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dredg, radiohead, dave douglas, and a holy eff bailout

19th May 09 (Tue) Leave a comment

dredg‘s new album, The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion, is gonna be good great.  Their Portland show in early April was TOPS!  I like “I Don’t Know” better as a lead off, but regardless of what I think, here’s the video for “Information“…


Radiohead are hitting the studio again to follow-up the revolutionary pay-what-you-want album from 2007, In Rainbows.  Colin said, “it was really good. It was really noisy and chaotic and really fun…. We’re at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out and we’ve tipped it out on the floor and we’re looking at all the bits and thinking, what next?”  Read more on the BBC.  I’d post a version of Radiohead’s “Just” done up in Legos, alas it’s been long removed due to terms of service blah blah blah.


Trumpter Dave Douglas has a new album coming out with his Spirit Moves quartet.  More info over at Greenleaf Music.


Toronto instrumental rockers Holy Fuck have benefited from the auto bailout.  I’d like to think of my tax dollars going directly to them being able to make album #3; so all-in-all, I’m happy about seeing their music as part of a Chrysler commercial:

~Dan – np: Dave DouglasSpirit Moves (bonus tracks)

I ♥ Peter DeFazio (my representative)

30th Sep 08 (Tue) 4 comments

I ♥ my house representative, Peter DeFazio.

Sure, the failure of the bailout bill caused the Dow to drop 700+ points in one day on Monday.  I’d rather have short-term losses than long-term unchecked corporate greed.  We need to find a solution, but the solution brought forward by Henry Paulson and the White House was not the solution.

Back to the drawing board, people.

~Dan – np: Tori AmosLive at Montreux ’91/’92

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