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REVIEW: Popovich Comedy Pet Theater @ the Hult (Eugene, OR – 1/31/10)

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So, we got the flyer for the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater in the mail and had to go.  It’s sponsored by Greenhill Humane Society – a great pet-friendly organization in Eugene.  The show started at 2:30pm and was the same day as the Oregon Truffle Festival.  Ack!  Quandary!  We opted hit the OTF 2010 beforehand.  Amazing time at OTF, as usual.  Check out my review of last year’s Oregon Truffle Fest, including the Lagotto Romagnolo (truffle dog) demo.

Anyway, back to Popovich… or as I like to call it… Pupovich…

Gregory Popovich has been featured on tons of television shows (Leno, Letterman, America’s Got Talent, et cetera), featuring his amazingly trained pets (all rescue animalseven the geese).  Most notably, he has actually managed to train house cats to do tricks.

Let me let that sink in for you.

House cats.  Here’s a USA Today article/interview with Gregory with a cat-training Q&A.

The show started shortly after 2:30pm… with a little doggie announcer (see video below).  The first set was about 45 minutes until the intermission.  It was jam packed with juggling, acrobatics, tight-rope walking animals, and more.  Some of my favorite bits were the train intro (cute stuff going on), the snowy park scene, and the class scene (full of about 8 dogs).  The end of the train scene with the dog dressed up as an elephant was hilarious.  I’m more of a dog fan; so the way they were all working together with Gregory in the class scene was really cute.  The dog & cat interaction during the snowy park scene was also really endearing.

(more pictures below)

The second set (about 30 minutes) started off with a cute doggie balloon soccer game.  Up next was an adorable doggie medical clinic set, followed by impressive human rope jumpers.  The finale was the cat show… about a dozen cats climbing posts, jumping through hoops, tight rope walking, parallel bar work, and all around being cats!  At the end one of the cats didn’t want to leave; so Gregory brought out a dog and it got on its hind legs, and then the cat jumped on its shoulders and rode away on the walking dog.

Overall, the afternoon was highly entertaining and adorable!  If you are in Vegas or if the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater comes to your town… go!

The Promo Reel:

Now, we need to get our cute, but lazy, dog to do some tricks…

The Appropriate Linkage:

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  1. Karren Guse
    10th Feb 10 (Wed) at 4:00 pm

    A friend sent me this site and I thought I should check it out. I have taken in big cats for a long time and genuinely enjoy their company. I recognize many people think they are nagging of fussy or high-maintenance. But I love their independence, their curiousity, and their feel of the total domain around them a tremendous jungle.

  2. Donte Bottcher
    12th Feb 10 (Fri) at 6:22 pm

    Stopping puppy mills and other types of animal cruelty is very important to me.

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