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REVIEW: Bad Veins @ Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR – 9/8/09)

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Bad Veins were only one of the openers last night, but my main draw for the evening. The main band was Division Day, with additional support from Love Like Fire. I knew Bad Veins from kicking around the Cincinnati rock scene a few years ago. I’d seen them once prior in Cincinnati, then shortly thereafter that I moved to Oregon… but I’ve kept up with them on Woxy, Daytrotter, et cetera. This is their first trip out West.  They’re also coming back, and playing in my town (Eugene) on October 16th (Sam Bond’s Garage). Yay!

Bad Veins is a two man wrecking crew: Benjamin Davis on vocals & guitar and Sebastien Schultz on drums. They also employ a reel-to-reel for backup music. And by “employ,” I mean, they plug it in… I’m pretty sure a W-2 is not involved.  It’s part of the lo-fi charm of Bad Veins.  They were pretty true to form, and busted through a solid set from their debut album (out on Dangerbird Records).  It was a pretty good wall of sound coming from these two gents.  Here’s what they played…


  • Found
  • Gold and Warm
  • Crosseyed
  • Afraid
  • Dry Out
  • Falling Tide
  • The Lie

Sebastien cut his finger on the drumkit the last song of their set, and bled on the drums.  Oh, the joys of D.I.Y. rock!  Seeing as it was a “school night,” and I had two hours of driving to do, I bailed shortly after Bad Veins’ set.  (Sorry to both Love Like Fire who played before and Division Day who played after.)  I look forward to seeing Bad Veins play again when they’re in Eugene next month.

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~Dan – np: Marty Ehrlich’s Dark Woods EnsembleSojourn

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