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Mini-REVIEW: Extra Golden @ Celebration (Eugene, OR – 9/5/09)

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So, Eugene Celebration is one of the many good things going in Eugene every fall.  We went down on Saturday and caught the tail end of Thomas Mapfumo, Extra Golden, and much later in the evening Gift of Gab.  Both Gift of Gab and Thomas Mapfumo were good, but the highlight of the evening for me was Extra Golden…

I was introduced by my friend Aaron to Extra Golden only a few hours prior, and the sound samples I heard online were “OK,” but I really only listened to a few songs for a little bit.  I’m up for anything and was already planning on going to Eugene Celebration; so I was game.

Well, let’s just say that their live show was fantastic.  Really fun groove, tight musicianship, and a very energetic frontman (who likes our yogurt here in Eugene).  Extra Golden were formed in Kenya by two Americans and one Kenyan.  I think their live set was made up of three Americans with a Kenyan singer and Kenyan drummer.  They played for a solid hour plus.  For the last song, their singer, Otieno Jagwasi, joined us in the crowd and danced up a storm.

I snapped a few crappy iPhone pictures.  Kinda fuzzy… anyway… here are some pics from their show:

Note how one of their guitarists looks like John Locke from Lost… :)

Check out Extra Golden on the MySpaces.

~Dan – np: Extra GoldenThank You Very Quickly Vol 3

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