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PUSCIFER’s Fall 2009 West Coast Tour

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Update: I’ll be at both Portland shows. Go HERE for the review and photos from Night #1 (11/14/09)… and HERE for the review and photos from Night #2 (11/16/09).


Tool & A Perfect Circle frontman (and winemaker) Maynard James Keenan‘s Puscifer project hit Las Vegas and Los Angeles this past Winter & Spring.  Now, Puscifer’s hitting the road, or at least the road on the Western side of the States (aka “good enough for me).  I shall hit one of the Seattle or Portland dates, assuming I’m able to score a ticket…

Puscifer Tour Dates:

  • 10/29, Las Vegas, NV (The Pearl, Palms Casino)
  • 10/31, San Diego, CA (Spreckels Theatre)
  • 11/1, San Diego, CA (Spreckels Theatre)
  • 11/4, Oakland, CA (Fox Oakland Theater)
  • 11/5, Oakland, CA (Fox Oakland Theater)
  • 11/7, Stockton, CA (Bob Hope Theatre)
  • 11/10, Seattle, WA (Moore Theatre)
  • 11/11, Seattle, WA (Moore Theatre)
  • 11/13, Vancouver, BC (Centre For the Performing Arts)
  • 11/14, Portland, OR (Roseland Ballroom)
  • 11/16, Portland, OR (Roseland Ballroom) *new, 21+ show*
  • 11/17, Salt Lake City, UT (Capitol Theatre)
  • 11/18, Salt Lake City, UT (Capitol Theatre)
  • 11/20, Denver, CO (Paramount Theatre)
  • 11/21, Denver, CO (Paramount Theatre)
  • 11/24, Dallas, TX (McFarlin Memorial Auditorium)
  • 11/25, Dallas, TX (McFarlin Memorial Auditorium)
  • 11/27, Houston, TX (Jones Hall for the Performing Arts)
  • 11/28, San Antonio, TX (Majestic Theatre)
  • 12/1, El Paso, TX (Abraham Chavez Theatre)
  • 12/3, Phoenix, AZ (Orpheum Theatre)
  • 12/4, Phoenix, AZ (Orpheum Theatre)

Puscifer tickets onsale… soon?  September 11th for most of the dates.  I don’t know any details, and suffice to say, I’m not blogging about pre-sale info until I’ve secured one for myself. :P :)

~Dan – np: Eyal Maoz’s EdomHope and Destruction

  1. 6th Sep 09 (Sun) at 11:46 am

    Email or message me on CS. We’ll get drinks some time.


  2. 10th Sep 09 (Thu) at 6:02 am

    I’d be happier with a new TOOL album.

  3. 10th Sep 09 (Thu) at 7:03 am

    Well, yeah. :) I’ve read that they are working on one, but they usually do that separate from Maynard and then he comes in and writes the lyrics/vocal melodies…

  4. 16th Sep 09 (Wed) at 4:37 pm

    Got my ticket for Portland!! Natch!

  5. ben martin
    16th Oct 09 (Fri) at 11:25 am

    He has a 21+ show on the 16th in Portland as well.

  6. 30th Oct 09 (Fri) at 8:48 am

    Well I went to the LasVegas concert last night at the Palms. The venue was amazingly beautiful but the concert was the biggest disappointment ever. It was absolutely awful. I love Puscifer and I understand why Milla couldn’t be there to do the Mission but the Hillbilly Hee-haw comedy act completely ruined the show for me, and I’m not talking about Uncle Scratchee. They were half-way through Rev 22:20 before I even realized that’s what they were singing because they completely murdered it SO BAD with the banjo’s and the country western crap. People were walking out left and right, my boyfriend and I stayed through the whole thing but the last three or four songs did not make up for the 2 hours of completely wasted time or the $100 of completely wasted money. I could have stayed home and watched their songs on Youtube and been more satisfied than I was with this concert. I was so utterly disappointed by this concert that I absolutely wish I hadn’t gone at all.

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