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Eugene’s Saturday Market Live Stage 2008

18th May 08 (Sun) Leave a comment

I usually head down early to Eugene’s Farmers’ Market / Saturday Market for good local veg… then sometimes, if there’s good music scheduled, I make my way back in the afternoon…

Here are my 2008‘s catches, in descending chronological order (updated as they happen -or- as I remember to write about them)…


May 17th: Pojama People ( Good thing they had a tagline on the poster at Saturday Market; otherwise, there’s no way I’d head back out in the heat (it was bloody hot today). The tagline was something along the lines of “the music of Frank Zappa.”

I found a spot in the shade (thankfully)… I bought an ice cream sandwich (which ended up being a totally messy pile of yum)… I sat down and took in some Zappa and Zappa-inspired tunes (a not as messy pile of yum). They are made up of Alli Bach on percussion, winds, vocals; Glenn Leonard on drums (and a 13-yo student, Spencer Ewing, very capably sat in a few tunes, too); Brian Casey on bass; Ted Clifford on keys; and B-Bo on guitar. Per some webpages, they also sometimes have Ike Willis sing with them sometimes, too… cool.

They played a lot of instrumental songs, and they also played some Zappa tunes with lyrics with “liberty taken to them” — almost all politically bent (which is fine with me… and likely Zappa). Here’s what they played (thanks to Glenn for the setlist corrections)…

  • Zoot Allures
  • Arrogant Dubya Son (new lyrics to FZ’s “Idiot Bastard Son“)
  • Help, I’m Iraq (new lyrics to FZ’s “Help, I’m a Rock“)
  • Duke of Prunes
  • Eat That Tin Kong (a mashup of “Eat That Question” & “King Kong“)
  • Sofa
  • If I Fell (Beatles)
  • You Are What You Is / Dupree’s Paradise / Improv
  • Alien Orifice / Tribute to American Idol (new lyrics to FZ’s “Tinsel Town Rebellion“)
  • McCain (new lyrics to Clapton’s “Cocaine“)
  • Let’s Make Blackwater Turn Back (new lyrics to FZ’s “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black“)
  • Village of the Sun / Achidna’s Arf / Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing? (with “13“)

They’re playing at Sam Bonds Garage on June 28th. If I’m free, I hope to see them again. They were good (ie- not your usual cover band).


May 3rd: Big Roy and the Twigs ( I went to see Big Roy because I know him via the head of the accounting department at UofO, Steve Matsunaga (Roy is Steve’s son). I heard some of their tunes on MySpace, and figured, “what the hell.” I showed up, and they had already started their set. It was hot (not bloody hot), but I caught 4 or 5 songs. They had some decent chops, alas, all I really remember is that they seemed to play a lot of alt-rock covers (Red Hot Chili Peppers’ songs appeared at least twice). It would have been nice to hear some of their originals, too. I was melting; so I headed back to the car. Nice set, though. Hopefully I can catch ’em again sometime…


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