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Jude – The Way That You Want Me

13th May 10 (Thu) Leave a comment Go to comments

Jude Christodal has been on a hiatus as of late… his last album and mini-tour were in 2008.  Well, under the cloak of night, the good ole CDBaby listings for him have become active again:


The new song “The Way That You Want Me,” which was featured on the TV show HOUSE (FOX), is the first single from an upcoming acoustic album. The song is available as a download only as of this time.  $0.99 on CDBaby, and I imagine it will be on iTunes shortly as well.

~Dan -np: Lenny Kravitz5

  1. 23rd May 10 (Sun) at 7:48 am

    I have been trying to download the single The Way That You Want Me, but nothing is working. I finally emailed cdbaby to beg them to take my 99 cents. Jude is pretty cool. Thank you to Fox and House for the introduction. I found Ray Lamontagne too. I had to buy that entire CD from F.Y.E. I need Ray in my car!

    • 23rd May 10 (Sun) at 8:25 am

      hmmm… I didn’t have any trouble. Hopefully CD Baby gets it worked out for you.

      For more Jude, I’d recommend his major label debut (No One is Really Beautiful) or his subsequently dumped and indie again Sarah. Those are my two faves from his catalog…


  2. dada
    29th Oct 10 (Fri) at 8:15 am

    you must download the video of this song(youtube) through youtube downloader(if you dont have it yet you must install it check google) once you’ve already downloaded the video you can now convert it to mp3 using youtube downloader still(you have to choose “convert or play video you have already downloaded) hope this helps
    it’s easy guys just try it you’ll see :)

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