on guitar. Per some webpages, they also sometimes have Ike Willis sing with them sometimes, too… cool.

They played a lot of instrumental songs, and they also played some Zappa tunes with lyrics with “liberty taken to them” — almost all politically bent (which is fine with me… and likely Zappa). Here’s what they played (thanks to Glenn for the setlist corrections)…

  • Zoot Allures
  • Arrogant Dubya Son (new lyrics to FZ’s “Idiot Bastard Son“)
  • Help, I’m Iraq (new lyrics to FZ’s “Help, I’m a Rock“)
  • Duke of Prunes
  • Eat That Tin Kong (a mashup of “Eat That Question” & “King Kong“)
  • Sofa
  • If I Fell (Beatles)
  • You Are What You Is / Dupree’s Paradise / Improv
  • Alien Orifice / Tribute to American Idol (new lyrics to FZ’s “Tinsel Town Rebellion“)
  • McCain (new lyrics to Clapton’s “Cocaine“)
  • Let’s Make Blackwater Turn Back (new lyrics to FZ’s “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black“)
  • Village of the Sun / Achidna’s Arf / Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? (with “13“)

They’re playing at Sam Bonds Garage on June 28th. If I’m free, I hope to see them again. They were good (ie- not your usual cover band).


May 3rd: Big Roy and the Twigs ( I went to see Big Roy because I know him via the head of the accounting department at UofO, Steve Matsunaga (Roy is Steve’s son). I heard some of their tunes on MySpace, and figured, “what the hell.” I showed up, and they had already started their set. It was hot (not bloody hot), but I caught 4 or 5 songs. They had some decent chops, alas, all I really remember is that they seemed to play a lot of alt-rock covers (Red Hot Chili Peppers’ songs appeared at least twice). It would have been nice to hear some of their originals, too. I was melting; so I headed back to the car. Nice set, though. Hopefully I can catch ’em again sometime…


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