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Medeski Martin Wood & Zorn

4th Jun 08 (Wed) Leave a comment Go to comments


According to Downtown Music Gallery‘s catalog search and this MTV entry, the next treatment for John Zorn‘s Masada Book Two: Book of Angels series is… MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD. Wow.

It’ll be #11 in the series on Tzadik Records, and it’s named after the angel/demon Zaebos.

My recent review of #10 in the series (Secret Chiefs 3’s Xaphan) is HERE. I’m equally stoked about this forthcoming MMW treatment… and quite frankly it totally caught me completely off guard (I think I knew about the SC3 one, like, 18 months ahead of time).

~Dan – np: Bar Kokhba SextetMasada Book Two: Lucifer

  1. 8th Jun 08 (Sun) at 4:52 pm

    I got wood just reading this review.

  2. 8th Jun 08 (Sun) at 6:07 pm

    Sand it.

  3. J. Marie
    10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 6:23 am

    Funny you should mention them. We just bought Zoë their kids album [Let’s Go Everywhere (Dig)]. We grooved to it all together Friday night.

  4. 10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 6:28 am

    I’ve heard a track or two from that on a MySpace page a while ago. It’s on my Lala list… didn’t know if I needed to snag it right away due to it being of a kid nature.

    How “children’s musicy” is it overall?


    PS- you really need to take some pictures of Zoe. It seems like you’ve been slacking.

    :) (j/k… obviously)

  5. J. Marie
    10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 4:55 pm

    I know–I’m totally obsessed. (I’ll get over it eventually–I guess it’s that first-kid thing.) And she’s just so much fun. A lot of pics end up looking the same, but she gets me laughing so hard…I just HAVE to document her sometimes. Delightful little person.

    Don’t worry: we have tons of QT that doesn’t involve any sort of recording equipment. I buy into a lot of the “attachment parenting” stuff.

    That album is children’s musicy, but it’s much less so than other kids’ music. In fact, that’s how I discovered the album. NPR reviewed some kids’ music that adults wouldn’t mind either. I guess it was to make more “harmonious” family time? ;-}

    We mostly play our music for her though. In fact, I was just listening to Takk the other afternoon with her.

    We do feel a little weird about language sometimes…we haven’t felt right pulling out Rage against the Machine or anything like that. Some kids don’t handle gray areas well at the onset. :)

  6. 10th Jun 08 (Tue) at 7:48 pm

    What? You don’t want a little headbanger, yet? :)

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